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Is SoloSuit Legit? 5 Things You Need to Know

Is SoloSuit Legit? 5 Things You Need to Know

SoloSuit helps Americans fight back against debt. Debt collectors count on people being too overwhelmed to respond to the lawsuit, so SoloSuit makes it easy to file an answer, file a motion to compel arbitration, or settle your debts without hiring an expensive lawyer.

In this article, we’re going to review what SoloSuit is, how it works, and how I used it to get a debt lawsuit completely dismissed without having to pay a penny to the company that was suing me.

Here’s the problem.

More than 70% of debt collection lawsuits result in a default judgment for the debt collector. A default judgment happens when the person being sued doesn’t respond to the lawsuit or show up for court.

Basically, if you don’t answer the lawsuit, the debt collector can automatically get whatever they want from you. Debt collectors count on you ignoring the lawsuit because if you ignore it, they win by default.

According to Pew Charitable Trusts, “default judgments are issued, as the name indicates, by default and without consideration of the facts of the complaint.” It’s not based on facts – it’s simply based on the fact that the person being sued didn’t respond or show up to defend themselves. Debt collectors can win default judgments even if they are missing paperwork or have committed egregious debt collection violations.

It’s not fair.

In Michigan, over half of all civil court cases are filed by just five national debt collection companies. These companies purchase the debts for pennies on the dollar and then sue for the full amount owed. Less than 0.5% of Michigan defendants in debt lawsuits have legal representation and 68% of all those cases result in a default judgment for an average of $1,600 each.

Decades of experience have shown aggressive debt collectors that if they sue, they’re likely to win. Once they win, they can garnish your paychecks or bank accounts. That means they can take the money away from you before you ever see it. For those who get a default judgment, 75% will have their assets, wages, or even state tax returns garnished to pay the debt. Some will be forced into bankruptcy to stop those payments from being withdrawn.

Debt collectors don’t really have a lot to lose in this situation. That’s why debt collection lawsuits are everywhere right now.

SoloSuit is the solution.

Fortunately, SoloSuit makes it easy to stop this vicious cycle. You can use this tool to file an answer to a lawsuit, a motion to compel arbitration, or even to settle your debts outside of court.

According to the International Business Times, people who use SoloSuit win their lawsuits SEVEN TIMES more often than people who don’t use this tool.

File an Answer

Filing an answer prevents the debt collector from getting a default judgment. After all, that default judgment is only an option if you don’t respond to the lawsuit. If you file your answer on time, you’ve already increased your chances of success.

When you file an answer with SoloSuit, you’ll follow a series of prompts. You’ll enter information from the paperwork that you were served with to complete the form. It’s kind of like using a tax software like TurboTax. You follow several easy-to-answer prompts and then the tool generates a complex legal document that you can submit. According to TechCrunch, the entire process takes about 15 minutes!

When you’re done filling out the responses, you’ll have a choice. If you want to print and mail in your documents for free, you can use SoloSuit without paying anything. For $56, SoloSuit will print and mail the document for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. They’ll also provide you with status updates to make sure that you don’t miss anything. For an extra fee, you can choose to have one of their partner attorneys review the document before it is filed.

It’s important to act fast. Your answer is due within 14-30 days of receiving the complaint, so make sure you that you use SoloSuit as soon as possible once you receive the lawsuit paperwork.

Debt Validation Letter

SoloSuit can also help you generate a debt validation letter. This letter requires that the debt collector prove that you owe the debt. They will have to tell you what the debt is, how much you owe, and who you need to pay. If the debt has been bought and sold, the debt validation letter also demands that the debt collector validate that they can collect on that debt.

When you generate your letter with SoloSuit, it will also include a clause that will force the debt collector to stop harassing you with phone calls and letters. It also requires the debt collector to report the debt as disputed to the credit bureaus.

Many debt collectors give up when they receive a debt validation letter because they often don’t have the paperwork required to successfully collect on the debt.

Motion to Compel Arbitration

Debt collectors count on easy wins in court. After all, the vast majority of debt collectors are awarded a default judgment! They don’t expect you to respond, let alone use their own legal tricks against them.

Many contracts have an arbitration clause in the agreement, which is intended to benefit the company you owe. Arbitration is a procedure that keeps disagreements out of the court system. In Arbitration, you and the company would state your case to a neutral third-party Arbitrator, who would have the authority to make a decision about the dispute.

SoloSuit can help you file a Motion to Compel Arbitration. Since Arbitration increases the debt collector’s costs and reduces their chances for success, companies are more likely to give up and stop pursuing the debt.

Settle Your Debt

Debts can be settled for about 45% of the balance owed, on average. That’s about half!

If you would like to settle your debt, you can use SoloSettle to make an offer. This begins the negotiation process. When you finally agree with the collector on an acceptable amount, SoloSuit will help you arrange for payment.

Remember that SoloSettle is intended to facilitate a negotiation, so you should never start with a high offer. Offer less than what you’re willing to pay so that the debt collector has room to negotiate without breaking your budget.

It’s free to make an offer through SoloSettle. However, if you reach an agreement, the company will charge a 19% commission on the total amount of the debt. However, when you use their tool, they will draft the offer for you and you don’t need to have any direct contact with the debt collector yourself.

Is SoloSuit legit?

SoloSuit is a tech startup from Utah that has helped protect over 100,000 people from over $970 million in debt collection lawsuits. The product began during a legal design class at Brigham Young University Law School and is now a nationwide phenomenon that is helping protect Americans from millions of dollars in debt.

I’ve met George Simons, the founder and CEO of the company. I have seen his dedication and excitement in helping people – especially low income people – fight back against debt collectors who have always had the upper hand.

And, of course, I’ve personally used SoloSuit myself.

When my husband was sued by a debt collector in September 2019, I was already overwhelmed. We were in the middle of another difficult lawsuit (not debt-related) and I didn’t have the bandwidth to deal with this new challenge.

Fortunately, I had already heard about and reported on SoloSuit so I decided to give it a shot!

Although I had responded to debt-related lawsuits on my own before, SoloSuit made it so much easier! I had never had such an easy experience responding to a complaint. SoloSuit’s easy fill-in-the-prompt system made it incredibly simple to respond to the lawsuit. It was simple, intuitive, and I experienced a lot less anxiety than usual as I followed the system.

The company was very responsive over email. I was notified when the document was sent and I was able to confirm with the court that it had been filed. It was simple, straightforward and hassle-free.

The best part? The debt collector decided to drop the lawsuit based on my answer alone! After we filed our answer, the company never responded. Eventually, the court dismissed the case due to inaction. We saved thousands of dollars because the debt collector just walked away after getting the answer we generated through SoloSuit!

Get Started

It’s easy to get started with SoloSuit! You just need to download the app and sign up!

If you are filing an answer or creating a Motion to Compel Arbitration, you’ll need to have your complaint nearby so that you can find the answers to the prompts.

For the debt validation letter and SoloSettle, you’ll need to have some information about the debt and the debt collector available.

How much does SoloSuit cost?

The cost to use SoloSuit depends on which service you are going to use. The prices are subject to change without notice, but these are the rates as of the publish date for this article:

$0FREE AnswerSoloSuit will generate the Answer as a PDF. You have to download, print and file it yourself.
$56Standard AnswerSoloSuit will generate and file the answer for you. You’ll also get status updates.
$247Premium AnswerSoloSuit will generate the answer, an attorney will review it, and then the answer will be filed for you. You’ll also get status updates.
$29Debt Validation LetterSoloSuit will generate the letter. You will have to download, print and file it yourself.
$29Motion to Compel ArbitrationSoloSuit will generate the letter. You will have to download, print and file it yourself.
19%SoloSettleSoloSuit will help you negotiate with the debt collector so that you pay less than the full amount owed.

Some courts charge a filing fee when you answer a lawsuit. If your court charges those extra fees, then you will have to pay that additional fee when you purchase the Standard Answer or Premium Answer service. If you don’t, you’ll have to pay the filing fee when you file the answer on your own anyway.

Is SoloSuit worth it?

In my experience, SoloSuit is absolutely worth it. I’m one of the 158,000+ Americans that have used SoloSuit to defend against debt lawsuits and I have personally saved thousands of dollars by filing an answer generated by their service.

They have over 500 Google Reviews with an average rating of 4.8. Customers seem especially happy with the answer service, which is the product that I used as well.


SoloSuit is an app that can help you file professional answers to debt collection lawsuits. They can also help you create a Motion to Compel Arbitration, Debt Validation Letter, and even settle your debts through SoloSettle. This app is helping to close the legal divide and protect low income Americans from debt collectors.

Nicole is the owner and lead researcher for Low Income Relief. She has over 20 years of professional research and writing experience, and she has been solely dedicated to investigating low income topics for the last 10 years. Nicole started Low Income Relief after a personal experience with poverty. When her husband was medically discharged from the US Army, their family experienced tremendous financial hardship. Nicole was able to gather help from multiple community agencies and move into a nearby low income housing unit in just two weeks! Since then, Nicole has been dedicated to helping low income families in crisis. She regularly spends hundreds of hours combing through countless resources to make sure that Low Income Relief has the most comprehensive and complete resource directories on the internet today. Prior to starting Low Income Relief, Nicole worked as a novelist, journalist, ghostwriter and content creator. Her work has been featured in various print and online publications, including USA Today, The Daily Herald, The Chronicle and more. Her work has also been featured by Google for Publishers and other leading industry publications.

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