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12 More Cool Things You Can Buy on Amazon with EBT!

12 More Cool Things You Can Buy on Amazon with EBT!

There are so many cool things you can buy on Amazon with EBT! Let’s look at some of the craziest things I’ve found this month. 

From a $0.79 can of beans to a $1,000 single pound of caviar, I’ve found a LOT of crazy things you can buy with EBT on Amazon over the years. Some of it is incredible and some of it is a bit ridiculous.

Today’s haul ranges from $4 to $100, and as always, we’ll start with the cheapest items and work our way up to the most expensive. The last one is my favorite, so be sure to stick around!

Zollipops Anticavity Prevention

I’ve been making too many trips to the dentist lately, so I’m fascinated by these $4 Zollipops. They claim to be anticavity candy. Anticavity candy… isn’t that impossible?

Anyway, this company claims that the smile-friendly natural ingredients are actually good for your teeth and prevent cavities. The lollipops come in six flavors: Strawberry, grape, orange, raspberry, pineapple and cherry. Since they’re technically food, they’re EBT eligible! 

If they work, I think this is one of the really cool things you can buy on Amazon with EBT because it can help keep your dental costs down. Unexpected dental bills can destroy a low income budget, so cheap prevention is very helpful.

Listerine Pocketmist

It’s been a frustration for years that food stamps can’t be used to purchase necessary hygiene items like toothbrushes and toothpaste. However, I did find this $5 pack of Listerine Pocketmist. It claims to kill 99% of bad breath germs, although it probably won’t do anything for cavities. 

Electrolyte Powder

For $9, I also found this electrolyte powder. It is designed to quickly treat the signs of dehydration by providing three times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks with only half the sugar. A lot of people left reviews claiming that it gives them an energy boost as well.

Cotton Candy Color Mix Slime (NOT FOOD)

At $10, we encounter our first glitch: The Cotton Candy Color Mix Surprise. This cute cotton candy slime is marked EBT eligible on Amazon.

I think it’s because it looks like food. It’s $10 and the listing is littered with food keywords like “lollipop” and “cotton candy,” so if Amazon is relying on AI to classify EBT-eligible items this probably confused the algorithm into thinking it was food. You have to read the fine print to discover that the Cotton Candy Colormix is not actually food and should not be eaten. 

Lotion & Moisturizer

I was also able to pick up this $12 bottle of Cerave lotion, which was marked SNAP EBT Eligible at the time I purchased it. However, that glitch has since been fixed.

On the other hand, this $12 bottle of organic grapeseed oil moisturizer is still marked EBT eligible even though the product is clearly being marketed as a health and beauty item instead of a food item. 

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Another interesting thing I found on Amazon for about this price was non-alcoholic beer. Now, the USDA specifically prohibits food stamps from being used to purchase alcohol. However, this non-alcoholic beer does not contain alcohol and is therefore SNAP EBT eligible on Amazon. You can purchase a 6 pack for $12.

You can also pick up a wide assortment of cocktail flavorings with EBT on Amazon as well, both as single flavorings and bulk packs. 

Vitamin C Packets

Most vitamin products are not EBT eligible, so I was surprised to see this pack of Super C Singles in the EBT-eligible list at Amazon. These packets contain 1000 mg of Vitamin C, as well as variety of other vitamins and electrolytes. Since this product has a nutrition facts label, it is in fact EBT eligible. You can pick up the 40 count box on Amazon for around $12. 

Since good health can help reduce a lot of overwhelming expenses, I think that this vitamin drink is one of the many cool things you can buy on Amazon with EBT. Anything that helps you stay healthy is useful.

Queasy Drops

I’m not entirely sure why this $16 pack of Queasy Drops is EBT-eligible. These drops are supposed to help reduce nausea and come in five flavors: green tea with lemon, ginger, raspberry, banana and cola. These items have a supplement facts label and not a nutrition facts label, so I think this may have been a glitch but I’m honestly not sure. 

Gumball Coin Bank

On a more fun note, my kids are super excited about this gumball coin bank. The USDA has said that certain non-food items can be purchased with food stamps if at least half the value of the item comes from the food it contains, so I assume that’s why this gumball bank was marked EBT eligible. 

Energy Drinks

The nutrition facts and supplement facts labels are also significant to the next item on our list: energy drinks. Depending on the type of energy drink you prefer, it may or may not be able to be purchased with food stamps. It depends on which type of label it has.

Some brands, including Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar and Bang, are EBT-eligible on Amazon. Packaged Starbucks drinks are also EBT-eligible.

The price depends on which brand and flavor you like, but most were around $20 per case.

Bamboo Cutting Board Gift Set

For $40, you can pick up this beautiful cutting board as part of a gift set! The USDA has said that gift baskets are EBT-eligible as long as at least half the value of the item is derived from the food it contains. This beautiful bamboo cutting board is part of a dried fruit gift basket that includes dried apricots, prunes, kiwi slices, pears, plums, and coconut date rolls. 

When it comes to cool things you can buy on Amazon with EBT, I think gift baskets are among the best because they allow you to get food you can eat right away and good-quality items that can last a long time.

Long Term Food Storage

And finally, for around $100, you can purchase some long-term food storage. I paid $99 for this emergency food supply from Augason Farms, which includes 92 servings of 11 separate meals including cheesy broccoli rice, chicken noodle soup, corn chowder, mac and cheese, stroganoff, fettuccine alfredo and more. That’s about $1.07 per serving, which isn’t bad. This product has a shelf-life ranging from 10 to 30 years. 

For around $40, I also picked up this 72-hour one-person emergency food supply kit. This is very useful to have in emergencies. It includes five meal varieties. You just have to add water and it’s ready to eat! 

Even More Cool Things You Can Buy on Amazon with EBT

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