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Can’t Pay Your Huntsville Utilities Bill? We Found Help!

Can’t Pay Your Huntsville Utilities Bill? We Found Help!

Are you struggling to pay your Huntsville Utilities bill? We’ve been there too! The good news is we found help!


Get help paying your Huntsville Utilities bill.

The LIHEAP benefit might help you pay a portion of your bill. The program works by providing you with a portion of the amount of your bill. The program was initially intended for the cold months of the year, but it may be available during other times of the year depending on your situation.

Using the Salvation Army may help you pay your Huntsville Utilities bill and avoid shut off. The Salvation Army provides help in the form of a voucher when you’re in need. They generally cap the vouchers at $200 and will only provide them to you once per year. You must apply through the Salvation Army.


The Huntsville Utilities Project Share program may help you pay a portion of your bill if you are disabled, handicapped or over age 62. You must also meet income limits. Other customers contribute to the program so funds might only be available when people have donated to the organization.

Huntsville Utilities offers helpful payment options.

You might be able to save more money by taking advantage of Degree Days. These are different days throughout the year that will help you save money by lowering your rate. You may also have to pay higher rates during different times of the year. Learn about Degree Days to help yourself save the most.


With the average monthly payment program, you may be able to avoid having very hefty bills because of a hot or cold day. If you find that high bills are a common problem for you in the winter or summer, the average monthly payment program works by averaging out the monthly amount you spend in a year and charging that amount each month.

The installment plan allows customers to divide their remaining balance across up to four consecutive months. Be careful, though! When you sign up for this plan, you waive your right to dispute the validity of that bill!

Those who are disabled or on Social Security, you can set your own due date with Huntsville Utilities. If you apply for and are approved for the program, your due date will always be the 5th.

Upgrade your home and save money.

The Alabama weatherization program might lower your Huntsville Utilities bill. The weatherization program can help your home be more energy efficient and will help you have an easier time of heating and cooling the home. The program provides insulation and new energy efficient appliances to low-income people who qualify.

To learn more about where you can save money, you can take advantage of the free energy efficiency survey Huntsville Utilities offers. The program allows you to have a solid insight of where you’re using the most energy.

Want to lower your Huntsville Utilities bill?

There are ways you can lower your bill for free or cheap! Check out our favorite tips for lowering your bill!

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