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Lucrative Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

Lucrative Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

Some of the best jobs out there don’t require a college degree. If you don’t feel like waiting four years to start a career, there are some great options for you. Below are four of the best jobs that don’t require a degree.


Commercial Pilot

Did you know that commercial pilots don’t technically need a college degree? While most of the major airlines require some schooling, the FAA only requires a license. If you can afford to get all of your training and certification done, there’s a very good chance that you can get a job in the skies. Regional airlines are always hiring and those who are successful there can often find their way to bigger jobs. Airline piloting isn’t always glamorous, but it can be a fantastic way to make a living without a degree.

Truck Driver

Trucks are the machinery that keeps America moving. Truck driving companies are always hiring, and many have no problem paying for workers to get their CDLs. These licenses open up a huge world of potential employment, with many jobs available above the median income level for drivers. Those who excel can work in training, allowing them to be home every night while still pulling in the same salary. Trucks drivers can also start their own businesses, which can provide more flexibility. It doesn’t take a degree to become a truck driver, but it does require a great deal of commitment.


Industrial Mechanic

The major machinery that powers America’s factories is always in need of skilled technicians. Unfortunately, according to Bloomburg, there’s always a shortage of individuals who have the training and ability to do these jobs. As such, even recent entrants into the workforce are able to grab lucrative positions. These jobs do take a great deal of training and require even more hard work, but they also offer a great degree of job security. Those who excel in the field might later move on to supervisory positions that pay just as well without requiring quite as much labor.


Skilled welders can make a tremendous amount of money, largely because of the skill needed in the profession. A trade school program can give you the basic education you need for the job and an apprenticeship position can help you to further hone those skills. When you’re done, you can easily make a comfortable living during your first year. If you’re fearless and don’t mind the water, you can make even more working on an off-shore oil rig. This is an ideal job for those who are interested in working with their hands.


All of these jobs require hard work, and, according to JDP, many require drug testing. If you can get qualified, pass these tests, and are willing to give it your all, there’s a good chance you can find a career – all without having to go into debt.


Candice Osborne

Saturday 11th of November 2017

I always need help find resources for food! I get food stamps but it's at the middle of thE month. So the 1st of the month is always hard.


Monday 13th of November 2017

Hi, Candice! I'm happy to help with that. What city/county and state are you located in?