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Get Help with Pet Care Costs in Alaska

Get Help with Pet Care Costs in Alaska

If you need help with pet care in Alaska, you’re not alone. Many people have requested help in this area. Fortunately, we’ve been able to find a few agencies that can help.

Don’t forget to check out our nationwide list of 24 agencies that help pets in all states!

Need help with spay or neuter costs?

There are many agencies that offer low-cost spay and neuter services for low income families.

Alaska Spay and Neuter Assistance Program

This program was recommended by STOP, which no longer issues spay and neuter vouchers. I do not know anything about them, other than that they allegedly have this Facebook page. Please proceed with caution.

Alaska SPCA (Anchorage)

I really hesitate to recommend the Alaska SPCA because although they are recommended as a low-cost provider, their services are still very expensive. It costs upwards of $70 for neutering and at least $100 for spaying.

They also provide a walk-in vaccination clinic, starting at $20.

Alaska SPCA also has a Mobile Surgical Clinic that travels to Soldotna, Copper River, Tok, Glennallen, Trapper Creek, Hope, Nikiski, Sterling, Big Lake, Wasilla and more.

Friends of Pets (Anchorage)

If you live in the municipality of Anchorage, you can apply for a $60 coupon toward your spay and neuter costs. This coupon can be used at any Alaska veterinary clinic.

If you need help finding a place to rent that allows pets, Friends of Pets also has a helpful list of pet-friendly apartments in the Anchorage area. 

Homer Animal Friends (Homer)

Homer Animal Friends offers several different voucher options, but all vouchers must be used at the Homer Veterinary Clinic. Anyone who lives in their service area can pick up a coupon for $50 off the surgery. If you receive Medicaid or disability, you will be asked to pay as much as you can afford and the Homer Animal Friends will pay the balance.

Humane Society of Kodiak (Kodiak) 

You may be able to receive assistance with spay and neutering surgeries. You may also be able to receive emergency vet assistance in some circumstances. They also assist with pet food when they can. See their website for details. 

Juneau Animal Rescue (Juneau)

Low cost spay and neuter surgeries are available to low income individuals who meet these income guidelines. They also have a low-cost rabies vaccination and microchip clinic each Tuesday.

Ketchikan Humane Society (Ketchikan)

This agency offers $40 spay and neuter services, based on income.

Save Our Seward Pets (Seward)

The Seward Animal Shelter offers $50 vouchers for spay and neuter services.

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Need help with other veterinary costs?

Spay and neutering is, unfortunately, the easy part. If you need help with more costly veterinary procedures, be sure to check out our nationwide list of grant providers.

He Will Provide Food Bank (Seward)

Twice per month, the Seward Animal Shelter provides pet food to the He Will Provide Food Bank. The food bank distributes this food to those who need it.

Seward Animal Shelter (Seward)

The Seward Animal Shelter also provides low-cost microchipping services for any pets in the community. Details here.

Straw for Dogs 

This agency helps homeowners who keep their dogs outdoors. If you are eligible, you may be able to receive doghouses, straw, food, toys, treats and more from Straw for Dogs.

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