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Need DC Legal Aid? We Found Resources for Your Case!

Need DC Legal Aid? We Found Resources for Your Case!

You don’t have to face your civil case on your own! We found DC legal aid that could help you with your civil case even if you can’t afford an attorney.

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Have you heard of SoloSuit?

Attorneys can be expensive and legal aid can be difficult to find. If you’ve been served with a lawsuit, SoloSuit may be able to help you file your answer faster, easier and cheaper than an attorney can.

SoloSuit has an easy-to-use format that will guide you through the process of filing an official Answer to the court. I’ve used it myself. All you need is the Summons and Complaint you were served with, and you’ll be able to answer all of the questions. At the end, the SoloSuit system will generate an answer that you can send to the court.

The basic service is free but for just $15 you can also have them mail the Answer to the Court and the Plaintiff. I highly recommend this $15 service because it’s so much easier than printing and delivering the copies yourself. Again, I’ve used that service – and paid that fee – myself. It’s very effective!

You can get started with SoloSuit by clicking here. 

We found DC legal aid.

legal aid

There are programs available that might be able to help you with DC legal aid. These programs are available for people who are low-income and who meet the other requirements in place. Each program may have different requirements and qualifications you’ll need to meet. Not every case qualifies for help through the legal aid organizations. These organizations only work with people who have civil cases. Are you facing a criminal case in DC? You could get help through a public defender!

DC legal aid could be available to you!

If you’re in need of legal assistance, you might be able to get help through the DC Legal Aid program. There are options available that might be able to help you find an attorney who can represent you for free. You will need to meet program guidelines and requirements, but attorneys could help. Attorneys who work with this organization might be able to provide advice and even representation in some cases.

The Law Help program might be able to offer assistance to people who are in DC and low-income. If you’re facing a civil case, you meet their income requirements and other qualifications, you could find help for your case. The attorneys the organization works with are bar-certified and might be able to provide help for legal advice and more. In some instances, attorneys might not be able to provide direct help for those who are in need. In these cases, the attorneys could direct you to other legal help or legal aid resources.

You might be able to find assistance through the Neighborhood Legal Services program. This program could help people who are low-income and meet other qualifications. You’ll need to apply and get approved for the program if you want assistance through it. There are income and other qualifications you might have to meet if you want to get assistance. The program uses volunteer lawyers and there might be a waitlist for people who want to get help through it. Lawyers may be unwilling to help with certain cases and there is no guarantee you can get help even if you meet all the qualifications the program has in place.

We found more legal aid in DC.

Christian Legal Aid of DC might be able to provide you with assistance depending on your legal case. They do not take every civil case and have a selection process to determine who they are able to help. Depending on your eligibility, you might be able to get an attorney to help you with representation or just answers to basic questions. This is a religious based organization, but you do not have to be a member of a religious group to get help. They do, however, have other qualifications you’ll need to meet.

The Legal Services Corporation provides DC legal aid to people who qualify. You will need to meet the program requirements to get help. There might be other requirements they have in place, like income qualifications, for you to get assistance through this program. Additionally, they might not be willing to take on every case they hear. Since attorneys who work with the organization volunteer their time, help may not be available at all times.

Even though the DC Legal Clinic does not provide direct help through representation, they might be able to help with some legal issues. Through the clinic, you could get answers to your legal questions and advice from bar certified attorneys. The program does not have strict income requirements, but there might be a waitlist for people to attend one of the clinics. If you register in advance, you might have a better chance at a spot with the clinic. They assist with civil cases, but there might be some support available for people who are dealing with criminal cases.

These resources could help your specialized case.

Washington has a legal clinic for the homeless. This clinic is unlike DC legal aid in that all homeless can attend and might be able to get advice and answers to their legal questions. They are able to help with civil cases related to being homeless. You could find help with resources to find a home as well as legal representation for a variety of issues that might be related to homelessness.

Legal Assistance for the Elderly could provide some assistance for DC seniors who are facing civil legal issues. The organization works with people who qualify as seniors, those who use Social Security, and sometimes people who are disabled. If you meet the qualifications, you could get a bar-certified attorney familiar with issues relating to being elderly in the city. Even if you meet the requirements, you might not be able to get assistance due to limits put in place by the organization.

The LGBT community might be able to get help through the LGBT Bar Association. This program works specifically with the community and is familiar with cases involving your rights. These attorneys could make it easier for you to find legal help. The website has options and information that could allow you to find an attorney no matter whether you are able to pay or not. They also have resources for attorneys who work on a sliding scale.

Immigrants might be able to get DC legal aid to help with legal issues related to immigration. If you’re an immigrant, you could qualify for legal aid depending on your circumstances. The attorneys who work with this organization are bar-certified and understand issues surrounding immigration.

Find help through a law school!

Georgetown Law offers a legal clinic for people who are low-income in DC. The legal clinic can help you get answers to legal questions, legitimate legal advice and resources to find an attorney who can represent you for free. You might be able to attend the clinic regardless of your ability to pay for an attorney and even if you’re unable to get legal aid through other resources. While student attorneys run the legal clinic, there are bar-certified attorneys available to backup claims from the students.

The University of the District of Columbia’s law school might be able to help you with legal advice. They do not offer DC legal aid, but they could provide answers to questions you have about your case. This can be especially helpful if you have to represent yourself because you’re unable to pay for an attorney or qualify for legal aid. The program fills up quickly so you might want to reserve a spot.

The George Washington Law School’s legal aid program could help you find out more about your legal rights. They also have students who are able to answer questions and give advice about your civil legal case. Depending on your specific case, you might also be able to use the information the students have to find legal assistance.

You could get answers to your legal questions through the American University Legal Clinic. This clinic is intended for people who are low-income and might make it easier for you to learn more about your rights in your civil case. The clinic could also help you answer questions about the case and even get advice that’s backed up by bar-certified attorneys.

Find DC legal aid using the bar association.

The DC Bar Association could help you find DC legal aid resources. Even though the Bar Association is unable to directly help people who are struggling with legal aid issues, they might be able to help you find attorneys who can. Their resources include information related to attorneys who offer their services pro bono on their own and through organizations.

Can you use ACLU resources?

If your first thought when you’re facing a case regarding your civil rights is to go to the ACLU, you might be on the right track. The ACLU doesn’t typically represent people for civil cases, but they do have resources you might be able to use to get help with your case. In addition to offering information on legal aid in your area, they also have resources that could help you learn more about your civil rights!  

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