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Trouble Paying Your Lubbock Power and Light Bill? We Found Help!

Trouble Paying Your Lubbock Power and Light Bill? We Found Help!

If you’re struggling to pay your Lubbock Power and Light bill, it doesn’t have to be that way. We found ways for you to get help with your LPandL bill!


We found help for your Lubbock Power and Light bill.

CEAP is the energy assistance program in Texas. Using this program, you might be able to get help paying your Lubbock Power and Light bill each month. You must apply for the program through your community action agency. You’ll be required to provide proof of your income as well as your needs. Not everyone will get approved for assistance through CEAP. If you are approved, the state will automatically apply a credit to your LPandL account each month.

Project Helping Hand might be able to help you with your LP&L bill. It’s the company’s assistance program. You must apply through Lubbock Power and Light to get help. If you are approved for assistance, the amount will be automatically applied to your account each month. Funding may not always be available since it’s based on donations.


The Salvation Army of Lubbock might be able to help you get a credit on your bill. You can apply at the Salvation Army with your income information and your LPandL bill. The Salvation Army generally puts a cap on what they will help with at $200. You may only be eligible to get help through the organization once per year.

Avoid shut-off using these resources.

Lubbock Catholic Charities might be able to help you with your Lubbock Power and Light bill. You will need to fill out an application and provide information related to your income and your household size. You will also need to provide proof of need through a shut-off notice from LP&L. Even though the organization is one that’s religious-based, you do not have to be a member of the church to get assistance.


The Upbring Neighborhood House might be able to help you with your LPandL bill. The organization works with low-income families and individuals to provide them with assistance toward their bills and help them in other areas. Since they are a donation-based organization, funding for help with utility bills may not always be available. Even if funding is unavailable at the time. The Upbring Neighborhood House might be able to provide you with resources to help you pay the bill.

If you’re a person with a disability, you might be able to get help from the Life Run Center for Independent Living. They offer assistance with utility bill payments to those who qualify. In addition, they might be able to help you apply for state-sponsored programs to get help with your bill every month.

LPandL offers helpful payment options.

Lubbock Power and Light might allow you to extend your payment date. If you know you need an extension or you need to make an arrangement to pay your bill over a period of time, you can apply for one through LP&L. It’s important to do this as early as possible for a better chance at an extension with the company.

The budget billing program might help customers who qualify for it. If you have a zero balance and you have had service with LPandL for, at least, 12 months, you might be able to get help with budget billing. Using your last year of bills, Lubbock Power and Light will add up the total amount you paid over the year. You will have close to the same bill from month-to-month no matter how much you use electricity.

Lower your LP&L bill while getting free home upgrades.

The Texas weatherization program might be able to help you upgrade your home for free. The program works to provide Texas low-income residents with help on making their homes more energy efficient. Using the program, you can save money during the hot months. You might be able to get help upgrading your insulation, flooring and heating system.

To start really lowering your energy usage, you first need to figure out where you’re using the most of it. Lubbock Power and Light can help you with their Energy Depot program. The program will allow you to take a detailed look at how much energy you’re using and where you’re using it at. From there, you can learn where you need to cut back at.

Save even more money on your bill.

We found great ways to lower your bill even more. By using these tips, you can make sure you’re getting the most savings while also reducing the energy you use!


We found free stuff in Texas!


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