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Are We Getting Extra Food Stamps in December 2022?

Are We Getting Extra Food Stamps in December 2022?

Several states are still issuing extra food stamps in December 2022! Let’s discuss who is getting extra benefits and when, as well as a few other critical EBT updates that you need to know this month.

Thousands of dollars in EBT benefits have been STOLEN!

A mother in Las Vegas lost $4,100 in EBT funds just before Thanksgiving last week. 8 News Now reported that this woman’s statement showed 42 out-of-state charges that occurred within two hours of a legitimate purchase she made at a gas station. She was told that a skimmer must’ve been placed on the machine where she swiped her card.

The worst part is that she won’t be able to get it back. She was told that the office did not have the means to investigate and the government does not replace stolen food stamps. 

The Massachusetts Law Reform Institute has filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts to try to force the state to replace benefits that are stolen within that state. At the heart of their lawsuit is a woman who lost $400 in benefits to a scammer, who used her benefits in a state she’d never visited.

In their statement, LRI said, “Over the past few months, thieves have stolen over a million SNAP dollars from thousands of Massachusetts families… The criminals attach a skimming device on a point of sale terminal to capture the household’s account information and PIN. The criminals then use that information to make a fake card and steal the SNAP benefits.”

It is CRITICAL that you learn how to protect your benefits from theft.

  • Learn how to spot skimming devices.
  • Check your balance after every transaction.
  • Change your pin frequently.

The USDA recently urged states to make it possible for you to freeze or lock your card between transactions, to make sure nobody can use them. They also asked the states to enable text and email alerts for purchases, and make it possible to block out-of-state transactions, since most of the criminals use their cloned cards to make out-of-state transactions. These features are available in some states already, so please look into it. 

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Are we getting extra food stamps in December 2022?

The Emergency Allotment program, which was authorized at the start of the pandemic, is still going strong in several states! Although some states have stopped issuing these bonuses, more than half of all states are currently participating.

Please remember that states have until the 15th of the month to submit their paperwork, so this list will not be complete until the middle of the month. Be sure to check back for updates if your state is not listed yet!

How long will the increase in food stamps last?

The emergency allotment waivers will continue to be available to participating states until at least 30 days after the federal public health declaration regarding COVID-19 expires. That declaration was just renewed in October 2022, so it will not expire until mid-January 2023.

The government has promised that states will have at least 60 days notice before the end of the order in order to prepare for the transition. Since we were not notified about an ending in November, it is assumed that the public health order will be renewed for another three months in January. However, this is not a guarantee.

Even if your state or the federal government allows the public health emergency to end in January, the program will allow states to issue one more month of extra benefits as a transition month. After the transition month, everyone’s benefits will drop back to the typical lower pre-pandemic amount. If the order expires in January, the final month of increased benefits will be in February 2023.

Unfortunately, we do not have any confirmation at this time about whether or not that emergency health order will be extended in January.

What states are getting extra food stamps in December 2022?

Many states have already been approved to issue extra benefits in December 2022. Our list below includes the expected disbursement date for those benefits.

The dates are obviously different for each state. Each state decides when to send those extra benefits. Some do it all at once, others use a staggered schedule. Some issue the regular and extra benefits at the same time, others send them separately. Some even send their extra benefits the month after they receive approval, so it’s hard to track. It really just depends on where you receive your benefits.

The following list of states have been approved and filed their monthly paperwork with the USDA, so we know for sure that they will be issuing extra food stamps in December 2022.

  • Alabama (Dec 1)
  • California (Dec 17)
  • Colorado (Dec 7-12)
  • Delaware (Dec 22)
  • Hawaii (Dec 12)
  • Illinois (Dec 21-29)
  • Kansas (Dec 21-30)
  • Louisiana (Dec 3, 10, 17, 22 and 29)
  • Maine (Dec 9)
  • Maryland (Dec 4-23)
  • Massachusetts (Dec 2)
  • Michigan (Dec 17-26)
  • Minnesota (Dec 6-29)
  • New Hampshire (Dec 1 & 16)
  • New Jersey (Dec 1-5)
  • New Mexico (Dec 1-31)
  • New York (Dec 13-27 for NYC or 12-22 for rest of state)
  • North Carolina (Dec 22-31)
  • Ohio (Dec 21)
  • Oklahoma (Dec 10-15)
  • Oregon (Dec 12 & 29)
  • Pennsylvania (Dec 16-30)
  • Rhode Island (Dec 3)
  • South Carolina (Dec 1-19)
  • Texas (Dec 5-12)
  • Utah (Dec 31)
  • Vermont (Dec 14)
  • Virginia (Dec 16)
  • Washington (normal issuance date)
  • West Virginia (Dec 7)
  • Wisconsin (Dec 17)

What’s going on with EBT in Washington State?

Washington State Department of Social & Health Services originally announced that the state would not be issuing extra food stamps after November 2022 because the state was ending their emergency health declaration.

However, on November 29, the state announced that they had a declaration in place that would allow them to continue issuing emergency allotments after the state’s emergency ended. This approval allows them to continue sending the maximum allotment to all households who are eligible for at least $1 in EBT in December 2022. The state also said they would continue to seek month-to-month approvals to extend these extra benefits.

It is not immediately clear how the state was able to pull this off. I’ve reached out to Washington DSHS for more information.

Which states MAY be getting extra food stamps in December 2022?

Since states can continue submitting their paperwork until mid-December, there are some areas we’re not sure about yet. We will continue to update this list as more states confirm their details.

Here are the areas we’re not sure about yet:

  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington DC

The Virgin Islands and Guam usually file their paperwork later in the month, so we will update on those when we hear more information.

Which states are not getting extra food stamps in December 2022?

Unfortunately, EBT users in the following states will not receive extra benefits in December 2022 because their states have already terminated the state emergency health declaration (see explanation below).

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Wyoming

Why do some states get extra food stamps and not others?

There are two requirements for states to issue extra food stamps: there must be a federal emergency health declaration in place, and there must also be a state emergency declaration in place. Some states have already ended their public health declaration, so they can’t issue extra food benefits.

States that still have an active public health emergency declaration in their state can still issue extra food stamps under the Emergency Allotment waivers. These will continue until either the federal government or that state government ends their emergency declaration related to COVID-19.

Are we getting extra next month, too?

We always update our EA list with the most up-to-date information. If you’re getting extra in January 2023, this is the place to look.

Why didn’t you get your food stamps this month?

We’ve heard from many users all over the US who are saying that their expected benefits have not arrived. If the money never arrived at all, it’s probably due to a paperwork backlog. 

We have confirmed that there has been a major backlog of benefits in Georgia, which was cleared up just before Thanksgiving, thanks to a waiver received from the federal government. That waiver only lasts six months, so this issue could happen again in May so please be careful and try to prepare if you can. 

Hawaii has had similar issues keeping up with the paperwork, but they’ve also received a waiver and should start clearing that backlog soon. Again, those waivers are always temporary so you need to be prepared to have this issue again within about six months unless the state can resolve its staffing issues.

If you haven’t received your benefits, you can contact your state for more information.

Make sure you’ve completed your recertification paperwork and any required interviews. Do not wait to do that paperwork until the last minute – do it as soon as it shows up, because otherwise you may be waiting even longer to get those benefits.

Great news for student loan borrowers!

President Biden has extended the student loan payment freeze while the debt relief program lawsuit continues.

Most news outlets are reporting that the freeze was extended through June 2023 but that isn’t technically true. Payments will begin either 60 days after the lawsuit is resolved or 60 days after June 30, 2023 which would actually be the end of August.

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What about P-EBT?

If you have a child in your household who ordinarily receives free or reduced-cost meals at school, they may be eligible for P-EBT benefits as well. Check our P-EBT Guide and Schedule for more information.

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Ed Zimmerman

Monday 9th of January 2023

With out the Xtra food stamps we Gould get by we have go to the food pantry see what they have thank s gov.


Friday 6th of January 2023

Do we have any update for Nevada? I’m pregnant and have 3 kids and after the holidays I am down to nothing. I only get $150 without the extra allotment

Catherine Marucci

Friday 6th of January 2023

There haven't been any updates from Nevada yet. Here's the January list so far: - Cat


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Is missouri getting extra snap benigits?

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Tuesday 27th of December 2022

Hi Challa. Here's January's list:

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Thursday 22nd of December 2022

I haven't received my yet in Ohio !! Ugh its three days before Christmas and no extra food stamp money in my SNAP card!!