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Get Help with Your Franklin Plant Board Bill!

Get Help with Your Franklin Plant Board Bill!

Paying your Franklin Plant Board bill doesn’t have to be something hard. In fact, you can save a lot of money on your bill no matter what your income is. We found ways to save!

Get help paying your Franklin Plant Board bill.

The Salvation Army might be able to help you get a payment made to your Franklin Plant Board account. You will need to apply for help through the Salvation Army’s WARM program. The program was initially intended to help offset high bills during cold winter months, but it might be able to help you any time of the year. The cap is usually $200 for help. You may apply for help at any time, but the Salvation Army will probably only approve you once per year.

Catholic Charities might be able to help you pay for your bill. This religious organization might be able to provide you with help getting caught up on an overdue bill or help with making payments on a large bill. You do not have to be a member of the Catholic church to get help through Catholic Charities.

The Kentucky LIHEAP benefit might be able to help you offset the costs of your regular electric bills from Franklin Plant Board. The program works with low-income individuals to provide them with assistance toward paying their bill. You will need to apply through your local community action agency to get help with LIHEAP.

The Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church might be able to help with emergency assistance. You must have a shut-off notice to get help from the church. They might require you to provide information on your income and your household size. The church will grant those who qualify a voucher they can use to pay their Franklin Plant Board bill. They may not always have funding available.

Franklin Plant Board has helpful payment options.

Franklin Plant Board does not mention any specific policy on arrangements or extensions. If you find that you’re in need of an extension or an arrangement, you will need to contact the company. They look at arrangements on a case-by-case basis and will take things like your payment history and the length you’ve had their service into account.

Levelized payments might be able to help you if you find that your bills are higher during different seasons. The amount that you have to pay will not change with levelized billing. Instead, the company will add up the total amount that you pay throughout the year. They’ll then divide that into 12 to determine what your monthly payment will be for the next year.

Upgrade your home for free and save money.

Using Kentucky’s weatherization program, you might be able to get help making upgrades to your home. You’ll need to apply for the program through your community action agency. You may also be required to submit information about your family size and income to qualify for the program. Weatherization can help you make upgrades that are deemed energy efficient. If your home is not energy efficient, you could benefit from this program.

The Kentucky eScore rebates could help Franklin Plant Board customers get assistance with purchases they have to make for appliances and even light bulbs. If you’ve purchased LED bulbs or any type of appliance for your home, you might be able to get money back from Franklin Plant Board. If you know you’re going to have to purchase a new appliance or lightbulbs, you should contact Franklin Plant Board first to determine if any rebates are available.

Franklin Plant Board offers other utility options.

Along with electricity, Franklin Plant Board also offers internet for their customers. While you do not have to be an electric customer to get internet service from Franklin Plant Board, their service areas cover the same space. You might be able to save a small amount by having both internet and electric from the company.

In addition to internet and electric, you might be able to get telephone service through Franklin Plant Board. The telephone service availability depends on your area, but it might cover the entire service area of the electric. You could qualify for even more discounts if you have the telephone, internet and electric service all from Franklin Plant Board.

If you have a disability or you are a senior, you might be able to get help with telephone service from Franklin Plant Board. You must contact the company to learn about discounts and what you could be eligible for based on the options Franklin Plant Board offers for their customers. You may be able to get the disability discount in addition to other discounts that you’re getting for internet and electric service from the company.

Save even more money on your power bill!

We found tons of great tips to help lower your utility bills. You can try these tips out to save money without spending a lot of it!

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