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The 10 Best Cheap Hotels in Anaheim

The 10 Best Cheap Hotels in Anaheim

When you’re planning a trip to Disneyland, you might be overwhelmed with all the hotel options you have. It can be easy to choose the wrong hotel! Check below to see the best cheap hotels we found in Anaheim!


Howard Johnson Anaheim

The Howard Johnson Anaheim is a hotel behind a great name in the industry. The hotel features a water-park playground for children of all ages. While the suites are slightly more than the average single room at the hotel, they’re well worth it. The suites come with bunk beds for the kids, a game console to play on and a balcony. You’ll definitely want the balcony. Each night, you can stand out on it to watch the fireworks from the parks. Did we mention the great view of Snow White’s castle? Yeah, it’s beautiful.

Why it made our list: Why wouldn’t we add this to the list should be the question! This is a cheap hotel in Anaheim that comes with views of the park, great access to the fireworks, a game console and bunk beds. The water park is what really sealed the deal for adding it to the list.

The Best Western Plus

The Best Western Plus is a good hotel to stay at. The one in Anaheim is clean, features great amenities and even gives you the opportunity to earn points if you’re a Best Western Plus member. You can get free food vouchers for local restaurants and shopping is just a short distance away.

Why it made our list: The free breakfast at a local restaurant is a great way to save money if you have a big family.


Great Wolf Lodge

Think you can’t afford the Great Wolf Lodge experience for your family? The Great Wolf Lodge is not cheap. Well, not on its own, but it can be affordable. If you team up with another family, a $300-a-night room turns into a $150-a-night room. Many of the suites at Great Wolf also accommodate up to 10 people so it’s totally plausible to fit two whole families into one of the suites. They’re spacious, too! This resort option is great if you have kids of varying ages or if you’re spending more than a couple of days at Disneyland. If you’re planning on staying for a while, you might run out of things to do at the park. You get the water park free with your stay at Great Wolf Lodge so it gives you one more fun thing to do that isn’t Disney-related!

Why it made our list: The Great Wolf experience is great for most families. What’s better than combining it with your Disneyland adventure?

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Grand Legacy at the Park

Even though the Grand Legacy at the Park is one of the best cheap hotels in Anaheim, it’s far from a cheap experience. The hotel treats visitors like family and doesn’t nickel-and-dime them like some other hotels might. Families traveling with little ones can get a great experience and a family-friendly environment to make the kids feel truly special.

Why it made our list: Families can get free rollaway beds and cribs which, to families who have more than one child, can be a huge lifesaver!

Candy Cane Inn

Aside from the fun name that your kids are going to go crazy saying over and over again, the Candy Cane Inn is a great overall budget experience. The inn was built just two years after Disneyland opened its gates so it’s been there through all the changes of the park! Don’t let its age fool you, though. The inn is clean, modern and filled with friendly staff to answer all your questions. They’re also one of the best cheap hotels in Anaheim if you’re on a super tight budget!  It’s in walking distance of the park, but if anyone in your family has a disability and can’t walk to the park, they’ve got you covered.

Why it made our list: Even though you can walk to the park from the hotel, you can also take advantage of the shuttle that runs during park hours!

Cortona Inn and Suites

If you’re looking for a super budget-friendly option, the Cortona Inn and Suites is your best bet. The hotel has some of the best rates for staying near the park. Their prices are low even during the summer months when bookings can get really crowded up. There are different levels of rooms you can choose from. The suites are perfect for large families and families sharing a vacation. It’s also one of the Disney-certified Good Neighbor hotels!


Why it made our list: After doing a lot of research, we found out from reviews that Cortana Inn has the best Wifi out of all the best cheap hotels in Anaheim. Combined with their low rates, this is a perfect destination for families that rely heavily on technology and having a good internet connection. (We see you, work at home parents!)

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Anaheim Discovery Inn and Suites

Even though the Anaheim Discovery Inn and Suites used to be a bit run-down, they’ve done major renovations to make it as modern as possible. The hotel has a lot to offer including cheap rates, clean rooms and a family-friendly environment. The staff treats guests well and there are a ton of things included with your stay!

Why it made our list: We found out that many of the people who have stayed there and reviewed their experience loved the pool. It’s one of the cleanest they’ve been in. It gives their kids plenty of space to play and relax after walking in the park all day.

The Alpine

If you’re looking for a quaint hotel in the midst of Anaheim’s hustle and bustle, The Alpine is the place for you! With rates as low as $75 per night (rates may vary) and free breakfast, there’s so much you get for a low price. The bed and breakfast is wonderful, and the outdoor heated pool is a great place to relax and unwind after a fun day at the parks. It’s also one of the iconic symbols of the area. This hotel is one of the authorized ticket sellers for Disneyland so you might be able to get some discounted tickets!

Why it made our list: The Alpine is an icon for cheap travel in California. It’s quaint structures match the feeling inside the hotel. You’ll feel right at home for much less money than other hotels.

The Hotel Indigo Anaheim

Families who travel know that laundry facilities are such a necessity when getting away. This is especially true for big families and families who want to save on luggage costs. The Hotel Indigo Anaheim has cheap laundry facilities you can use to get caught up before you even pack to go home. They also offer free parking which is nearly unheard of in a hotel in the city.


Why it made our list: The cheap laundry did it for us!

Lemon Tree Hotel and Suites

Even if you’re unable to walk to the park from the Lemon Tree Hotel and Suites, it’s still one of the best cheap hotels in Anaheim. The hotel is touted as one of the cleanest motels in the city. It comes with a really low price tag.

Why it made our list: The hotel is one of the cleanest in Anaheim, but it doesn’t come at a huge cost.