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Having Trouble Paying Your South River EMC Bill? We Found Help!

Having Trouble Paying Your South River EMC Bill? We Found Help!

When you’ve got too much month left at the end of your money, your South River EMC bill may be the first thing you think to cut from the budget. There might be a better way! Use these helpful resources we found to help pay your bill!

Get help paying your South River EMC bill now

South River EMC may help with payment arrangements for customers who are struggling to pay their bill. They offer this option to customers who have previously been in good standing. The company only allows three separate payment arrangements per year. You will need to call South River EMC to set up a payment arrangement.

The Salvation Army may help with utility bill payments. You will need to apply for help through your local office. The payments generally only cover a portion of the total amount of your bill. The Salvation Army may only help once per year.

As a South River EMC customer, you’re entitled to capital credits. It’s worth checking with South River EMC to find out if you have any unclaimed or any unused credits that you can apply toward your bill.

Avoid shut-off with these resources

North Carolina’s LIHEAP benefit may help low-income families with energy costs. The program is intended to help offset the high cost of heating or cooling during different times of the year. The payment is usually not enough to cover a whole bill, but emergency assistance may be available for people who have a shut-off notice. You can apply online or you can apply through your local assistance office.

South River EMC offers payment options

One of South River EMC’s payment programs could help you pay off an old balance. If you have an overdue amount that you just can’t seem to tackle, the co-op can help you by dividing the large amount up into smaller, more manageable payments. They’ll tack a portion of your past due amount onto each bill to give you a chance to finally get it under control.

The budget billing program for South River EMC may help you pay your bill if your costs are higher during certain times of the year. The program works by finding the total amount you pay throughout the year and averaging it out over a 13-month period. At the end of the period, you may be required to pay any overages you used that exceeded the average.

Upgrade your home and save money on your bill

The weatherization assistance program may help you upgrade your home for free. The program may provide insulation, upgrades to your heating system and other valuable things that will not only make your home more energy efficient but also raise the value of your home. Renters and homeowners may qualify for the program. You’ll need to meet certain income guidelines to be approved for weatherization assistance.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home to be more energy efficient, you may qualify for the on-bill financing South River EMC offers. The program helps by providing financing for energy efficient upgrades. You can use it in addition to any rebates or special offers available through the company. Once you’ve financed the upgrades to your home, the amount you pay back is automatically added to your bill each month.

You can get valuable rebates through South River EMC. The rebates can help you pay for new appliances that are energy efficient. You can also save a huge amount on LED light bulbs to lower your energy usage!

South River EMC offers an energy audit guide you can use on your own for free! Learn about where you use the most energy in your home so you can start reducing your usage. You can also learn about all the ways upgrading to an energy efficient home can help you save money!

More cool things South River EMC offers

Your co-op connections card can get you tons of savings on everything from groceries to movies. Customers get the card when they first sign up with South River EMC. If you never got a card or misplaced it, South River EMC will replace it for free.

Each year, South River EMC sponsors former military members with their boots to buckets scholarship. The scholarship pays for the participant to go through lineman training.

South River EMC offers need-based community scholarships for those who are interested in getting involved in the energy industry. The scholarships cover a portion of the training and education required.

To help the community, South River EMC helps children through basketball camps and other sports camps. They partner with sports agencies to help pay for the cost of attending these camps. Their sponsorship is need-based.

To help students learn more about the connection between energy and politics, South River EMC sponsors eleventh-grade students on a trip to Washington, D.C. They do this for students who show an interest in energy and who demonstrate merit.

Save even more on your South River EMC bill!

Lowering your energy usage can help you save more money on your bill. Use these helpful tips to help lower your usage!

Save even more money in North Carolina!