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Food Banks in Fairfield County, CT

Food Banks in Fairfield County, CT

Food banks in Fairfield County offer options for those in need! We have located and listed food banks from cities all across Fairfield County. If you live in Monroe, Redding, Bridgeport or anywhere else, we’ve got you covered.

If you live in Fairfield County, Connecticut and you’re in need of a food bank, we’ve got quite the list for you! The county of Fairfield is large and filled with many cities; about 24 actually. And most of those cities in Fairfield County have food banks available to those who need it. Below, we’ve listed those food banks and told you a little bit about them. Be sure to remember that you need to call the food banks prior to heading over, just in case their hours of operation change from what is posted on their websites or social media pages.

Food insecurity can be so stressful! Fairfield County has many food bank options!

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If food insecurity is an issue for you and your family, Fairfield County has options. We’ve put the cities in alphabetical order for you. Scroll to your area below to find the food bank in Fairfield County that is closest to you!

Here are the food banks in Fairfield County and information for you about what you might need to bring with you!


Town of Bethel Social Services Department

This organization in Bethel provides a food bank for those in need. You can see the website here, and you’ll note that the website states that appointments are suggested, but in times of an emergency, they’re not always necessary.

St Thomas Episcopal Church Food Pantry

The St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Bethel provides a food pantry to its patrons. You may be able to take advantage of this food pantry in Bethel regardless of affiliation with the church. You can find their contact information here.

Bethel Community Food Pantry

This food pantry offers both food and hygiene items free of charge to those in need. You will need to bring either your Connecticut Gray card or a referral letter. For more information about what you may need, hours of operation and contact information, visit their website here. The website is comprehensive and easy to navigate.


The Thomas Merton Center

This center hosts a program called the Thomas Merton House of Hospitality. You can read more about the program here, but it’s essentially a shelter, food bank and soup kitchen meant to help those in need. The program also includes support groups and self sustains with nutritious fruits and veggies available at the Thomas Merton Center food pantry.

Summerfield United Methodist Church Light on the Hill Food Pantry

This is a church based food pantry that is in affiliation with United Way. They offer food on an appointment based basis, and their distribution takes place a few times per month. You can find contact information here.

Salvation Army of Bridgeport

The Salvation Army in Bridgeport offers food pantry services for those in need. This will require an interview with a caseworker and documentation is required. Their website is located here.

St. Johns Episcopal Church Family Center and Food Bank

Go here to see St. John’s Episcopal Church Family Center’s facebook page. They offer a food bank to those in the area, and have two food pantries under their care.

Saint Luke/ Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church Food Center

Documentation and an agency referral is required for this food center. The patrons of Bridgeport are welcome to utilize the food pantry of this church based on those qualifications. Their website has a phone number and address for the church.

St Charles Church Urban House

This food pantry is in affiliation with St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church. The food bank does require a picture ID and address verification. You can schedule an appointment and find their contact information here.

Kings Pantry Eisenhower Senior Center

This food pantry is for patrons 55 and older. You can see their facebook page here. If you’re a veteran, you can also utilize the services here, regardless of age. Be sure to call first for an appointment!

Faith Gospel Assembly Church Breakfast Program

This church hosts a breakfast program for its patrons. You can attend on the third Saturday of the month, but be sure to call to check up on information about dates and times. Their facebook page has all of their contact information. This does require an appointment, and documentation is required as well.

Daughters of Charity Most Precious Blood Rescue Mission

This program helps those in need regardless of whether or not there is an affiliation with their church. You can find their information here. They are a “grass roots” program willing to work with those who need their help with food insecurity. 

City of Bridgeport Health and Social Services

Bridgeport City has a Health and Social Services program within their operations. You can see their website here. This food bank also serves veterans. Documentation is required along with proof of residency. There is some registration paperwork you’ll need to fill out to take advantage of these services. You can make an appointment with the city. 

Cesar Batalla Family Resource Center

You can learn all about this Resource Center and the programs offered by visiting their facebook page here. Along with a food bank, this resource center offers programs like music classes for children (for free) and mobile food pantry options.

Bridgeport Rescue Mission

This program’s motto is “Fighting Poverty From the Inside Out”. They feel strongly about helping people and protecting their dignity. Their food pantry options are available to those in the area, and you can contact them via their website here. Their programs are extensive and so helpful. They have onsite meals, mobile kitchens, and a food pantry; all of which utilize fresh fruit and veggies, nutritious meats and dairy products and dry goods as well. In addition to their food programs, they also offer emergency shelter opportunities, Women and Children programs, Supportive Housing and clothing to those needing it.

Norma Pfreim Urban Outreach Initiatives, Inc. Food Pantry

Norma Pfreim Urban Outreach is more than just a food pantry. They also offer a diaper bank to parents who need diapers for their children. If you’d like to utilize the diaper services, you must bring a birth certificate for the child. Identification is required for adults as well. Here is their website.

Salem Lutheran Church Food Pantry 

This church’s food pantry is only open on certain days, so be sure to contact them to find out the best time for you to visit. Documentation is required to utilize these services. 

The Black Rock Food Pantry

This food pantry specifically feels strongly about helping their neighbors and neighborhood. This food pantry also has some delivery options for those who are unable to leave their homes to go to the food bank. Go here to find out more.

Blessed Sacrament Church Food Pantry

This food bank is in affiliation with The Church of the Blessed Sacrament. In addition to food services, this food bank also offers toiletries, clothing, books and some small household appliances. Their website is a great resource for more information on their hours and appointment regulations.


Town of Brookfield Social Services

The town of Brookfield offers a small food pantry to those living within the city limits. There is an income limit restriction as well as documentation requirements. Be prepared to come to your appointment with proof of residency and income information. Call to make an appointment or find out more information. Go here to find out how.


Community Action Committee of Danbury

This food pantry is located inside of the New Hope Baptist Church in Danbury. There are income restrictions and limits to how many meals are available to each family, based on the size of that family and financial need for food services. You can find their website here.

Saint James Episcopal Church- Daily Bread Ecumenical Food Pantry 

This food bank in Danbury city (Fairfield County, CT) has been in operation since 1984. Each family can visit the food pantry for shopping once a month. Although this food bank is located inside of Saint James Episcopal Church, it is a non denominational food pantry. Their website has contact information. 

Salvation Army Danbury Corps Community Center

In affiliation with the Salvation Army, the Danbury Corps Community center offers a food bank to low income families and residents of the greater Danbury area. Proof of residency and identification is required. Visit their website here. 


Person to Person

Person to Person is an organization that serves residents of Darien, Stamford and New Canaan, though it is located in Darien. Their website also states that they have a mobile food bank service for those who qualify.


Operation Hope

Operation Hope is located in Fairfield and specifically chooses to spend energy on childhood food insecurity. You can watch a video about them on their website here. Documentation is required.


Neighbor to Neighbor Christ Church

This program offers three types of food bank services. There is a supplemental food program, a summer supplemental food program and an emergency food program. Call to make an appointment and find their contact information here. They are non denominational in services though the food bank is located in the church.


Town of Monroe Social Services

The town of Monroe has a social services program that offers emergency food supplies to families and/ or individuals in need. There are some income restrictions so be sure to call first for an appointment. An ID or a Driver License is required. You can find them here.

New Canaan

Town of New Canaan Vine Cottage

The Human Services department inside of St. Mark’s Church in New Canaan hosts a small food pantry. Identification is required, and you’ll need to call the Human Services department prior to visiting. They’re located on Main Street and you can find the Human Services Department contact information here.

New Fairfield

Town of New Fairfield Social Services Department

The town of New Fairfield offers a food pantry to the residents through their social services department. Their website hosts contact information for the department in charge of distributing food to those in need. You will need to bring identification and make an appointment.


Salvation Army-Norwalk Corps Community Center

Here is where you can visit the website for the Salvation Army Norwalk Corps Community Center. In order to be eligible for services through this center, you must qualify based on need, financial status, work status and family size. Families with lost, stolen or late paychecks, pregnant teens, elderly, families who have been living in a shelter and families on state assistance also qualify. Proof of residency and a state ID are required. Call for pantry hours.

Saint Vincent De Paul Society – St Thomas Apostle Church

This food pantry serves residents of Norwalk. Services are available in both English and Spanish. If it is your first time visiting Saint Vincent De Paul Society food bank, you’ll need to bring along identification. The food pantry is non denominational. Here is the website where you can make an appointment. 

The Open Door

The Open Door is a food pantry open to residents in and surrounding Norwalk. Their website states hours and contact information. They are also a shelter. This food bank provides meals as well as canned and boxed food goods.

Person to Person

This food bank serves patrons of Norwalk, Weston, Westport and Wilton. Clients can receive a week’s worth of groceries. They can come as frequently as once a month. Fresh produce is also available to those who visit Person to Person. Their website for the Norwalk location is here.


Town of Redding Community Center

The community center for the town of Redding hosts a food pantry for residents of Redding. You must be a resident of Redding to participate in the food bank there. The pantry hours are by appointment only, so be sure to schedule one by visiting their website here.


Area Congregations Together (ACT) Spooner House

Spooner House is a shelter that offers not only food bank services, but is a “no freeze” shelter, which means that through the months of November-March, you can drop in at the shelter for a night to prevent freezing. The food bank does require an appointment so visit the website here to make one.


Zion Lutheran Church Food Pantry

A referral and residency in Stamford are required for the Zion Lutheran Church food pantry. This food bank serves locals of Stamford and is by appointment only. Go to their website to find out more about appointment hours.

Salvation Army Stamford Corps Community Center

Here is where you can visit the website for the Salvation Army Norwalk Corps Community Center. In order to be eligible for services through this center, you must qualify based on need, financial status, work status and family size. Families with lost, stolen or late paychecks, pregnant teens, elderly, families who have been living in a shelter and families on state assistance also qualify. Proof of residency and a state ID are required. Call for pantry hours.

New Covenant House of Hospitality

This food pantry located in the New Covenant church is open to residents of Stamford, Greenwich, Darien and New Canaan. A rent or mortgage receipt, proof of income and proof of residency are required. You can contact New Covenant House of Hospitality here. An appointment is required.


South End Community Center

This community center offers a food pantry for residents of Stratford. If you aren’t a resident, you still may be eligible for assistance with a referral. Go here to find out about hours of operation.

Sterling House Community Center

Sterling House is a community center and food bank. Documentation and income verification are required. Appointments are not necessary, but we recommend checking in with the website for hours of operation. Food banks in Fairfield County frequently offer toiletries as well, and Sterling House may have some available for you should you need them.

St. James Roman Catholic Church Food Pantry

This church organizes a food pantry for the patrons. The pantry hours are by appointment only. You can contact the church for an appointment by going to their website here.

First Baptist Church of Stratford Food Pantry

This church provides a food bank a few times a month. It is recommended to call for information and to make an appointment. Documentation is required at this food bank.


Town of Trumbull Social Services

The Town of Trumbull operates a food bank for residents. You will need proof of residency, income validation and identification to participate. You can make an appointment with the social services department of the city by going here.


Town of Weston Town Hall Annex

Another town that offers food bank options for its residents is Weston. The Town Hall Annex offers both a food bank as well as Meals on Wheels options. You can contact a social worker here to make an appointment.


Town of Westport Department of Human Services

When it comes to food banks in Fairfield County, the cities within offer a lot of options for their residents. Westport is no exception. The Human Services department of the town of Westport offers a food bank. Proof of residency and an appointment are required. Go here to make one.

Fairfield County food banks are here to help you!

As you can see, from Bridgeport to New Canaan to Westport; food banks in Fairfield County are available to those who need it.

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