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SoloSuit 101: Everything You Need to Know

SoloSuit 101: Everything You Need to Know

Are you facing a lawsuit? Do you have debt piling up you need to do something about? If so, SoloSuit can help. Get started with SoloSuit here!

What is SoloSuit?

SoloSuit is a free tool that helps people create Answers for debt-related lawsuits. If you’ve received a Summons and Complaint, then you have everything you need to fill out the form.

The SoloSuit website will guide you through a series of questions. The answers to those questions can be found in your Summons and Complaint paperwork or from your personal knowledge.

When you’ve finished answering the questions, the system will generate an Answer that you can print and file with the court. If you would rather have SoloSuit do the filing, you can pay a small fee to cover their costs. You can also have an attorney review your paperwork for an additional fee.

Why do people use SoloSuit?

Being sued for a debt can be scary. Talking to attorneys and learning about their fees just to write a response can be even scarier. SoloSuit allows you to provide all your information and drafts your response for you just like an attorney would. The tool is free for anyone and is easily accessible online. No driving to an attorney’s office required!

SoloSuit helps people being sued for debt.

Anyone who has been sued for debt in the US can use SoloSuit. It provides you the opportunity to come up with a response to a lawsuit. There are no income requirements to use this free tool.

SoloSuit helps people file on time.

SoloSuit was developed at the Brigham Young University Law School. It is their response to too many people missing out on lawsuit help because they do not have the ability to get an attorney. After you’ve drafted your response using the tool, you can use their resources section to help find other legal help.

Use SoloSuit as soon as you’re notified of a lawsuit.

As soon as you know there is a lawsuit, you should start using SoloSuit. You must respond to the complaint within a deadline and that time can go by quickly. The sooner you take advantage of the program, the better chance you’ll have at responding in time. Remember to plan ahead for the number of days it will take to mail your response.

How do you use SoloSuit?

You need to have both your complaint and your summons to create the response using SoloSuit. The website will first ask you to enter your email and create a password. From there, it will prompt you to enter the information you can find on your complaint and summons paperwork.

Once you’ve entered the basic information from the forms, the tool takes you through each statement on your complaint. You can choose to agree or disagree with the statement. It’s important you choose the right response because this is what will be used to draft what you will send to the court.

After you’ve created the response, SoloSuit helps you send it to the appropriate places. For a small fee, they’ll even file it with the Court and the Plaintiff’s Attorney for you!

Start Now!

You can start using SoloSuit immediately on their website.

Evelyn V Ford

Friday 12th of March 2021

Thank you so much for the information and preparing my response for me. This was very very informative and helpful.

Hannah Benge

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

We are so glad! We hope we can help! Thank you! -Hannah