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WRECC Members Can Save Money – and Earn Cash!

WRECC Members Can Save Money – and Earn Cash!

We’ve found several ways that WRECC customers can save money on their monthly bills! If you’re a member of this south-central Kentucky utility, you can’t afford to miss this!


Get FREE energy-efficient products from WRECC!

You can cut down on your energy consumption – and therefore your monthly bill – with energy efficient products. However, these can be difficult for low income families to buy.

Fortunately, WRECC offers FREE Home Energy Workshops throughout South Central Kentucky. These are hosted by organizations, such as schools and churches. Everyone who attends a Workshop receives a FREE Energy Starter Kit with $25 worth of free energy-efficiency products!

You can also get free energy-efficiency products by completing an online e-Score assessment from TVA.

Get a low-cost heat pump loan direct from the coop!

WRECC provides fixed-rate loans for electric heat pump systems, as well as recommended insulation and weatherization services. Loans are available for existing homes only. The program does not require a down payment. The loan is repaid on your WRECC electric bill. Stop by your local office to pick up a loan packet!


Need help with your WRECC bill?

Hard times happen. If you need help with your WRECC bill, the first thing you should do is reach out to the company and explore your options. Many companies offer payment arrangements and other options for temporary hardships.

You can also contact your local Community Action Agency for help. These organizations manage the government’s energy assistance programs. They also manage WRECC’s Operation Warm Hearts fund. To access these funds, you will need to reach out to the Community Action Agency in your area.

You can win cash through WRECC’s contests!

There are many ways that coop members and their families can win cash. They host many contests throughout the year with cash prizes!

Kids can win up to $100 cash for recipe book cover art!

Each year, WRECC pays students to create cover art for their annual free recipe book. The winner receives $100 and will see their art published on the book. Honorable mentions will receive $50 and will see their art published inside the book. More information here. 

It appears that they also have an annual Electric Safety Drawing Contest, although I was unable to obtain more details about it.

Members can win up to $100 cash for photography!

Each year, WRECC publishes a calendar that is provided free to their members. The calendar features 13 member-submitted photos. If your photo is selected for the cover, you could win $100 cash! The twelve photographs featured inside the calendar are worth $50 each. Entries are due by late August, so don’t delay!

WRECC customers get special benefits.

Although electric cooperatives are typically smaller than other big city suppliers, local energy cooperatives do have benefits! Cooperatives are non-profit entities, which means they aren’t trying to make as much money as possible from your energy use.


Capital Credits put money back in your pocket.

One of the primary benefits of using an electric cooperative is that you may be able to receive Capital Credits. If the cooperative receives more funding than it needs, the excess funds are distributed back to the members through capital credits. These funds may appear on your bill as a credit toward your account.

You can get discounts through Co-Op Connections!

WRECC is part of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative, so you can get a Co-Op Connections Card free of charge! This program gives you discounts at 48,000+ locations across the United States! Learn more about Co-Op Connections here.

WRECC members get fun freebies, too!

As noted above, WRECC distributes a free recipe book and free calendar to its members each year. You can find past recipe books online here. 

High school seniors can receive scholarships!

WRECC offers two scholarship types: the Warren RECC Academic Scholarship and the $1,000 Women in Rural Electrification scholarship. You can learn more about the scholarship options here. 

High school students can apply for a Youth Tour!

WRECC offers two types of Youth Tours for selected high school students: a Frankfort Youth Tour and a Washington Youth Tour. Both are available for high school juniors only. The Washington Youth Tour winners are selected from the winners of the Frankfort Youth Tour. For more information about these programs, click here. 

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