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5 Ways to Find Low Cost Dental Clinics Near You

5 Ways to Find Low Cost Dental Clinics Near You

Have you been searching for low cost dental clinics near you? Maybe you’ve been putting off dental visits because you can’t find affordable care. Maintaining your health is important to living a long life without constant jaw or tooth pain. There’s no need to continue avoiding the dentist – we’ve found a ton of resources that can help you find safe, affordable, low cost dental care.


1. Ask your dentist about membership savings plans.

Your local dental offices may offer dental membership savings plans. Unlike insurance, a savings plan will typically be a fixed amount charged once a year in order to become a member. Becoming a member usually has benefits such as discounted procedures and free cleanings and exams. The exact benefits will vary based upon your dental care provider.

Some dentists may also offer low-cost or free days of dental care in order to give back to the community. Check your local news to see if they are advertising these days in the paper or online. If you don’t currently have a dentist or you want to look for a new one, this website will help you search for a local dentist who is a part of the American Dental Association, or ADA.

2. Look into your local dental school.

Many dental school clinics provide reduced cost dental procedures. This may be a good choice if you only need routine procedures done and have time for lengthy appointments. Services performed by a dental student may take much longer than going to an established dentist because the student is still practicing. If you have an unusual treatment plan, issue, or dental disease, it may be best to go to an established dentist who has more experience.

You can find your local dental school clinic by clicking on this link.


3. Search for federally qualified health centers.

Federally qualified health centers receive funds from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) in order to provide primary care services to those in need. Whether you qualify for services from these health centers depends upon your income, household size, and how far below the federal poverty level you are.

You can find a local federally qualified health center through this website.

4. Check the ACA health insurance marketplace.

The ACA health insurance marketplace is a website where you can find affordable health insurance. If you do not have access to health insurance through your workplace, you can apply to programs through the marketplace during its open enrollment period. The website has additional resources for those who are self-employed, under 30, just had or adopted a baby, and more.

You can access the ACA health insurance marketplace by clicking on this link.

5. Find charitable organizations in your area.

There are many charitable organizations that are willing to help those in need by offering free or reduced dental care services.

The Dental Lifeline Network (DLN) is a nonprofit organization that helps provide dental care for low-income individuals who are also permanently disabled, age 65 or older or who are medically fragile. You can find a DLN program in your state by going to this website.

America’s Dental Care Foundation (ADCF) supports clinics who partner with them in order to provide reduced or free dental care services to those in need. The clinics who work with ADCF are called Mission of Mercy (MOM) clinics. You can find upcoming events in your state through this website.


America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF) supports dental clinics and programs that provide reduced or free services to low-income families. As of October 2021, they support 65 nonprofit clinics in 25 states that provide reduced cost dental services for children. You can find a program by clicking here.

How else can Low Income Relief help?

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