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Need Help Paying Your Thumb Electric Co-Op Bill? We Found Help!

Need Help Paying Your Thumb Electric Co-Op Bill? We Found Help!

If you’re struggling to pay your Thumb Electric Co-Op bill, you can have hope again. We found resources to help you pay your bill, get caught up and even avoid shut-off! You might not have to decide between buying groceries or paying your power bill this month!

We found help to pay your Thumb Electric bill.

The LIHEAP benefit in Michigan can help you pay for a portion of your Thumb Electric bill each month. If you sign up for and are approved for the program, you can save money on your bill. You must apply through the Department of Human Services. You may also be able to apply online.

The Human Development Commission in Caro might be able to help you pay for a portion of your bill one time. The amount you can receive is based on your income and your family size. You must apply for assistance through the HDC by providing information on both of these things.

If you need help with a large Thumb Electric bill or you just need help getting caught up, the Bay County Salvation Army could help you. If you are approved for help through the Salvation Army, you can get up to $200 to apply to your bill. The Salvation Army hands out vouchers to families who apply for and are approved for their assistance.

The Mayville Area Share Shop could help you with your electric bill. They do not always have funding available so make sure they do before you try to get assistance.

Avoid shut-off using these resources.

Good news! Michigan offers shut-off protection in the cold winter months. If you are 65 or older, a person with a medical condition or low-income, you can get protection from shut-off. You may also qualify for protection from extremely high bills. As long as you can pay 7% of your bill through the winter, Thumb Electric cannot shut your service off. If your service is currently shut-off or you’ve had a shut-off in the past two years, you may not be eligible for this program.

Still facing shut-off? St. Brigid of Kildare might be able to help you with your bill. The church provides assistance to families and individuals who are in extreme need of help. If you have a shut-off notice, you can apply for help through the church.

The First United Methodist Church in Midland also works with low-income families who are in need of help with utility payments. You must provide proof of need and your shut-off notice from Thumb Electric to get help.

If you are still facing a shut-off, you might be able to get help through the Blessed Sacrament Church. Since all of their assistance is based on donations, they may not always have it available for families in need. You will need to visit the church to apply for help.

Take advantage of these ways to lower your bill.

Do you have an old refrigerator or freezer? How about a wall air conditioner? You might be able to get some money for them! Thumb Electric Co-Op pays for fridge and air conditioner recycling. If you contact the company, they will schedule a time to pick up the old appliances. You can get a $50 bill credit for a refrigerator or freezer and a $20 credit for air conditioners.

Did you know that Thumb Electric pays you? Since it’s a co-op, you get your share of the company applied onto your bill at the end of each year. The share comes in the form of capital credits and can help you with a portion of your bill! You must contact Thumb Electric to learn more about capital credits and when they’ll be applied.

You could have payment options with Thumb Electric.

Thumb Electric offers ways to make your bill easier to pay. You can apply for their program to level your bill out from month to month. You’ll have to log into your Thumb Electric account to apply for the program.

Do you need payment arrangements? Thumb Electric does not have an official payment arrangement plan, but you might still be able to get a payment arrangement. You must contact the company and apply for the arrangement. The earlier you apply for help, the better. You must also make sure you haven’t set up an arrangement in the past year.

Update your home for free to make it more energy efficient.

The weatherization assistance program can help you make your home more energy efficient without you having to pay a dime. The program works with low-income families who are qualified to make their homes more energy efficient. You’ll need to apply for the program through the Department of Human Services. They can help you make your home have better insulation, flooring and even appliances!

If you don’t qualify for weatherization, but you still want to make your home more energy efficient. Thumb Electric offers an energy efficiency loan. You can borrow up to $15,000 and only pay 7% interest for up to seven years!

Need to learn about your energy usage? Get a free energy audit from Thumb Electric! The company will send a professional energy auditor to your home to perform the audit. You’ll get the results afterward and you can make changes where necessary.

If you’ve recently bought an appliance or lightbulbs, check out the rebates Thumb Electric offers. These rebates can be as much as $5 for each LED bulb you purchase!

Thumb Electric gives back to the community.

Thumb Electric participates in the co-op youth tour each year. If you have a student in high school who is interested in energy, they might be able to go to D.C. for free! The co-op pays for the trip to help them learn more about electric, energy and the way it all affects the U.S.

Save even more on your bill!

You can save even more money on your power bill. It only takes a few simple steps to start making your home more energy efficient. Many of our favorite tips for energy savings are free or low-cost!

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