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Can’t Pay Your Mon Power Bill? We Found Help!

Can’t Pay Your Mon Power Bill? We Found Help!

If you’ve been unable to pay your Mon Power bill, you might be worried about a shut-off or other problems. While it can be scary to be unable to pay your bill, you have options. We found them for you!

Here’s help for your Mon Power bill.

West Virginia’s LIEAP helps those who are low-income get the help they need for their electric bill. The program pays for a portion of your bill by directly applying it to the bill. Since they work with Mon Power, they can put the money right into your account.

The Dollar Energy Fund was created for people who are in difficult circumstances and need one-time help paying their electric bills. You will need to apply for the program. You’ll also have to make sure you have proof of your income and proof of a need for the program. You may only apply for Dollar Energy once per year and you may only be able to get help when funds are available.

The 20% energy credit for low-income families and individuals can make paying your bill easier. The percentage is taken directly from your bill to help lower the overall cost of it. You will need to apply for the credit, but having LIEAP is enough to help you get approved.

Avoid having your electric shut off.

If you’re a military member, Mon Power might be able to make special exceptions. Through the military deferred payment program, you can push your payment back to ensure you won’t have your power shut off if you can’t pay it due to extenuating circumstances. The company looks at each situation on a case by case basis.

If you need to extend your due date, Mon Power might be able to help you. When you are unable to pay your bill, having a little extra time to extend your due date could help you save money. You can request an extended due date from Mon Power.

The extended payment plan can help you spread out an overdue amount over a period of time. The extended payment plan allows you to divide up the amount you have to pay over a period of time so you can get more time to pay it. There are certain limitations to this program so you’ll need to check with Mon Power first.

Do you have a medical condition? You might be protected.

If you have a medical device that requires electricity or if you are on life support, Mon Power might be able to help you with their critical customer care program. The program is their assurance they will not shut your power off. You will need to establish the fact you require this type of care before you get service with the company so you can get approved for the program.

Those who need electric and have certain medical conditions may also receive the medical certification. The certification allows them advanced notice before shut off, special notices before planned power outages and priority if there is an outage. You will need to provide Mon Power with certification from your doctor.

Mon Power offers helpful payment options.

Payment arrangements can be made in some situations. If you are in good standing, you do not have another payment arrangement and if you let Mon Power know early enough that you need to make that arrangement, you can qualify for their payment arrangement program. The program allows you to avoid shut off if you have a payment due and it may also help you get caught up on your bill.

The average payment plan allows you to divide your bills up evenly throughout the year. The program helps you avoid big bills during times where you might be using a lot of electricity. It adds up all the power you use over a years’ time and divides it over 12 months. This new average becomes your new, steady bill amount. Using this program, you will know just what to expect from your Mon Power bill each month.

The installment plan is for those who are seriously overdue or who have a very large amount to pay off. If this is you, you may qualify for the installment plan. It works similarly to a loan and allows you to add manageable amounts to your bill each month so you can eventually pay it off.

Upgrade your home and lower your Mon Power bill.

The West Virginia weatherization assistance program can help make your home more energy efficient. The program is for low-income individuals who want to make their home better and make it easier to heat and cool. You could qualify for extra insulation in your home, additional appliances that are energy efficient and even a new heating and cooling system. A more efficient home can make your power bills less expensive.

If you want to learn where you use the most energy, you can use the Mon Power energy audit. The audit is free for customers and gives you insight into where you need to make changes. It’s a program designed to help you learn where you can make changes. It also gives suggestions on how you can save more energy!

Save even more on your Mon Power Bill.

We found some great ways to help you save money. Saving energy doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Use these tips to lower your energy use, and in turn, lowering your power bill.

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Cassandra j Taylor

Friday 26th of November 2021

I'm 77 years old and I was robbed of my checking account so all my bills got so far behind I been in and out of the hospital all my utilities got so far behind so please I help


Thursday 9th of December 2021

Low Income Relief is an information service and does not provide cash or items directly. You will need to search our website for information about organizations that can help you meet those needs. Chat with Lira, she might be able to help!