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Save Money on Your Connecticut Eversource Bill!

Save Money on Your Connecticut Eversource Bill!

Connecticut Eversource customers can take advantage of special low rates and helpful state laws that can help you pay your bill and avoid shut-off!

Don’t Forget These Helpful Eversource Programs!

Some Eversource programs and payment arrangements are available to customers in all states. Don’t forget to check out these helpful payment options!

Need Help Paying Your Connecticut Eversource Bill?

The LIHEAP benefit in Connecticut may be able to help you pay for your bill. The program allows low-income individuals to reduce their bills by automatically crediting their energy accounts with a payment. The payment is meant to help offset the costs, but some people find it pays for the entire bill.

If you are an Eversource fuel customer, you may be able to take advantage of Operation Fuel. The program can help you pay for one month of fuel. It is a voucher that will lower your cost on your bill for a month when you may not be able to afford fuel. You will need to apply for the program through a community office. The program may require you to bring in proof of shut off or a bill that is in arrears.

Save Even More on Your Eversource Bill!

The Eversource energy assistance program may be able to help you pay your bill. The program allows low-income individuals to have lower rates than average. The program will help by providing a discounted rate. You must provide proof of income and proof of hardship. Eversource requires participants to reapply for the program once per year. If you receive LIHEAP or other types of assistance, you may be able to automatically qualify for the energy assistance program.

The energy savings program will help you determine where you need to save energy. It can provide you with insight into how you are using your energy. It can also help you determine where you can cut back on energy. The program will work to connect you with valuable rebates and discounts you can use on energy saving products. The Connecticut energy savings program is unique because it can provide you with resources to automatically start saving money.

Energy solutions will help you save money on your electric in Connecticut. It provides Eversource customers with the information they need to start reducing their energy. Many of the tips are free for you to use. You may also be able to apply to get a free kit that will help you save money with things like low flow shower heads and energy efficient surge protectors.

To help reduce the problem of peak usage, Eversource offers a free program that puts money back in your pocket. You will receive a discount on your bill if you join their Smartprep program. It requires you to have a smart thermostat, but Eversource will pay up to $100 for it. At certain times during peak hours, Eversource will reduce your energy usage to help free up energy for those who need it most. Most of the time, they do this in a way that is unnoticeable.

Avoid Shut Off with These Resources

The Winter Protection Plan is available to help those who are low income make sure they don’t lose electric during the winter. You must apply for the program. Eversource uses the program to help keep your bills from piling up over the winter. The program also helps you save money on high electric bills caused by a need for constant heat in the winter.

Even if you aren’t on the winter protection program, you may be able to avoid having your electric shut off. Connecticut law requires energy companies to avoid shutting off electric from November 1st through May 1st. They may also not shut off your electric if you have a life-threatening illness that requires you to use equipment that is reliant on electric.

Eversource Makes Payment Options Easy!

The Matching Payment program can help you level your payments out over the year. The program allows Eversource to add up your total electric bill for a year and then divide it over twelve months. You will be responsible for any additional amount you used at the end of the twelve months. The program will not save you money, but it may be able to protect you from extremely high bills during winter and summer months.

The New Start Program is a Connecticut Eversource program that allows you to get a “fresh start” on your bill. If your bills are generally over $100 per month and you have bills that are in arrears, you might qualify for the New Start Program. Eversource will add up the amount you owe and divide it over a period of twelve months. Each time you pay your current due bill on time, the dividend of your arrears will be erased. Here’s how it works: You have $1,200 in arrears and your bill is about $150 per month. If you pay your bill in full for month 1, Eversource will reduce your arrears to $1,100. You must pay your bill in full every month. If you don’t, you will lose your eligibility for the program.

Reduce Your Energy Cost and Get Free Upgrades to Your Home

The weatherization program can help make your home more efficient. The program is able to provide you with free upgrades to your home. It can pay for insulation and other measures to help prevent the cold air from coming into your home. Connecticut weatherization may also be able to provide you with a new energy efficient heating or cooling system.

Eversource offers a program to help you upgrade your home and make it more energy efficient. You can use it in combination with the weatherization assistance program. It may be able to help you with costs WAP won’t help with. The program is also able to provide you with free energy efficient appliances if you qualify. Those who get weatherization assistance through Connecticut will qualify. Those who get assistance from other agencies may also qualify.

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