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Visit Vermont State Parks FREE!

Visit Vermont State Parks FREE!

Vermont State Parks are awesome! I’m genuinely jealous of those who get to go enjoy these parks. I mean, Washington is great… but someday, I sure hope I get to come see Vermont in the fall.


In the meantime, I’ll settle for knowing some seriously awesome ways to save money on Vermont State Parks!

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I’ve found great ways for EVERYONE to save so keep reading until you find the section that applies to you! The deals get sweeter as you scroll! 😉

Go in a group! Better yet, a school group!

If you visit Vermont State Parks in a group of 25 or more, you can save $1 per adult admission if you pay in one lump sum!


Better yet, if you go in a school group during the school year, you can receive admission for just $0.50 per person! That’s fifty cents, folks!

Homeschool? No problem! I just spoke with some friendly people at the Vermont State Parks office who confirmed that this price is also valid for K-12 homeschool groups who visit during the traditional school year (September through June). If you’re a homeschool family, I’d recommend checking out the library pass (or the Venture Vermont program) below!

Get a Green Mountain Passport!

If you are a Vermont resident who is age 62+ and/or an honorably discharged veteran, you can visit your local town clerk’s office and pick up a Green Mountain Passport for just $2!

The Green Mountain Passport gives you FREE lifetime admission to Vermont State Parks, Vermont State Historic Sites and events which are fully state-sponsored. It does not include overnight camping or other park fees.

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Check out a FREE Vermont State Parks Pass from your local library!

Got a library card? Get FREE admission to Vermont State Parks for up to 8 people in one vehicle. These Vermont State Parks passes are available to check out from your local library and may be subject to availability. Contact your local library for more information!

Participate in the 2017 Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge!

You can get FREE admission to Vermont State Parks through the end of 2018 when you participate in the Vermont State Parks Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge! This is an awesome program – and so fun for kids! All entries have to be submitted by October 15,2017, so you’d better get started!

All you have to do is earn points by completing a certain number of tasks from each category. You’ll be required to complete:


  • Three (3) outdoor moving activities, such as rolling down a grassy hill, climbing a tree, jumping rope or playing at a playground.
  • Two (2) observing activities, such as identifying a butterfly, watching a sunset, skipping stones or finding animal tracks.
  • Three (3) investigating activities, such as identifying spider webs, making a fact sheet, finding three animal homes, or identifying two invasive species.
  • Three (3) discovery activities, such as go geocaching, drawing your neighborhood, visiting a local farm, or building as mall boat.
  • Three (3) camp crafts, such as learning to set up a hammock, decorating a hiking stick, building a kite, whittling a roasting stick or making a pressed-leaf bookmark.
  • Two (two) pioneer activities, such as building a natural shelter, learning to tie three new knots, building a solar oven or drying a load of clothing outside.
  • Three (3) park-based activities, such as camping in a tent, creating a video tour of your favorite park or building a sand castle at a state park beach. There are two of these that do not require you to visit a state park. They are find a historical fact/story about a Vermont State Park and write a thank you letter to a park ranger.

You earn points for each activity – but you must have someone take a picture of you completing each task!  You will need to submit your scorecard and photos to the Vermont State Parks department.

For more information,including a scorecard, for Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge, please click here.


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