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Save Money on Your Texas Power Bill!

Save Money on Your Texas Power Bill!

The electric bill can be a budget-buster when you’re surviving on a low income. Fortunately, your power company can usually help. There are several unknown or little-advertised programs that power companies may offer that can help lower the cost of your power bill.


Most power companies offer a budget billing plan, which averages the annual cost of electricity in a home and bills the customer in 12 even installments. This can help low-income customers maintain a budget and avert payment problems, especially during the more expensive winter months.

Some companies even offer free energy-efficiency improvements (including free LED light bulbs!) and moratoriums that prevent your power from being shut off during the winter.

Government Programs

There are many different components to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIEHAP) that are offered in all states. Fortunately, Texas has done something really useful to organize all of those programs so that it’s easier for low income families to get help.

In Texas, all the parts of LIHEAP are combined together into the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program. It’s available in all Texas counties and it can help with your utility bills!


In order to be eligible for CEAP, your household income must be at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. You must also provide proof of citizenship or legal residency in order to get assistance.

To apply, you will need to contact your local Community Action Council.

Organizations that Help

There are many nonprofit organizations that can help you with your utility bills in Texas.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston may provide utility assistance, gas cards and other services to low income residents who qualify.

According to the United Way, this service is available for the following groups:

  • Single parents who are raising children
  • Families with five or more children
  • Immigrants and refugees
  • Seniors who are at least 60 years old
  • People with disabilities

In order to apply, you will need to reach out to the organization directly. You can call their intake number at 713-526-4611.

Harris County Community Services

Depending on funding, Harris County Community Services may be able to help you pay your bill. In order to get assistance, you must have a disconnection notice. You can schedule an appointment with the office by calling (713) 696-7900.


Texas Utility Help

You can get help with your electric bill as well as your propane, gas, water and wastewater bills through Texas Utility Help!

You can apply on their website or by calling (855) 566-2057.

Get Help from Your Electric Company

Just click the link below to find out what discounts, rebates and other money-saving programs are offered by YOUR local utility company!

Atmos Energy

You can get help with your Atmos Energy bill through programs like budget billing and the percentage of income payment plan. You might also be able to get help lowering your bill through energy efficiency programs the company offers. Check out all the helpful information we found for Atmos Energy!

Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative

You could get help paying for your Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative bill! The cooperative offers payment plans for those who qualify. Since it’s an electric cooperative, you get many different options you might not have with a traditional electric company. You might also be able to do different things that could help you lower your bill through community resources and state resources. Learn more about the saving options by clicking here.

CenterPoint Energy

Centerpoint Energy helps more than 5 million customers in 13 different states. They have complimentary home efficiency products and special state-specific programs to help you stay on top of your bill. Read about it here.



If you’re struggling with your CPS bill, you might be able to get help! We found help for CPS customers who need to pay their bill, lower the amount they pay each month and even upgrade their home to make it more energy efficient. You can see it all right here.

El Paso Electric

Are you an El Paso Electric customer? You might have options! El Paso might be able to give you a payment arrangement or extension. The company also has a variety of help through their time of use rates and their budget billing program. You can get help lowering your bill and upgrading your home. Check out all the help we found for El Paso electric customers!

Entergy Corp

Entergy Corp offers levelized billing, payment arrangements and rate plans for customers who qualify. You might be able to get help paying your bill, upgrading your home or even getting help by making your bills lower than what they were in the past. The company has many resources for Texas customers, click here to see them all.

Frontier Utilities

If you have Frontier Utilities, you might be able to get help. You can pick the plan that works for your needs to make sure your bill is as low as possible for your family. There are other community and state programs that might also make it easier for you to pay your Frontier Utilities bill. Click here to see what we’ve found.

Green Mountain Power

Green Mountain Power might be able to help you pay your bill! You could get help through their payment arrangements, extensions and even their budget billing program. Green Mountain Power also has their own assistance program that might make it easier for you to pay your bill. Check here to see everything we’ve learned about Green Mountain Power.

Just Energy

Is Just Energy your supplier? You might have options available. The supplier works with a variety of electric companies and might make it easier for you to pay your bill. To see everything Just Energy offers and how to save money, go here.

Lubbock Power & Light

Are you a Lubbock Power & Light customer who just needs help with electric bills? You might have options available! We found help for customers who need to extend their due date or get arrangements. We also found help through the Upbring program and other community resources. Go to this article to see everything we learned about Lubbock Power & Light and how you can save.

Payless Power

Trying to figure out how to lower or pay your Payless Power bill? We found options that could make it easier to make your bill better! All the information is right here

Reliant Energy

You could get help with your Reliant Energy bill through the CARE program and other community programs. Electric already shut-off? You can visit one of the Beat the Heat locations to get help staying cool during the summer. Check out ways you can avoid shut-off and lower your bill by clicking here.

Southwestern Electric Power (SWEPCO)

If you want to lower your bill, you could get help doing so with their rate plans or their levelized billing program. You might be able to get help paying a past due bill or one that’s facing shut-off through the help a neighbor program and other things the company offers. To see everything we’ve found including community services, check here.

TXU Energy

Are you a TXU Energy customer and want to save money on your bill? You might have options! We found ways you can lower your bill through rebates and other programs. You could get help paying your bill through TXU Energy aid and community resources to help you avoid shut-off. There are many things that could help you pay your bill, read this article to learn more about them.

Wise Electric Cooperative

Wise Electric Cooperative customers can save money on their monthly bills! If you need help with your power bill, please check out these resources!

XCel Energy

If you can’t pay your XCel Energy bill or you’re worrying about shut-off, you could get help! We found ways to pay your bill that might make it easier for you to save money and avoid having your electric shut-off. Check out everything we’ve found for XCel Energy customers by clicking here.

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Friday 8th of December 2023

I have Direct Energy as my provider here in Houston. Do they have anything? I have no income coming in and need assistance.

Catherine Marucci

Monday 11th of December 2023

Hi Pedro. Have you already looked into the options on this page?


Thursday 9th of November 2023

Karnes Electric and Benton City water are the electric company and water company I need assistance paying them or discounts. Or program that helps.

Catherine Marucci

Friday 10th of November 2023

Hi. Have you already looked into these?


Monday 12th of June 2023

I live in a small town called Seguin Tx. Our electric company wasn’t on the list, there name is GVEC. Can you find discount’s on them plsssss and God bless 🙏🏻

Catherine Marucci

Tuesday 13th of June 2023

Hi Julie. Have you looked into this program?

Shannon McCarthy

Friday 24th of March 2023

Hi! I use Sam Houston Electric Cooperative and am not seeing them on your list. I think they are a larger Coop serving Houston & East Texas areas.

I'm disabled and was able to connect my power without a down payment by sending them my SSDI paperwork, but don't know if they have other programs. Any assistance in finding help would be great!

Catherine Marucci

Friday 24th of March 2023

Hi Shannon. Have you looked into this yet?

Patricia Coughlin

Sunday 13th of November 2022

You don't have 4change Energy listed. I have 4Change Energy for my electric company.

Catherine Marucci

Tuesday 15th of November 2022

We'll look into it!