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Idaho Veterans Discounts

Idaho Veterans Discounts

If you are an Idaho resident who served in the US military, you might be wondering what Idaho veterans discounts are available to you. It turns out, the State of Idaho offers a number of discounts to those who served. Plus, many Idaho retailers and restaurants offer military and veteran discounts as well! 


Read on to find out more about the Idaho veterans discounts that are available to you!

Idaho Veterans Discounts: Taxes

Yes, you heard that right. If you are a military veteran living in the State of Idaho, you might be eligible for discounts on your taxes. Here are some of the deductions and discounts that you might be eligible for: 


Veterans Property Tax Reduction: This Idaho program is also known as “Circuit Breaker” and is designed to reduce property tax bills up to $1,500 per year. To qualify, you must have a low income, be an Idaho resident, own a residence under a certain value, and be either a disabled veteran or former POW or hostage. More information on eligibility criteria and how to apply for Circuit Breaker is available here

State Income Tax Retired Military Pay Benefit Deduction: Veterans age 65 and older, and disabled veterans age 62 and older, may deduct the total of their retirement benefits from their taxes. Instructions on how to make these deductions are available here


Grocery Tax Credit: According to the Idaho Division of Veterans Services, “veterans age 65 or older, or disabled and age 62 or older, may claim the Grocery Tax Credit even when not required to file an income tax return if VA disability benefits are the veteran’s only income.” The grocery tax credit is $100 per person, and is meant to reduce or eliminate the amount of sales tax you pay on groceries. 

Information about these Idaho veterans discounts and more are available through the Idaho Division of Veterans Services

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Idaho Veterans Discounts: Hunting, Fishing & Parks

If you are an Idaho resident and a US military veteran, you might be eligible for discounts on outdoor recreational activities in the state. Here are some of the discounts available to Idaho veterans on hunting, fishing, and parks:

Park Admission Discounts: Idaho veterans who are 100% disabled with service-related disabilities are eligible for free camping inside Idaho’s State Parks as well as free day-use access. The Idaho State Department of Parks and Recreation has more information on this program and how to apply. 

Reduced Fee Hunting Tags: Idaho resident veterans who have a service-connected disability rating of 40% or greater,  may be eligible for hunting tags at the following prices:

  • Deer: $10.75
  • Elk: $16.50
  • Bear: $6.75
  • Turkey: $10.75

The cost of fishing licenses are only listed for non-resident DAV on the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation website. Three-day fishing licenses for non-residents are  $31.75. To inquire about the cost of a fishing license for Idaho resident DAV, contact the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.  

Information about these Idaho veterans discounts and more are available through the Idaho Division of Veterans Services


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Idaho Veterans Discounts: Local Businesses

In addition to discounts on taxes and outdoor recreational activities offered by the Idaho State government, some Idaho businesses offer Idaho veterans discounts as well. Please note that discounts and pricing often change without notice, so we recommend calling to double check that these discounts are still in effect before stopping by or committing to a service. Here are just a few of the Idaho businesses offering discounts to veteran shoppers and diners:  

Larry H. Miller Honda: This Honda dealership in Boise will award $500 toward the down payment or cap cost on the purchase or lease of a new Honda vehicle. Contact Larry H. Miller Honda for more information. 

Healing Hands Metaphysical Store: This Idaho Falls business offers a 10% discount to veterans year round.  

Sweeto Burrito: This restaurant located in Idaho Falls offers a 10% discount to veterans year round.

Pad Thai House: Located in Boise, this Thai spot offers 10% discounts with a military ID. 

Bade Brothers Flooring: Bade Brothers Flooring in Boise offers a 10% labor discount for veterans and an additional 5% discount to deployed military personnel. 


Idaho veterans discounts are available on a wide range of expenses! We hope this information helps those Idaho residents who served in the US military. 

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