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14 Ways to Get Free Idaho Rental Assistance

14 Ways to Get Free Idaho Rental Assistance

Idaho rental assistance is easy to find if you know where to look! We’ve found tons of different organizations and programs that may be able to assist you with your rent, utilities and more.

Statewide Idaho Rental Assistance

There are a few programs that offer assistance with housing costs no matter where you live in the state!

Housing Preservation Program

The Housing Preservation Program is Idaho’s official COVID-19 housing assistance program. This program can help you with past-due and future rent, utilities and other housing costs like late fees and mobile home lot rent. You could receive up to 15 months of assistance!

In order to be eligible for assistance, you must be an Idaho resident, meet the income limits, and be unable to pay your rent or utilities due to financial hardships related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When you apply, you will most likely need to provide proof of income (or lack of income), a copy of your lease agreement, a late notice for rent or utilities, a signed copy of the eligibility form, a signed copy of the release form, basic information about each household member and a copy of your photo ID.

Most Idaho residents can apply online at the Idaho Housing and Finance Association website. However, Ada County residents must apply through the Boise City / Ada County Housing Authorities website instead.

Community Action Partnerships

There are several community action organizations in Idaho that may be able to provide Idaho rental assistance. These organizations are very useful for low income people. Contact your local Community Action agency to see how they can help you!

County Assistance

According to Idaho Legal Aid, each county is required by law to offer financial aid for people who cannot afford their basic necessities. This program may be able to assist you with rent, utilities, food, medical expenses and medications.

This program is called County Assistance and is administered by each county. In every county, the program is considered a last resort so you are expected to exhaust all other options before turning to the county for help.

It appears that you can apply at the county courthouse or at least someone there should be able to tell you where to go. When you go to apply, bring paperwork that proves your income, expenses, and the bills that you are asking for help with. Even if they tell you verbally that the county does not or cannot help you with what you’re asking for, demand a written application and fill it out. If they deny your application, you can ask an attorney to review your denial.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul usually assists with rent, utilities, housewares, clothing and transportation expenses. The available services vary depending on the location and offerings of your local St. Vincent de Paul affiliate, so you will need to inquire with your local organization for details.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army often assists with rent and utilities, so it’s worth contacting them to inquire if you need Idaho rental assistance. Several resource directories indicate that the Lewiston chapter offers assistance with rent and utilities, as well as groceries, meals, non-narcotic prescriptions, household items and clothing. The Idaho Falls chapter appears to assist with rent, as well as diapers, holiday gifts, prescription assistance and more.

Nationwide Rental Assistance Programs

There are some programs that provide assistance with rent all over the United States! For even more ways to get help with your rent, check this list!

Local Idaho Rental Assistance

Additional rent assistance programs are available in local communities. These programs usually only serve specific cities or counties. We’ve organized them alphabetically for your convenience.

Ada County

Jesse Tree

Jesse Tree provides housing assistance in Ada and Canyon County. This organization may be able to provide assistance with rent and a security deposit assistance. If you have an eviction date already set, they may be able to expedite your application.

Our Path Home

Our Path Home understands that housing is important. They are striving to end homelessness in Boise by providing homelessness prevention services, rapid resolution assistance, supportive housing and more. They may able to help you with rent.

Blaine County

Blaine County Charitable Fund

The Blaine County Charitable Fund helps people who work and/or live in Blaine County and need financial assistance. The fund assists with expenses related to housing, transportation, utilities, and health when those expenses are related to an unanticipated crisis (such as loss of work, medical emergencies, COVID, or another life emergency).

Bonner County

Angels Over Sandpoint

Bonner County residents may be able to receive assistance from Angels Over Sandpoint. This organization works with community partners to offer Idaho rental assistance, as well as mortgage payment assistance, emergency shelter, medical, dental and other assistance programs. They also provide scholarships, grants and other beneficial services to the local community.

Canyon County

Jesse Tree

Jesse Tree provides housing assistance in Ada and Canyon County. This organization may be able to provide assistance with rent and a security deposit assistance. If you have an eviction date already set, they may be able to expedite your application.

Clearwater County

Community Thrift Shop

The Community Thrift Shop in Orofino operates a food bank and appears to offer limited financial assistance for housing cost like rent and utilities. Assistance is limited to once per year.

Shoshone County

Real Life Ministries Silver Valley

Real Life Ministries operates the Real Life Thrift Store, which helps fund the Benevolence & Food Room. Rental assistance, gas vouchers and utility assistance may also be available.

Teton County

Community Resource Center of Teton Valley

The Community Resource Center of Teton Valley has limited funding for rental assistance, security deposits, utilities, medications, and gas needed to travel to work. Their funding is limited but you can apply on their website.

Twin Falls County

Mustard Seed Community Assistance Office

The Mustard Seed Community Assistance Office in Twin Falls provides financial assistance, clothing, and more to those who need help. This office also serves hot meals, provides food boxes and other assistance to the community. You will be asked for photo ID and some paperwork will be required in order to receive assistance.

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