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Can I Buy Pizza with EBT?

Can I Buy Pizza with EBT?

Can I Buy Pizza with EBT? Yes! But there are some things you need to know.


Take and Bake Pizzas

You can buy take and bake pizzas from Papa Murphy’s with food stamps (EBT). Because you don’t eat them at the restaurant, this is considered similar to a grocery purchase.

Papa Murphy’s falls under the restaurant threshold and is eligible in 37 states! Papa Murphy’s is a well-known, Washington based, take and bake pizza company. This means that Papa Murphy’s does in fact accept EBT as payment.

There are other chains similar to Papa Murphy’s that offer take-and-bake pizza options.

Pizza from the Grocery Store

Of course, you can buy frozen pizza from the grocery store. You can also buy pizza ingredients and make your own pizza at home!


Pizza from Restaurants

The Restaurant Meal Program (RMP) is a state offered program created with the purpose to help expand food access for those who do not have a place to prepare, store or shop for food. For the most up-to-date information about the Restaurant Meals Program, please click here.

About EBT Benefits

The Food Stamps/SNAP Benefits program is based on eligibility through state agencies with strict requirements for recipients. Simply purchase what you can bring home and prepare yourself and items like breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables, meats and more. However, there are exclusions such as hot foods, restaurants, alcohol, tobacco and other non-food items. 

There are some exceptions and authorizations for some areas for individuals who are homeless, elderly or disabled to receive RMP benefits based on the reasonings described below. Learn more about the details of the program here as well:

  • Homeless individuals and/or households must lack a regular nighttime residence or be living in a halfway house, shelter or a place not designed for sleeping, including temporary living situations.
  • Elderly individuals and/or households must all be age 60 or older, or be an elderly individual with a spouse.
  • Disabled individuals and/or households must all be designated as disabled by the government, or be a disabled individual with a spouse.

Looking for More? 

Check out this Low Income Relief article that provides other known locations that accept EBT as payment. Below, we have listed some of the pizza places for each participating state as well, however these locations may vary by county:

  • Arizona – 24th St Pizza & Gyros, CiCi’s Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, Hungry Howie’s, Jimmy & Joe’s Pizzeria, Papa John’s
  • California – Ameci Pizza, Big Al’s Pizza, Captain Tony’s Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, Goody’s Pizza, Ingleside Pizza, La Pizza Loca, Laventina’s Pizza, Little Caesar’s Milan Pizza, Napoli Pizza, New Supremo Pizza, New York Pizza Kitchen, Pizza Hut, Pizza XPress, Round Table Pizza, Royalty Pizza Cafe, Straw Hat Piza, Taj Pizza, Templeton Pizza, Totino’s Pizza, Uncle Val’s Pizza, Veraci Pizza
  • Florida – Pizza Hut
  • Washington – Leonardi’s, Figaro’s