Get Freebies from the Detroit Public Library!

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2019)

Detroit Public Library allows patrons to stream movies and more from home! Did you know your library card could do this?!

Use the Digital Services from home.

Stay home and use the digital services! You can browse thousands of ebooks and audiobooks through the library’s Overdrive service. You can also stream movies, TV shows, music and more through Hoopla.

You also have access to extensive research tools and the library’s digital collection.

Detroit Public Library helps the community.

DPL also has a tutoring program to help adults who want to improve their reading and math skills. They’ve helped over 600 learners reach their goals!

Want a new or better job? The Technology, Literacy and Career Centers can help.

Keep tabs on the library’s events! You may find surprising things. For example, we’re always looking for agencies that offer free school supplies. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Detroit Public Library offers free school supplies in late August!

Get a public tour of the DPL’s art and architecture.

The Main Library isĀ  a beautiful building. You can participate in a tour of the building, where you will learn even more about the art, architecture and history of this wonderful building. The tour takes about an hour and totals about one mile. Every floor is accessible by elevator.

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