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One Little Tool that Saves You Money Online

One Little Tool that Saves You Money Online

If you’re shopping online without a browser extension, you’re wasting money! Browser extensions like Honey and Capital One Shopping can help you save money on your online purchases.


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forWhat are browser extensions?

A browser extension is basically an extra bit of software that can be added to your browser (the program that you use to access the internet). Browser extensions can do a lot of different things!

What is the Honey browser extension?

The Honey browser extension is specifically built to help you save money online. It automatically searches for coupon codes and tries them, so that you always save the most money when you’re shopping online.


For people like me who always search for coupon codes before checking out online, Honey can save a lot of time as well. Many coupon codes aren’t valid and it can be time-consuming to identify which ones work (and which ones save you the most money). Honey takes all that work away by automatically testing and applying the best coupon code for your purchase.

It works on over 40,000 of the top online stores! They even find deals on sites like Amazon.


How does the Honey browser extension work?

Once you install the Honey browser extension, you’ll see a little orange icon in the corner of your desktop browser. It will have a little white cursive “h”in it. That icon represents the Honey extension.

When you’re shopping online, Honey will look for coupons automatically. If it finds any, the Honey icon will have a little green spot next to it (it’ll be red if you use the Safari browser). That’s your lucky clue that you’ve found coupons for the site you’re shopping on.

When you go to check out, click on the Honey icon and it will automatically try the coupon codes for that site. Honey will apply whichever coupon code results in the most savings for your purchase.

If they don’t find any codes that beat the price you already have, then Honey will let you know so that you can make an informed decision before you complete the purchase.

How does Honey make money?

If this all sounds too good to be true, you’re probably wondering how Honey makes money. They make commissions from their merchant partners. When you use Honey to try coupon codes, they receive an affiliate payment. That’s how they continue to provide Honey as a free service to customers without selling any data!

How do I get Honey?

Ready to get started? You can download Honey by clicking here!


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