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Double Your Food Benefits in New York

Double Your Food Benefits in New York

There are several programs that can help you double your food benefits in New York! From Health Bucks in NYC to Double Up Food Bucks New York, we’ve found many different programs that can help you make the most of your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

Health Bucks in New York City

Health Bucks is a program that helps low income shoppers get more fresh produce at farmers markets in New York City. This program is available year-round at all New York City Farmers Markets!

Who is eligible for Health Bucks?

Anyone who shops at a New York City Farmers Market with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food benefits can participate in the Health Bucks program.

It does not appear that you need to be a resident of New York City to qualify for this service.

How does Health Bucks work?

You can receive $2 in free Health Bucks for every $2 that you spend at the market on your SNAP benefits. If you spend $2, you’ll get $2 for a total of $4 in buying power. If you spend $6, you’ll get $6 for a total of $12. And so on.

However, the program has a $10 per day limit. That means that if you spend $10, you’ll get $10… but if you spend more than $10, you’ll still only get $10 in free Health Bucks that day.

How much can you get from Health Bucks?

There is a $10 per day limit for the Health Bucks program. You cannot earn more than $10 per day at the Farmers Market.

However, some community and faith-based organizations can receive Health Bucks from the city. Those are intended to be used as rewards for those who participate in nutrition education and other health-related classes. If you would like the chance to earn more Health Bucks through these organizations, you’ll need to contact the city to find out which organizations have received them and how they are being distributed.

Where can I use Health Bucks?

There are over 100 Farmers Markets throughout New York City that participate in the Health Bucks program. New York City publishes the annual list on their website.

Independent Options

Sometimes, local farms offer an EBT discount as well. You can find these and other great deals in our list of New York EBT discounts!

Glynwood Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Glynwood’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program offers a 50% discount program for EBT customers. You can get a discount on any of their farm products, including a weekly CSA subscription.

New Roots Bronx Community Farm

The New Roots Bronx Community Farm offers a special program that will match SNAP, EBT and FMNP dollars. This community farm was built on an abandoned half-acre lot.

Double Up Food Bucks New York

New York introduced a Double Up Food Bucks program in 2014 that has helped thousands of New York families! The program has already helped people buy more than 4.9 million pounds of healthy food!

What is Double Up Food Bucks?

Double Up Food Bucks is a nationwide organization that helps low income shoppers get more food with their benefits. This program provides dollar matching for food programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The program works by partnering with local farm stands and farmers markets, as listed below.

Who is eligible for DUFB?

Anyone who shops with food benefits at a participating farmers market can receive the Double Up benefit.

Some locations have a sign-up requirement, so you may have to provide some identifying information to the information booth of your local market before you can participate.

How much can you get from DUFB?

Currently, there is a $20 per day limit for Double Up Food Bucks New York. That means that you can spend $20 and get an additional $20 in free double bucks, for a total in $40 in produce. It’s a great way to maximize your benefits!

How does DUFB New York work?

If you shop at a farmers market, stop by the market’s information booth first. They’ll swipe your card for whatever amount you specify and give you an equal value of tokens. Those tokens can be used to purchase any EBT-eligible food at the market. You’ll also receive a second set of free Double Up tokens equal to the amount of your purchase. These free doubled tokens can only be used on fresh, locally-grown fruits, vegetables, and produce-bearing plants.

If you shop at a grocery store, the process is a little different. Some stores track your rewards with coupons, store loyalty cards, or a Double Up Food Bucks card. Sometimes, the coupons will be printed on your receipts. The cashier at your local store can explain how it works for their location.

Where can I use Double Up Food Bucks New York?

There are over 200 participating locations across New York state. There are grocery stores and farmers markets that can help you double your benefits through this program.

You can find an up-to-date list of Double Up locations on the DUFB New York website.

However, here is a partial list of year-round participating locations:

  • Capital Roots (mobile market)
  • FeedMore WNY Mobile Market (mobile market)
  • Foodlink Curbside Market (mobile market)
  • Honest Weight Food Co-Op (Albany)
  • Greater Good Grocery (Binghampton)
  • Martins on Main (Brushton)
  • Nature’s Storehouse (Canton)
  • Chatham Real Food Market Co-Op (Chatham)
  • Hub on the Hill (Essex)
  • Rolling Grocer 19 (Hudson)
  • Keeseville Pharmacy Inc. (Keeseville)
  • Haven Market (Livingston Manor)
  • Martin’s Farmstand (Potsdam)
  • Shenectady Greenmarket (Shenectady)
  • Brady Market (Syracuse)
  • Abundance Food Co-Op (Rochester)
  • Syracuse Cooperative Market (Syracuse)
  • Can Stop Redemption Center and Groceries Inc. (Troy)
  • Bargain Grocery (Utica)
  • Oneida County Public Market (Utica)


This article discusses how residents of New York State can double their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other food benefits by shopping at participating markets. These programs can help you maximize your food benefits by providing you with more food than you pay for through incentive programs like Double Up Food Bucks and Healthy Bucks.

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