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Save Money on Your PPL Electric Bill!

Save Money on Your PPL Electric Bill!

PPL Electric customers can save money on their bill! We’ve investigated all the money-saving programs, discounts and rebates offered by PPL Electric so you won’t spend a penny more than you have to on your power bill.


Get a FREE energy-efficiency kit!

All income-qualified customers can receive a FREE energy efficiency kit! The kit includes various products, such as:

  • LED light bulbs
  • LED nightlight
  • FilterTone Alarm
  • High-efficiency showerheads
  • Kitchen faucet aerator
  • Digital thermometer
  • Smart strip

Get custom money-saving advice and free products with the Online Energy Assessment!

Take the Online Energy Assessment and receive a FREE energy kit! You’ll also receive personalized energy saving recommendations, customized just for your home!

You’ll need a PPL Electric account number to get started. Just begin the Online Energy Assessment right here. When it’s done, you’ll get a report showing where your highest electricity consumption is and how you can benefit from upgrades or behavior changes.

You’ll also receive a FREE Energy Efficiency Kit with items like LED lightbulbs!


Get even MORE energy-saving items installed for FREE!

Low income homeowners and renters who are PPL Electric customers may qualify for a WRAP in-home assessment. An energy educator will visit your residence, teach you how to save money in your home and install energy-saving items for free!

Pennsylvania’s weatherization program might be able to provide you with upgraded insulation, windows and even home appliances. The weatherization program is based on your income and the need for new energy efficient appliances. You can get help with these through your community action agency. A professional contractor will assess your home and figure out what it needs to be as energy efficient as possible based on the things you have in it currently and the availability of other items.

PPL for

Need help paying your bill? PPL Electric has programs for that!

PPL Electric offers various payment assistance programs. They’ll help you manage your overdue balance by spreading out the amount you owe over a longer period of time. They can even stop those pesky late payment charges that make it so hard to keep you.

Budget Billing is another option that can help you. They’ll average your annual electric use and divide it into twelve equal payments. Every three months, they’ll adjust the amount if necessary.

PPL will even let you choose your own due date! Once a year, you can adjust your due date to better fit your budget.

OnTrack is a program that offers debt forgiveness and a lower monthly payment to low income customers. During your participating in the OnTrack program, you’ll pay a lower fixed amount that may be lower than your actual usage. PPL Electric will cover the difference, so you won’t be left with a debt. They’ll cover up to $3,328 in electric heating costs! Click here for details.

Need help paying your PPL bill?

Operation Help provides grants to help you pay your utility bills. The grants come from PPL Electric, its employees, retirees and customers. You must meet income guidelines to receive these funds. The maximum income is $23,760 for an individual, $32,040 for a couple or $48,600 for a family of four. You can see the complete income table by clicking here.


LIHEAP is a federal program that can  provide you with $200 to $1,000 toward your power PPL Electric bill. Homeowners and renters can qualify for this program and you don’t need to have an overdue bill to qualify! Crisis grants may also be awarded in $25 to $500 amounts. To qualify for LIHEAP, you must meet income guidelines. The maximum income is $17,820 for an individual, $24,030 for a couple or $36,450 for a family of four. Click here to see the complete income table and application instructions.

CARES provides shut-off protection for those who are experiencing a temporary hardship. If you are experiencing a temporary situation that is preventing you from being able to make your regular payments, please call (800) 358-6623 to enroll in CARES!

Avoid having your electric shut-off using these resources.

If you have a shut-off notice or a past due bill, you can apply for the LIHEAP crisis assistance. You can get between $25 and $500 to keep your power on. While you do not have to have a shut-off notice or a past due bill to get the crisis assistance, it’s made for those who are in emergency situations. Those who do not have electric when it’s extremely cold or hot outside can get the help they need from the crisis assistance that LIHEAP offers. You can apply for the program through your community action agency. If you’re approved, you may be able to get the assistance in as little as 24 hours.

When you’re in a temporary hardship position, it might be possible to get help from the CARES program that PPL offers. The program gives you a chance to get caught up and can provide additional assistance depending on the issues you’re facing. You can also learn more about different resources PPL offers to those who are enrolled in the program.

Good news! If you have a PFA (protection from abuse order: PA’s version of a restraining order) for any reason in Pennsylvania, you can’t get your electric shut-off. While having a PFA is usually not a fun situation, you’re also protected from meeting the obligation to pay your electric bill. PPL cannot shut your electric off if you have one currently in place! You may still be responsible for the bill at a later date, but that protection could help you get caught up and get the assistance you need after a traumatic situation!

Get money for recycling old appliances!

Got an old refrigerator or freezer? Not only will PPL Electric pick up your old refrigerator or freezer for FREE, they’ll mail you a check for $35! Got an old air conditioner or dehumidifier? They’ll pick that up and send you $10!


The appliances must be clean, empty, defrosted and in working condition. Other terms and conditions may apply. Click here for details.

Get rebates on select upgrades!

If you can afford upgrades like air conditioning, appliances, insulation and more, PPL Electric will gladly reimburse you for part of the cost. They currently offer residential rebate programs for:

Use our favorite tips to save.

Our favorite tips are cheap, easy and could help you save tons of money on your electric bill! Use these tips to lower your usage and make your home more energy efficient.