10 Easy Ways to get Printable Coupons (Grocery)

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Looking for printable coupons to help you save on your groceries? You’re not alone! After we published Linda’s Couponing 101, we received many requests from people wondering where they could find online coupons they could print at home.

It’s hard to find trustworthy sources for printable coupons. Some sites just want to collect your data; others just aren’t legitimate. We’ve vetted this list to make sure it’s safe!

#1: Coupons.com

Coupons.com is obviously one of the most popular and trusted online sites for coupons. Search by category or by retailer!

#2: Grocery Coupon Network 

Grocery Coupon Network provides printable online coupons. They claim that the average family saves $56 per month with their coupons!

#3: RedPlum

RedPlum also provides a huge database of printable coupons! Just select the ones you want most and add them to your print queue!

#4: Lozo

Instead of digging through endless lists of coupons, Lozo will help you identify coupons based on your existing grocery list. It’s a great way to avoid spending money on something you don’t really want!

#5: Common Kindness

When you save money using coupons from Common Kindness, they’ll donate to your favorite charities and causes at no cost to you! Everyone wins!

#6: Grocery Smarts

Frustrated by printable coupon sites that aren’t relevant to your local area? Grocery Smarts lets you search by state, ensuring that the deals you find are valid at your local grocer.

#7: Saving Star

If you love fresh produce, be sure to check out Saving Star! This site includes a Healthy Offer of the Week that helps you save money on select fruits and veggies!

#8: Grocery Coupon Cart

Just enter your email address to get access to more than 450+ coupons through Grocery Coupon Cart!

#9: Get them emailed to you directly!

Sign up for email newsletters from brands you love and you could get coupons sent straight to your email! Betty Crockers, P&G, Pillsbury and more will all email you coupons straight to your email inbox!

Because newsletters can occupy a lot of inbox space, it may be helpful to set up a secondary email just for your coupons.

#10: Your local grocer’s website!

Most grocery stores offer loyalty programs and coupons. Even Walmart, notorious for resisting the idea of a loyalty club, has implemented a helpful Savings Catcher tool. Just search for your favorite grocer and see what coupons they offer on their website!


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