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Where Can I Order Food Online With EBT?

Where Can I Order Food Online With EBT?

“Where can I order food online with EBT?” Like many people during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have been wondering how to buy food with SNAP online. While this option was not widely available prior to the pandemic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has recently launched a pilot program which allows residents of 47 U.S. states and Washington, DC to order food online with EBT (also known as food stamps or SNAP). There are unfortunately still three states where you cannot order food online with EBT: Alaska, Louisiana, and Montana. 

While it is now legal to purchase food online with EBT in most U.S. states, that doesn’t necessarily mean every grocery store or retailer is equipped with the infrastructure to process orders online.

When you use your EBT card online, make sure you’re only putting EBT eligible items in your cart. EBT ineligible items need to be purchased separately using your credit or debit card. 

We’ve assembled a list of nationwide and regional retailers that do have the ability to process EBT payments. Please note that this list includes both sellers who deliver, and those who require in-store or curbside pick-up. 

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Where can I order food online with EBT nationwide?

  • WalMart is something of a pioneer of EBT online payments, having started their service in 2017. WalMart accepts EBT payment online in 44 states. In a few other states, you can still place online orders if you plan to use EBT, but you will have to process your payment on-site. 
  • Kroger accepts EBT payment when you pick up online orders in Washington, DC and the 47 states where EBT payments can be used for ordering food online. This includes supermarkets owned by Kroger Co., like Dillon’s, Ralph’s, Pick n’ Save, and Food 4 Less
  • Instacart is a popular personal shopping service for groceries, which became very popular during the Coronavirus pandemic. While Instacart is not itself a grocery store, they can accept EBT payment for some participating supermarkets through their online platform. Be sure to note that tips and other fees must be paid via credit or debit card. If you shop at popular supermarkets like Aldi, Publix, Hannaford, Piggly Wiggly, or Food Lion, you may be able to order groceries for delivery online with EBT. Check here for a full list of participating grocers and the locations where they operate. 
  • Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry accept EBT payment online for food and other EBT eligible items that are delivered to your home. Please note that EBT payment is not accepted by Amazon if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana or Montana. You might be surprised to learn that Whole Foods, a subsidiary of Amazon, does not allow online ordering with EBT. 
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Where can I order food online with EBT in my area?

Not all large grocery retailers offer EBT nationwide. Here are a few retailers who may allow online EBT payment for groceries in certain areas of the United States.

  • Fresh Direct has launched a pilot program for residents of select Bronx (New York City) zip codes to order using EBT online. Hopefully, Fresh Direct’s online EBT ordering will be expanded to include other parts of the country soon.
  • If you live in Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island or New Hampshire and have a membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club, you can purchase EBT eligible items online.  
  • If you shop at Albertson’s and live in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Washington, or Wyoming, you can order groceries for pickup, and pay with EBT when you arrive at the store. 
  • Wright’s Market in Alabama accepts EBT payment online for grocery delivery. 
  • For residents of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, ShopRite is a great option for grocery pick-up and delivery if you want to pay with EBT online. It’s a good idea to double check with your local ShopRite to be sure they deliver in your area.  

It is also important to mention that some major grocery sellers do not accept online EBT payments for delivery or pickup. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Costco do not have an online ordering option for EBT. Meal kit services like Blue Apron, Sun Basket, and Freshly don’t either. 

Our way of life has undergone some major changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is likely that one of the changes we’ll continue to see is the increased availability of online services like these. If you want to see EBT payment options for curbside pickup and delivery at your favorite supermarket, make it known to the manager. If the SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot Program isn’t available in your state, and you want to be able to order groceries online with your EBT card, let your representatives know. Then, you may never have to ask the question, “where can I order food online with EBT” again.

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