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Need help with home repair? We found free home repair in Arkansas!

Need help with home repair? We found free home repair in Arkansas!

Whether you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments or faced with an unexpected repair expense in Arkansas, there is help available to you! While researching low income home buyer programs in Arkansas, we stumbled across several helpful programs for those who already own their own homes.


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Arkansas homeowners can get grants and low-interest, forgivable loans to assist with home repair!

Fayetteville offers a Housing Rehabilitation Program that provides repairs and improvements for homes that are not complaint with current plumbing, electrical, heating and energy efficiency standards. Improvements could include flooring, lead paint correction, plumbing, roof, gutters, siding, windows and more. They also offer an Energy and Weatherization kit program for low income families.


Fort Smith does mention homeowner rehabilitation services on their website in a paragraph describing their CDBG grant. However, they do not provide any additional information about this program online. I’ve emailed city officials for more information and will update when I receive a reply. In the meantime, please contact the city for more information.

Jacksonville offers a home program that allows eligible borrowers to borrow up to $90,000 to tear down or rebuild a new energy efficient home in the same location as their existing home. Half of the funding will be forgiven and the other half will be repaid over 20 years at one percent interest!


To qualify, you must own a home in Jacksonville city limits, have owned the home for at least three years and owe less than $5,000 on your current mortgage. The home must be in substandard condition to qualify.

Jonesboro has a Homeowner Rehabilitation Assistance program that assists low income, moderate income, elderly and handicap individuals and families ensure their homes are safe, sanitary and livable. The program provides labor and materials, replacement of principal fixtures, installation of security devices and other things. For qualifications, application requirements and waitlist information, click here. 

Little Rock provides several repair and rehabilitation programs for homeowners in Little Rock city limits. These include wheelchair ramp installation, up to $25,000 toward home repairs for seniors, Leveraged Rehabilitation Loans and more!

Pine Bluff provides up to $4,500 in an Emergency Rehabilitation Grant for low income homeowners who are in need of emergency home repairs. The funds must be used to bring the home into compliance with the city’s standard housing codes.

Springdale offers a volunteer program that helps low income elderly or disabled Springdale homeowners with minor repairs and home improvements. They also offer a larger housing rehabilitation program, which includes weatherization services, health and safety hazard correction and other repairs designed to improve the livability or appearance of the home.

Texarkana may offer home repair grants and low interest loans for low income homeowners. It appears that they revise their CDBG grant uses on an annual basis, so you will need to check with the city to see what is available at this time.

West Memphis provides up to $20,000 per home for substantial repairs like plumbing, eletrical, heating, air conditioner, flooring repair, foundation repair, sheet rock and windows. They also have summer youth programs that assist with small services like painting and drywall repair. For eligibility criteria, please contact the city.


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Roger williamson

Friday 29th of January 2021

I live in mccrory arkansas neen a grant to repair / renovate my home i am on a tixd income any info would be apresaited

Hannah Benge

Tuesday 9th of February 2021

Did any of the resources on this list help? This is all we have for home repair. -Hannah

Barbara Ann Smith

Wednesday 27th of November 2019

I am so sorry that I have been calling to beg to qualify for much needed home repairs on my single home dwelling. I can't afford to make necessary repairs for me to continue living in my bome, I was forced to retire from my job after working thirty(31)years. I live in forrest city,ark all of my life. It is very sad that it seems senior citizens are forgotten about after working all of your life. My children is grown and gone. I am praying to get some type of grants to help after I have worked All of my life.I live in forrest city,ark. I am asking for me and others in the same position in my life. We have a new mayor mr. Cedric williams that card about the citizens. We are asking to qualify for grants for senior citizens that we couldn't afford to repay with our living expenses.

Riley Thomson

Monday 20th of January 2020

Barbara, Be sure to click on the links within the article for more information. Or try for more resources near you. -Riley

Sherry Chwalinski

Tuesday 12th of March 2019

My Husband & I are disabled and unable to repair our home. Last year straight line winds tore our house up. Damaged roof, took out our well pump & well house, took front porch off etc. Roof is leaking and has caused black mold to form. We did what we could but its just to much for us to do.

Riley Thomson

Wednesday 13th of March 2019

Sherry, I'm so sorry! This is what we have on Home Repair Grants. Be sure to follow the link to your state and then try contacting any of the resources listed for more information. I hope this helps. -Riley

Princess. Baker,

Tuesday 29th of January 2019

I live in Memphis and I see no help for low income grants to help on repairs like in Arkansas. I have a electrical problem. I own my home but my credit is bad. It's winter and we have a 18 year old in his last year of school. We really could use some assistance. If you know anyone who could help.

Riley Thomson

Friday 1st of February 2019

Princess. Baker, If none of the resources listed are able to help, you could also try for more resources in your area. I hope this helps. -Riley

Tammy Southerland

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

Our mobile home needs so many repairs. We just can't afford it. Hubby is disabled and I have health issues.

Riley Thomson

Wednesday 21st of November 2018

Tammy, Head back to our page for Free Home Repair in Arkansas, and click on any of the links for more information. I hope this helps. -Riley