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How to Save Money on Your Burt County Power Company Bill

How to Save Money on Your Burt County Power Company Bill

If your Burt County Power Company bill is too much, you might be wondering how long you’ll even have power. It’s a scary situation we’ve been in too. Fortunately, there’s hope! We found out how to save money and avoid shut-off!

Need help paying your Burt County Power Company Bill? We found help!

Nebraska’s emergency assistance is for any low-income family that needs help and meets the guidelines. If your Burt County Power Company bill is too much, you can get emergency assistance paying it. The assistance is based off a chart you must fit into if you want to get help. You’ll need proof of family size and income.

The LIHEAP benefit helps people in the cold and hot months. The program is available at different times of the year and depends on the need people have. It is on a first come, first served basis. The program will help you pay your bill by automatically providing money to the Burt County Power Company. The amount will likely not cover your full bill, but it can help you by lowering the total amount.

Do you have kids? You could get help through the Aid to Dependent Children program. The program is intended for low-income families that have kids of their own or even kids they’re fostering. You can get help with many things, but they do help with electric bill payments. There is a cap on how much you can receive each time you apply for it and each year that you’ve used it. It usually does not cover your entire bill, but it can help offset the cost. The program is only available when funding is available.

Avoid shut-off with these helpful resources.

The Salvation Army may help with your electric bill payment. The organization may not have funding available, but when they do, they can provide you with a voucher you can use to pay your Burt County Power Company bill. The Salvation Army only allows you to get assistance once per year. The amount they provide to help you pay your bill may vary but is generally capped at $200. Priority is given to people who have a shut-off notice.

The Catholic Charities may also help you pay for a portion of your electric bill. You do not have to be a member of the Catholic church or any church to get help. The program is religion-based so keep in mind you might receive religious material in addition to the help you get, but there is no obligation to attend a service. The amount you can receive is based on your need and the availability of funds. You will need proof of income, family size and your ID to apply for assistance through Catholic Charities.

Even though the Burt County Power Company doesn’t have an official policy on extensions or arrangements, you may ask for one. The company uses a contact form for all requests and inquiries. Your chances of receiving the extension or arrangement may be better if you request it before you get a shut-off notice.

Upgrade your home and save money on your Burt County Power Company bill.

Nebraska’s weatherization program may help you upgrade your home for free. The program works to make sure low-income individuals have access to upgrades that make their home easier to heat and cool. Weatherization assistance could help you pay for new windows, additional insulation and even a new energy efficient heating and cooling system. The program only lasts while funding is available so apply early.

If you want to see where you’re using the most energy and where you can lower your usage, the Burt County Power Company offers a free energy audit. You can do this yourself and learn valuable information about the energy you use. The program may also give suggestions on how to lower your usage.

Burt County Power Company gives back to the community!

To help you learn more about safety and conservation, Burt County Power Company gives free classes to customers. You can take classes to learn more and it might even help you save some money on your power bill!

The youth electric camp helps students learn more about electricity, conservation and safety. It’s free for the families, but you must apply early. Not everyone will get to attend the camp. Students who show interest in the electric or energy industry may receive preference.

Save even more on your Burt County Power Company Bill.

There are many things you can do to lower your bill. Taking a few simple steps that are usually free or low cost can have huge impacts on the cost of your electric service. Check out our favorite tips to learn more about how to spend a little and save a lot on electric!

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