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Rocky Mountain Power: What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Bill

Rocky Mountain Power: What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Bill

Paying your Rocky Mountain Power bill isn’t always easy. We found great ways to save money and help you pay your bill. In fact, you might even be able to avoid shut-off!

Idaho customers can get help.

Lend a Hand is an organization that might be able to help you pay your Rocky Mountain Power bill. You will have to apply for the program through the organization. They may require you to show proof of your income, residency and need for help.

The Idaho LIHEAP benefit works to help low-income families get payment assistance on their bills. The program is free and often provides up to $200 as a credit on your bill. Idaho opens their enrollment period for the program from November to March.

Utah customers can get help.

You might be able to get help with Lend a Hand in Utah. You can apply for the program through Rocky Mountain Power. The program requires applicants to show proof of a need for help and other things that will determine whether the program will be able to assist you. The organization may help up to $200.

Low-income individuals in Utah may qualify for the energy assistance program. The program can help you pay for your Rocky Mountain Power bill by automatically putting a credit toward your bill. You can apply for it through your local assistance office.

Those who are in Utah and receive energy assistance benefits could qualify for the HELP discount. The discount lowers your power bill to help stretch your energy assistance payment further. You can apply for it when you apply for energy assistance or any time after you start receiving energy assistance.

Wyoming customers can get help.

Energy Share in Wyoming is an organization that offers funds to low-income individuals who are struggling to pay their bills. You will need to apply for the program if you want to get help paying your Rocky Mountain Power bill. The organization may not always have funding available to provide help because it depends on donations from other energy customers in the state.

You might be able to get LIEAP by applying at your local assistance office. The program is free and provides money directly to your bill to help you pay it. You might be able to get help paying a portion of your bill. You can also lower your bill to ensure the payment covers it.

Rocky Mountain Power offers payment options.

You can choose your due date to make sure you’re always able to pay your bill. Rocky Mountain Power allows customers who qualify to choose their due date. While there are certain requirements you’ll have to meet to change your due date if you already set one, this can be a huge help for those who get paid on a certain day each month.

Using the equal payment plan could help you avoid surges from heating or cooling your home. The equal payment plan uses your past bills to calculate how much you spent that year. Then, the company averages out your monthly cost and uses that figure to create your monthly bills. While you still have to pay for anything over the average, it may make it easier for you to prepare for that payment.

Upgrade your home for free and save money.

Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart incentives could help you upgrade your home and save money while doing so. The incentives include rebates and even bill credits for making small changes to your home. The more energy efficient your home is, the more incentives you get.

Weatherization programs help renters and homeowners upgrade their homes to make them more energy efficient. Weatherization focuses on helping low-income customers get appliances, insulation and other things they may not be able to afford on their own. Each state has different requirements for weatherization.

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