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Frankfort Plant Board Customers Can Get Help!

Frankfort Plant Board Customers Can Get Help!

If your Frankfort Plant Board bill is too hard to pay, we get it. We’ve been there. The good news is we found some resources to help you pay your bill and get caught up.


Need help with your Frankfort Plant Board Bill? We found help!

Kentucky’s LIHEAP benefit might be able to help you pay for your Frankfort Plant Board bill. The program works with low-income individuals who qualify under the income guidelines. If you’re approved for help through LIHEAP, you can get a monthly payment. It is made directly onto your account and can help you pay for your electric service.

While there is not a Salvation Army directly in Frankfort, you might be able to get help from one of the surrounding Salvation Army locations in Franklin County. The organization might be able to help you with a one-time payment. It can help you get caught up on a big bill or avoid shut-off if you’re facing a potential problem. You may qualify for up to $200 through the Salvation Army.


Even if you are not a member of the Catholic Church, you might be able to get help through Catholic Charities. The organization could provide you with one-time assistance to get caught up on a bill or avoid having your electric disconnected. You will need to visit the Covington organization to learn more about your options and what you need to apply for assistance.

Avoid shut-off of your electric account.

As long as you meet other requirements, Frankfort Plant Board might be able to help you with one payment arrangement annually. You will need to provide documentation of information about the arrangement and your need for it, but the arrangement can give you a little time to get caught up on a really high bill. Frankfort Plant Board requires all customers who want a payment arrangement to apply for the arrangement in person.


You might be protected under Kentucky shut-off laws. Electric companies are not legally allowed to shut your electric off under certain conditions. If you are low-income, if the temperature is below a certain amount or in situations where a medical condition you might have protection.

The budget billing program could help you avoid shut-off by making sure your bill is the same from month to month. Using budget billing allows the company to average out the amount that you pay each month throughout the year. It helps you avoid surges during hot summer months and cold winter months.

Upgrade your home for free.

If your home is not energy efficient, you could be wasting so much money on your electric bill! Upgrading your home to make it more energy efficient can be expensive, but Kentucky Weatherization might be able to help you do it for free! If you qualify for weatherization, you can get free upgrades to your insulation, your flooring and even your HVAC system. The program helps those who qualify get all the updates they need to ensure energy efficiency in the home. You will need to apply for the program at your local community action agency. The program may require you to provide proof of need and proof of family size to get help.

You can get valuable energy insights based on your usage with Frankfort Plant Board. The program can help you figure out where you’re wasting the most amount of energy from. You can then use that to help you fix your energy usage. It is an audit you can complete yourself in as little as a few minutes online!

Frankfort Plant Board offers additional services for customers.

In addition to electric service, Frankfort Plant board offers cable service for customers in its service area. If you choose to use both electric and cable from the provider, you might be able to save some money on your cable bill. The cable addition to your program will not usually save you any type of money on your electric bill. The savings on cable can also help you.

If you choose to use Frankfort Plant Board’s telephone service in addition to cable, electric or both, you can save a lot of money on your telephone service. The company offers packages that are often far below what you would pay for cable and telephone service from other companies. Their Internet and telephone services are similar and are generally offered in package form.

The Lifeline program can also help you pay for your phone service! You can choose either a cell phone or a home phone to use Lifeline with. You must meet certain income guidelines to qualify. Talk with your local community action agency to learn more about Lifeline and whether you should use it with a cell phone or a home phone.


Save more money on your power bill.

You don’t have to work hard to save money on your bill! You can use a few of these tips to make a big dent in the amount you pay each month.

We found free stuff in Kentucky!