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7 Nonprofits that Grant Wishes for Veterans

7 Nonprofits that Grant Wishes for Veterans

There are so many organizations that grant wishes for veterans! From adaptive equipment to dream vacations, it’s amazing what these agencies will do to make a veteran’s dream come true!

In this article, we’ll review the different organizations that grant wishes for veterans. If you’re interested in other opportunities, we have separate lists for organizations that grant wishes for children, adults and seniors.

Do It For the Love

Do It for the Love provides up to four concert or music festival tickets to events in the United States or Canada. Some events are limited to two tickets. The organization prefers that you choose an event reasonably close to your home, as they can only provide up to $250 in travel reimbursement.

In addition to your concert tickets, the organization also tries to coordinate a meet-and-greet with the artist. However, it isn’t always possible so that isn’t a guarantee.

In order to be eligible for tickets from Do It For the Love, you must have been wounded in the line of duty. A PTSD diagnosis also counts. Adults with life-threatening medical conditions and children with severe challenges are also eligible.

Veterans can nominate themselves. You can also have a family member or medical professional apply on your behalf. Regardless of who completes the nomination form, a medical professional will need to complete the diagnosis form. You can find the application on the Do It For The Love website.

You can only receive tickets once from this organization. It is a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Forever Young Veterans

Forever Young Veterans has two programs that can help you. One is called Wish of Honor, and the other is called Trip of Honor. These are two separate and distinct programs but they both serve veterans who are at least 65 years old.

Wish of Honor

Wish of Honor is a program that grants wishes for senior veterans. Wishes from this organization fall into two categories: wishes related to military service, and final wishes for veterans who are nearing the end of their lives.

This organization has granted a variety of wishes, including hunting trips, MLB pitches, and reconnecting old war buddies. They’ve also helped veterans replace dentures, reconnect with lost loves, and enjoy flights on certain planes.

You can request a Wish for yourself or for a veteran you know using the form on their website.

Trip of Honor

Forever Young Veterans helps veterans visit their former battlegrounds to view the monuments that stand in their honor.

In order to be eligible, you must be at least 65 years old and a veteran with an honorable discharge.

This organization takes senior veterans to monuments in these areas:

  • Belgium
  • England
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Normandy, France
  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Washington DC

You can see a list of upcoming trips on the Forever Young Veterans website. Trips that are not yet fully booked can be requested by clicking “Apply for this Trip.

Hero’s Wish

Hero’s Wish by Veteran Tickets Foundation provides a once-in-a-lifetime experiences for eligible military personnel, veterans and families of veterans. This program has helped people go to Disneyland, Disney World, skiing and more.

In order to be eligible for a Hero’s Wish, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be an Active Duty military member who returned from a deployment within the last six months; OR
  • You must be a severely wounded veteran with a Purple Heart award; OR
  • You must be the immediate family member of someone who was killed in action.

You can only request one wish in your lifetime. You cannot apply more than once, so make sure that you think through it carefully!

Operation Once in a Lifetime

Operation Once in a Lifetime helps fulfill wishes for veterans as well. This program has helped veterans take trips to New York, Hawaii and other destinations.

The organization also has a number of other operations that benefit military and veteran families. They have provided baby showers, school supplies, and other support.

Although the website makes it easy to donate, they do not offer any clear application instructions. For more information about how to get wishes granted, I’d recommend using the Contact Us button on their website.

Warrior’s Wish (Post 9/11 Only)

Veterans who have been severely injured in the service may be able to receive a wish from Warrior’s Wish. This program provides adaptive equipment, tools, trips, and other things that improve the quality of life for veterans who have sacrificed.

In order to be eligible for this program, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be a military veteran who sustained injuries in the line of duty after 9/11.
  • You must have at least one single service-connected disability that is rated 70% or higher.
  • You must be willing to submit your monthly budget.

If you would like to be considered for a Warrior’s Wish, then you will need to register on their website to begin the process. 

Wishes For Our Heroes (Active Duty Only)

If you are an active-duty military member, then you may be able to get extra support from Wishes For Our Heroes! This organization grants wishes that help with emergency financial assistance, basic needs, and recreation.

This organization can assist with car repairs, home repairs, baby supplies, clothing and other essentials. When funds allow, they can also help you attend athletic events or go on vacation.

This program only supports people on active military status. If that’s you, you can request a wish using their online form!

Denis V. Cooper Foundation (FL Only)

The Denis V. Cooper Foundation fulfills wishes for veterans. This organization aims to fulfill lifelong dreams like sailing, attending sporting events, visiting distant family members or taking a vacation.

In order to be eligible, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be a veteran who served honorably.
  • You must have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • You must live within Manatee or Sarasota Counties in Florida.

This organization as created after Sgt. Denis V Cooper was unable to take a final fishing trip with his family. This program aims to ensure that no veterans in their area experience that same heartbreak.

You can apply for a wish on their website.


There are at least 7 different organizations that grant wishes for veterans! If you have been honorably discharged, you may be able to make your dreams come true by requesting help from one of the organizations in this list. Don’t delay; apply today!

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