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Where Can I Get Laundry Vouchers Near Me?

Where Can I Get Laundry Vouchers Near Me?

I wish I’d known where to find laundry vouchers near me when I needed them! I had no idea they existed at the time, but now that I’ve learned about them I wanted to share this incredible resource with you.

What is a laundry voucher?

A voucher is a coupon that can be redeemed for a free service. For example, free clothing vouchers can be redeemed for free clothing items from select thrift stores. Similarly, a laundry voucher can be redeemed for free laundry services at a participating agency or laundromat.

These are often distributed as small pieces of printed paper that can be exchanged on-site for the service. However, some places distribute plastic cards that can be scanned in coinless machines for a certain number of loads.

Where can I get laundry vouchers near me?

There are many organizations that offer these items around the United States. Usually, they are distributed by local churches, charities and nonprofit organizations that serve homeless and low income individuals.

Nationwide Sources for Laundry Vouchers

There are a few nationwide organizations that can help you find vouchers in your area.


The United Way’s 211 helpline is the easiest and most trustworthy source to find laundry vouchers in your area. This organization maintains detailed resource lists of all the churches, charities and nonprofits in your area so they are usually aware of any resources that can assist with laundry expenses.

If you’re looking for laundry assistance, call your local 211 service right away or use their online guided directory search. You may be surprised by what you find!

Community Action Agencies

Community Action Agencies exist all over the United States and they offer a wide variety of services to low income people in their communities. Some of them offer laundry vouchers!

We have been able to confirm that the following Community Action agencies currently or have previously assisted with laundry services:

  • Olympic Community Action Programs (Olympic Peninsula, Washington)

Government Agencies

Sometimes, rarely, government agencies may also be able to assist you with laundry vouchers. This usually occurs through your county’s Department of Human Services or Department of Social Services. These programs may be tied to other assistance, such as Workforce Services for employment.

It never hurts to reach out and ask if your local government organization can assist with laundry. The worst they can do is say no!

We’ve confirmed that the following government agencies currently or have previously assisted with laundry:

Love Inc.

Love In the Name of Christ (aka Love Inc) is a nationwide organization that offers relief to low income individuals and families. Although their services may vary depending on your location, many of their organizations offer assistance with free laundry vouchers.

We were able to confirm that Love Inc. assists with laundry in these areas:

  • Benton County, Oregon
  • Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Huntington County, Indiana
  • Lewis County, Washington
  • Mason County, Washington
  • Muskegon, Wisconsin

It is very likely that other Love Inc. chapters offer a similar service. Please reach out to your local Love Inc. for details.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a nationwide charity network that includes different churches throughout the United States. Each specific St. Vincent de Paul location operates a little differently so this service may not be available in all areas.

However, we were able to confirm that St. Vincent de Paul offers free laundry vouchers in:

  • Corvallis, Oregon
  • San Mateo County, California
  • Vancouver, Washington

This service is likely available in other St. Vincent de Paul conferences as well. Please reach out to your local St. Vincent de Paul to see if they offer this service.

Local Sources for Laundry Vouchers

There are many organizations that offer help to people in their local area. In order to receive these, you should check with each local agency to find out what their eligibility requirements are.


Empowerment Systems Inc. has coordinated the Apache Junction Laundry Program to help low income people in the area. They offer community laundry events every two weeks, as long as funding allows.

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Casa Grande offers quarters and detergent, as well as other assistance.


A Million Drops in Los Angeles provides help for homeless youth and adults. They can provide laundry vouchers, toiletries, socks and other essentials. They have blankets, sleeping bags and other services as well.

Morongo Basin ARCH in Joshua Tree provides laundry vouchers, clothing and more supportive services to those who are experiencing homeless or housing challenges. They also have a companion animal foster network if your pet needs temporary care!

Palmdale Vineyard Church provides assistance with laundry expenses. They can also provide a $25 clothing voucher to the local thrift store once every three months.

South County Compassion Center offers a mobile service that offers showers, laundry and clothing to those who need assistance.


Delaware State University appears to offer laundry vouchers to their students. However, the amount that you receive will be dependent upon your registration status and student account balance.


Cross Outreach provides laundry vouchers to homeless people in their local communities. they can also assist with rent, security deposits, electric or water bills, storage costs and more. You will need to apply for assistance.


Community Sharing Program provides laundry vouchers for unhoused people in their community. They can also offer special food boxes, propane and shower services.

Illinois Valley Family Coalition offers free laundry vouchers, shower vouchers, food boxes, and more to local low income families. You must live in the Illinois Valley and meet other requirements in order to receive assistance.

Jackson Street Youth Service Center in Albany provides free laundry services, as well as assistance getting interview clothes, obtaining birth certificates and other documentation, or even getting food handlers certifications. They serve youth between the ages of 18 and 24 in Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties.

Siuslaw Outreach Services offers laundry vouchers and shower vouchers to low income people who are homeless or displaced. They also offer assistance with transportation, rent, emergency shelter, medications, and more.


Christian Service Center in Abilene may provide assistance with laundry costs. I wasn’t able to confirm that on their website but I did find a reference to this service in a few resource directories. They do offer other assistance for low income families though!

Our Daily Bread in Denton provides laundry vouchers, free nutritious meals, weekend snacks, hygiene items, free bus passes, shower passes, computer labs, telephone services, mailing services and more to those who need it in the local community.


JUMP offers free laundry vouchers, as well as assistance with transportation, groceries, IDs, pharmacy medications, clothing, and household goods. They can also assist with food and other needs.


Camas Friends Church has provided $10 laundry vouchers that are redeemable at All-Star Laundromat in the past. It appears this service may have been replaced by a partnership with Laundry Love, but it is unclear from their website. They can also provide detergent and dryer sheets to those in need.

Project Hope provides laundry vouchers, clothing and household items, transportation assistance like bus passes, gas vouchers and car repairs, housing and utilities.

Alternatives to Laundry Vouchers

If you can’t find laundry vouchers near you, don’t despair! Many resources are moving away from the voucher model because it requires a lot of upkeep. You may still be able to receive assistance with your laundry expenses even without the vouchers.

For example, you may be able to take advantage of some free laundry days at local laundromats. These services are coordinated by local organizations and happen on different days. We’ve built a list of free laundry days.

You may also be able to use a free dry laundromat to cut down on your laundry expenses. These laundromats will let you dry your clothes for free, usually when you pay for a wash. It’s an easy way to cut down on your laundry costs.

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Tammy Coster

Friday 9th of December 2022

Where can I get a laundry voucher in Lincoln, Nebraska

Catherine Marucci

Friday 9th of December 2022

Hi Tammy. You can try some of the national resources listed at the top of this article. Hopefully, one can help.