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Indiana Legal Services: We Found Legal Aid in Indiana

Indiana Legal Services: We Found Legal Aid in Indiana

When you’re looking for Indiana legal services, you might be worried about what you can afford. We found legal aid in Indiana to help you get the representation you need.


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Indiana legal services are available!

You might be able to get help through Indiana legal services. There are options available that could help you get legal aid in Indiana. If you have a civil case, attorneys might be available to help represent you. Even though these attorneys can help with civil cases, they generally cannot provide help for criminal cases. Public defenders can help with those cases!

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Get legal aid in Indiana.

Indiana Legal Services is an organization that might be able to help if you’re low-income and in need of an attorney. The organization uses attorneys who volunteer their time to help people who wouldn’t normally be able to afford an attorney. To use the program for legal aid in Indiana, you will need to qualify through their guidelines. You’ll have to meet the income requirements and any other requirements they have.

You could get free legal answers to your legal questions! The site is a self-help site, but the answers are backed by bar-certified attorneys who know the law. This is a great site to use if you can’t afford an attorney, find legal aid or have to represent yourself for any other reason.

Find specialized legal help in Indiana.

Veterans might be able to qualify for legal aid in Indiana. The legal services organization has a special program that’s for veterans and allows them to get legal help related to veteran issues and even related to their VA benefits. Expert lawyers can help if you’re a veteran looking for legal advice or representation.

The Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic works with attorneys to help provide legal assistance to people who are low-income. While you do not have to be a member of a specific denomination to use these services, it is important to note they are religious-based.

The Coalition Against Domestic Violence has special legal resources for survivors of domestic violence. You might be able to get legal representation for divorce, restraining orders and custody as it relates to the domestic violence situation. While you do have to have a legal case related to domestic violence for these Indiana legal services, you may not have to meet income qualifications.

Indiana law schools could help.

The Indiana University School of Law offers legal clinics for people who are unable to afford an attorney or get legal aid. These clinics use student lawyers to help people understand more about their case and get answers to brief questions. You might be able to get help for free, but you’ll need to register in advance.

The Notre Dame Legal Clinics can help in a variety of areas including tenant laws, unemployment and even family law. You can learn more about your case at the legal clinic. You might also be able to find an attorney who can represent you for free at these clinics.


Legal help is available in Indiana counties!

You could find the help you’re looking for through your Indiana county. Indiana legal services are available through county organizations and might even be available through your county’s bar association.

Marion County

The Indianapolis Legal Aid Society might be able to provide legal aid in Indiana if you meet their guidelines. People who are low-income and unable to find an attorney may qualify for free representation through the program. There might be a waitlist even for people who meet all the qualifications.

Tippecanoe County

If you’re in Northern Indiana, you might be able to get help through the Legal Services Program of Northern Indiana. The program works with people who are low-income and meet other qualifications. If you are able to meet their qualifications and an attorney chooses to offer free services, you might be able to get help through the program.

The Legal Aid Corporation of Tippecanoe County might be able to help if you’re in need of legal representation. They have attorneys who are willing to work for free so low-income individuals can get representation depending on their civil legal case. You will need to meet qualifications and be below a certain income level to get help through the program.

The Indiana bar has helpful information.

When you’re looking for Indiana legal services, the IN bar is a great place to start. Even though they can’t provide you with direct help, they have information that can direct you to attorneys who offer their services for free. They also offer information with links on where to find legal help!

Think the ACLU can help? Check this out.

Many people who are struggling with a civil rights case might want to turn to the ACLU for help. Even though this seems like a great idea, the ACLU is unable to help with most of the cases they hear. Instead, they have helpful information about where you can find legal help in your area. You can use this information to connect with an attorney or an organization that might be able to represent you.


We found free things in Indiana!