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Can’t Pay Your Salt River Electric Bill? We Found Help!

Can’t Pay Your Salt River Electric Bill? We Found Help!

If your Salt River Electric bill is too high, you might be stressing out over how you’re going to pay it. Even if you don’t have money, we found ways to help you avoid shut-off and make sure your bill gets paid!

Get help paying your Salt River Electric bill.

LIHEAP offers Kentucky residents a chance to lower their electric bill. The program works by automatically applying a credit to your bill once you’re approved. You must be within certain income guidelines and show proof of family size to qualify. Kentucky allows residents to apply online or in person at your local assistance office.

The Salvation Army could help you pay a portion of your electric bill. If approved, you could get up to $200 to use toward your bill. They give qualifying customers a voucher to apply directly to it. They may only help you during certain times of the year if you haven’t received help before, and when funding is available. The Salvation Army requires proof of income and family size. If you have a shut-off notice, you could receive priority on help.

Got an old refrigerator or freezer? It could help you pay your electric bill! Salt River Electric pays you for your old fridge or freezer. You can get up to $50 for the appliance depending on the size and the company’s ability to get it. They will send you a check for $50 or you can have the money applied directly to your bill.

Avoid shut-off using these resources.

Did you get a shut-off notice? The first thing you should do is make sure it’s legal! You can get free legal help on your shut-off notice from KY Justice. The program works by providing free legal help to those who need it. They may help you find laws that were created to help protect you from incidences like this.

The North Hardin Hope, INC. could help you pay your Salt River Electric bill. The organization helps those who have received a shut-off notice or who need help paying their bills. They work with low-income residents and people who are going through a hard time even if they are not normally low-income. Since they are a non-profit organization, they don’t always have funding available. They’re only able to help when they have funding.

Highlands Community Ministries can help people who have a shut-off notice. Not all people who need help will qualify. You will have to show the shut-off notice to get help from the organization. You may also have to provide additional proof of your need if you want to make sure you can get help from this organization.

Salt River Electric offers payment options.

Even though Salt River Electric doesn’t have any official policy on extensions or arrangements, you may be able to get help from the company. You will need to contact them as soon as you realize you need a payment extension or arrangement.

The peak hours program helps you lower your bill and can help the electric company reduce the strain on the grid. You will need to have a smart meter to qualify for the program, but Salt River Electric may be able to help you with that. As long as you enroll an air conditioner and/or a heater with the program, you can save money. You will lower your bill by getting off-peak pricing. You may also receive a bill credit for joining the program.

Don’t have the money to put down for a deposit or don’t want to worry about traditional electric payments? Salt River Electric could help you. With the prepay program, you can save yourself the hassle of getting billed each month. All you need to do is add money to your account so you can get your electric bill paid the way you want!

Levelized billing helps you avoid huge surges during winter and summer for heating and cooling. The billing program works by looking at your average usage over the year. It then provides you with a monthly bill reflecting that average. Salt River Electric does their best to keep levelized billing payments around the same from month to month. The only thing you’ll need to do is pay anything over the average at the end of the 12-month term.

Upgrade your home for free.

If your home has poor insulation or an old heating and cooling system, you could get help for free. With the weatherization assistance program, Kentucky could pay to upgrade your system. You could get help lowering your bill by upgrading your home. The weatherization program is only offered when funding is available and is first come, first served.

To help you realize how to lower your usage, Salt River Electric offers a free energy audit. They have an online audit program you can do yourself but they also provide a professional audit if that’s what you need. You can learn more about where you’re using the most electric so you can lower your usage from there.

There are many rebates Salt River Electric uses to help you save money. You can save on big things like appliances but also on small things like light bulbs. Take advantage of the rebates and you could even get items for free!

Salt River Electric supports your community.

Since Salt River Electric is part of the Touchstone Co-Op group, you get free benefits! The co-op card can help you save a lot of money and can give you things for free! Use your co-op card for groceries, entertainment and even vacations. You will receive a card when you first join Salt River Electric, but if you didn’t or you lost yours, you can always request a new one!

Salt River Electric sponsors kids who are interested in the energy industry. With their scholarship program, they help students interested in pursuing a career in the industry. The scholarship is both need and merit-based.

Lower your bill by making these switches.

We found some great ways to lower our electric bills. Read our favorite tips for lowering your electric bill. Many of the tips are totally free so you don’t have to spend anything extra!

Save even more in Kentucky!