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Get Paid to Write: 5 Sites You Can Use Today

Get Paid to Write: 5 Sites You Can Use Today

Do you want to get paid to write? The written word is a skill set that’s highly admired across the globe. In today’s world the ability to compile a compelling message or craft the perfect sales pitch can pay top dollar. Writing simply doesn’t come naturally to most people and many businesses are willing to fork out extra cash for this skill.


Additionally, with the increase in online marketing and digital ads freelance writing is becoming more and more viable as a source of income for many writers. The digital nature of most content means writers can get paid to write from almost anywhere. If you’re one of the lucky few who has a knack for the written word check out these sites. You may find it’s easier to get paid to write than you originally imagined.


The Textbroker platform offers a home for writers of all skill levels and “grades” writers on a star system. Writers must apply to be an author by submitting a couple short writing samples. These samples are graded by one of the site’s many editors and the author is given an introductory rating. The pay is scaled based on a writer’s rating and increases with each boost.

One downside to using Textbroker as a freelance platform is the short turnaround time. Most articles are due within 1-3 days of accepting the order. Additionally, authors are only able to work on one article at at time. However, the flexibility of this platform is excellent and the site has a consistent stream of orders. Textbroker pays authors via PayPal and pays out each Friday upon request.


Upwork is a one-stop platform for writers. Previously known as Odesk, this freelance platform offers gigs for writers, editors, researchers, and developers.


To get started you’ll need to create a profile and submit a proposal for work. Upwork has flexible payment options allowing freelancers to collect at their convenience through many methods including direct deposit, PayPal, Skrill or wire transfer to name a few. Upwork boasts a large pool of over 5 million clients ensuring a steady stream of work. Built into the site is an hourly time tracker for freelancers working on an hourly basis. Overall the site is a great connector and a wonderful place to start.


This online marketplace is a great space for any freelancer looking to get paid to write. Fiverr caters to entrepreneurs and freelancers with a variety of skills including blogging or writing accolades. Becoming a seller on Fiverr is fairly simple. You’ll need to create an account (free) and post your first gig. Unlike some of the other sites Fiverr asks the writer to pitch their product and allows the large pool of clients to filter projects and find you! Quite the reverse!

Each gig you post requires a short pitch about the work you will provide and the timeline for your services. You can also set your own rate. The one catch is that Fiverr keeps 20 precent of your earnings, so you’ll need to price your work accordingly. However, you are paid as soon as the work is complete and are not expected to chase down clients or invoice them for your work. While this site boasts projects for almost anything, writing and editing projects are some of the most common spaces you’ll find on Fiverr.

Constant Content

Constant Content is a well known site for freelancers hoping to get paid to write. With high profile clients like Uber, Home Depot, and Walgreens this site can be a bit more competitive, but if you have the talent it’s a great spot to land.

You will start by setting up a profile and submitting a short 200 word writing sample. Once you are registered, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of fields that interest you and can build long-term professional relationships. The site boasts a clientele of over 50,000 businesses and supports over 10,000 freelancers. Constant Content uses PayPal and pays the first week of every month.


This platform is fairly broad and doesn’t pretend to offer specialization. Unlike some of the other platforms where clients post work and an author accepts a project, writers on Guru are expected to actively promote themselves via their skills, experiences, samples and resume.

Clients are able to choose from the writing pool and share details on the project only after they’ve connected with an author. If you’re a great marketer and would like to get paid to write this might be the jackpot for you. Guru keeps all funds in escrow before releasing to the authors. While this “get paid to write” gig offers a free basic version of the platform, you can easily upgrade your account and unleash a wave of additional perks. Guru does keep a portion of every project’s earnings so you’ll need to calculate that out before deciding if this is the platform for you.

Advertisements claims to be one of the largest freelance networks in the world. Subscribed freelancers can earn work in two different ways: a bid or a contest. The bid process works similar to some of the other sites on the list. You will bid on client projects and your bid will include rate, timeline deliverable, and any other pertinent information. If the writer wins the bid, they can begin communicating with the client directly and the rest is history!

This platform uses a safe and secure escrow account for all payment transactions and authors can request a transfer once $30 worth of projects have been completed. Freelancer does keep 10% of earnings for hourly projects, $5.00 for fixed rate projects, and 20% of service projects completed.

While this list is no where near exhausted, these sites offer a relatively easy entry point for beginning freelance writers while also catering to some of the most experienced freelancers in the market. If you’re in the market to get paid to write, these sites are a great place to start!

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