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Save Money on Your Colorado XCel Energy Bill!

Save Money on Your Colorado XCel Energy Bill!

If you’re a Xcel Energy customer on Colorado, you can save even more money on your Xcel Energy bill! We’re helping Xcel Energy customers across the US save money on their bills but we found special perks just for Colorado customers.

Don’t forget these XCel Energy perks that are available to ALL customers!

XCel Energy has programs that are available to customers in all states. Make sure you don’t miss out on these helpful programs!

Xcel Energy has special programs for Colorado residents.

Xcel Energy offers the electric and gas affordability program in Colorado. The program can reduce your rate based on your income. If you qualify for LEAP, you are automatically approved. If you are using any other type of assistance, you will need to apply for the rate. The program is meant to help those who are low income and those who are on the borderline of low income.

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) may be able to help you pay your Xcel Energy bill. The program is intended for those who are low income. You will need to apply for it at your local assistance office. If you are approved for the program, you will automatically receive a credit on your bill to help offset the cost of heating your home.

Energy Outreach Colorado might be able to help you pay your bill. If you are low income, if you have received a shut-off notice and if you are an Xcel Energy customer, Energy Outreach can work with you. You will need to provide proof of income. They may also require you to provide proof of hardship in the form of a shut-off notice.

Colorado law protects those with medical conditions. If you have a certified letter from your physician that you need electric or gas in your home, Xcel Energy will make their best effort to keep your electric on. They can work with those who have medical conditions to come up with a plan to help them get their bill taken care of.

Save Money with Free Energy Upgrades in Colorado

The peak demand pricing program is only available to Xcel customers in Colorado. It allows you to save money by not using energy during peak hours. You can choose to manually shut off appliances that draw a lot of energy or you can use a smart thermostat to allow Xcel to automatically do it for you. If you choose to use a smart thermostat, you will have to purchase it yourself. Xcel may be able to provide a rebate to cover a portion of the cost for your smart thermostat.

To make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy bills, you may need to have your home weatherized. The Colorado Weatherization Assistance program can help you do that. They provide helpful insight on what is making your energy bills so high. They will perform an audit to determine if your house is weatherized. If it is not, they will take the steps required to make it weatherized. These can include adding insulation and installing a new cooling system – all for free!

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Lena Sandoval

Tuesday 31st of July 2018

Colorado does not allow assistance with Xcel bill LEAP only designated for Atmos

Nicole Thelin

Tuesday 31st of July 2018

Hey, Lena! I finally reached a human at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and they assured me that XCel customers definitely can access LEAP funds. It is *not* limited to Atmos.

Nicole Thelin

Tuesday 31st of July 2018

Hi, Lena! LEAP is a federally-funded program, so it would be illegal for the state of Colorado to limit these funds to just one provider. There is absolutely nothing in the law or on the state websites that indicate that LEAP is only for Atmos customers. Do you have a source for this information? I would like to look into it further.