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How to Save Money on Your Georgia Power Bill!

How to Save Money on Your Georgia Power Bill!

Want to save money on your Georgia Power bill? Of course you do! With over 2 million residential customers, Georgia Power is a massive utility company – and we’ve found a ton of secret ways to save money on Georgia Power bills!


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Check out these helpful payment arrangements!

For short-term needs, you can make a payment arrangement with Georgia Power to extend your due date. You’ll need to login with your account number and account access code for details.


You can avoid higher summer bills with the budget billing option! This service averages your annual usage into 12 fairly equal payments. If you use more than you pay for, the difference will be factored into your next years’ budget billing amounts.

Customers who want to manage their monthly budgets can also opt for a prepaid service option. There are no deposits or credit requirements for this service. It costs $70 to activate this service and if your account ever runs empty your power will be disconnected until you put more money into the account. Customers who are on life support or have an active medical letter are not eligible for this service.


Some of Georgia Power’s payment options include “convenience fees” of $1.50 to $2.25. There are three ways you can pay without these fees:

  • Online thru the Account Authentication option (requires bank account info or a debit card)
  • In person at Georgia Power offices
  • Through the mail

If you’re struggling to understand your bill, check out this helpful guide. 

Choose the best rate plan for your circumstances.

The standard plan bills you for your actual electrical usage each month. The price of your energy usage varies depending on your usage. The first 650 kWh used are just 5.6582 cents each. After that, the cost of energy varies based on the season and amount used.

The Nights & Weekends plan is great for people who can avoid using energy during peak periods. In the summer, peak periods are between 2pm and 7pm weekdays. Your on-peak energy rate will be a whopping 20 cents per kWh… but you’ll pay just 5 cents per kWh for all other hours. When you enroll in this plan, you have to commit to sticking with it for 12 months so be SURE it’s a good choice for your household!

If you can keep your demand low, you might benefit from the Smart Usage plan. This plan charges you an hourly rate based on how much energy your home is using. The less energy you use, the cheaper your rate will be!

The Flat Bill program is based on your past usage and the expected weather for the next 12 months. It offers a 12-month fixed contacted price that does not change. At the end of the year, you’ll receive a new offer with your next year’s estimated usage rate. There is no settlement period or deferred amount to pay!

Get a discount on your monthly Georgia Power Bill!

There are many ways you can get a discount on your Georgia Power bill.


Seniors save $18/month and skip fees!

If you’re age 65 or older, you may qualify for a senior discount on your monthly bill! To qualify, the electric service must be in your name and you must meet certain income requirements. This discount will reduce your monthly bill by $18.

Customers who are eligible for this discount can also skip certain charges, such as the $30 Account Establishment Charge and any $50 re-connection charges!

Get $20+ when you participate in Power Credit.

Georgia Power will give you a $20 bill credit when you enroll in the Power Credit program. they install a switch on your home air conditioner. During peak energy times, the company will use the switch to cycle the unit on and off, reducing the length of time your air conditioner runs. Georgia Power insists “the change to your home’s temperature in minimal.” Every time they use the switch, you’ll get another $2 credit!

Save money on future Georgia Power bills!

You can get personalized money-saving advice through the Online Energy Checkup! This 15 minute survey helps you evaluate your energy use and determine ways to save money in your home. You can also use this appliance calculator to figure out which appliances cost you the most money!


A FREE in-home energy audit can also help you get custom money-saving advice! The energy auditor will visit your home for about 45 minutes. You’ll learn how to cut your energy bill by up to a third!

Energy efficiency upgrades can drastically reduce the costs of your bill. All Georgia Power customers can receive discounts and subsidies on the Home Energy Improvement Program,

Low income customers can receive FREE energy-efficiency upgrades with the state’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)! This program provides free lighting, air and duct sealing, heating/air conditioning system improvements, hot water tank/pipe insulation, water conservation devices, wall/floor/attic insulation and more!

Georgia Power offers rebates for certain upgrades, such as heat pumps and water heaters. If you have an old refrigerator or freezer to recycle, Georgia Power will pick up for you and give you $35!

Get help paying your Georgia Power bills!

If you qualify for the state’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program program, you can save hundreds of dollars per year on your power bills! You must be a US citizen and meet income guidelines to qualify. Over 120,000 Georgia residents were assisted through this program in Fiscal Year 2016! Contact your local Community Action Agency to apply.

The Salvation Army manages the Georgia Power Project SHARE program. These funds are donated by other Georgia Power customers who donate with their monthly bills. The Salvation Army determines who is eligible for and receives those funds. Contact your local Salvation Army location for more information!

The United Way’s Electric Service Payment Assistance Programs can also assist with your power bill. There are over 190 locations in Georgia that can assist you with your power bill. 

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gina l. winters

Monday 7th of February 2022

I am on ga food stamps and low income, I am currently on prepaid power and its killing me because of a deferred balance of $468.00 no help in our local town, and i never heard back from liheap after applying twice. Any help with suggestions is greatly appreciated!


Thursday 10th of February 2022

Low Income Relief is an information service and does not provide cash or items directly. You will need to search our website for information about organizations that can help you meet those needs. Chat with Lira, she might be able to help!

Alice Hall

Thursday 25th of January 2018

What about Flint energies bill help?


Saturday 11th of April 2020



Monday 4th of June 2018

Hi, Alice! You can find that info right here -