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Save Money on Your Snapping Shoals EMC Bill

Save Money on Your Snapping Shoals EMC Bill

No matter the reason your electric bill is high, Snapping Shoals EMC knows some people will struggle at some point. For this reason, they have made sure different options are available for people who are unable to pay their bills.

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Save money with these helpful payment options!

The first plan Snapping Shoals EMC offers is budget billing. With budget billing, your bill is adjusted so you will pay the same amount every month. This will work for people who want to avoid large bills, especially during the winter and summer months when most people use more electricity. Your bill is calculated by using the past bills over a year and averaging them out. Knowing exactly what your Georgia energy bill is going to be each month can prevent unpleasant surprises.

If you are just getting started with electric from Snapping Shoals EMC, you can take advantage of their prepaid billing. Unlike their traditional electric plans, it does not require you to pay a deposit for the electric. Instead, you simply pay ahead and your electric is calculated on a daily basis. It will be subtracted from your prepaid amount and you’ll simply have to put more money in when your balance gets low.

Low income seniors get discounts

People who are over 65 and make less than $20,000 per year will be able to benefit from the SCLI Discount that Snapping Shoals EMC provides. The discount has requirements, including having a new account with Snapping Shoals EMC, being on the regular billing rate, and maintaining low-income status. Those who would like to apply will need to call the energy company at (770) 786-3484. The discount  available is a flat-rate discount of $12.


As a service to their customers, Snapping Shoals EMC offers a FREE in-home energy audit program. You must set up the appointment. During the appointment, a representative from the company will come to your home and will look at different areas of the home to see if there is something that is making electric bills extremely high or if there is something customers can do to improve the home.

After the audit, Snapping Shoals EMC sends the customer a letter. The letter details exactly how a customer is using their electricity and what they can do to improve efficiency. It also contains valuable information they need to find free or low-cost upgrades for their home to make it more energy efficient.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helped over 120,000 families in Georgia when they were struggling with their energy bill in 2016. The program was designed to protect Georgia residents from having their power shut off during the cold winter months. LIHEAP can help residents with their energy bills if there is an energy crisis. It also helps with weatherization.

Legal residents of Georgia who are responsible for their electric bill can apply for LIHEAP on the first business day in December. You may be able to apply in advance. Applications are available online and at local assistance offices.

The Salvation Army in Covington will help those in need with their utility bills. Residents must go through an application process, but it is offered throughout the year instead of just during the cold months like LIHEAP. Those who are looking for assistance from the Salvation Army must keep in mind this is generally a one-time thing, and they must provide documentation of their residency and their electric bill.

The Lilburn Cooperative Ministry is located close to Covington. They offer a utility assistance program to those in need. They require legal residents of Georgia to fill out an application to get utility assistance. Their help is limited by geographical area, but anyone who is a member of one of their partner churches can get help from the co-op. Lilburn generally has a waiting list for people who are hoping for energy assistance. They also provide information on utility assistance in surrounding areas.

The Norcross Cooperative Ministry provides assistance to those who are close to Norcross, Georgia. Norcross Cooperative Ministry provides clothing, food, shelter and utility assistance. Their utility assistance can help you pay your Snapping Shoals EMC bill. To qualify for the program, you must bring documentation, including a lease with your name on it and an electric bill with your name on it.


The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) has set up programs in different counties around the state for weatherization. The agency that handles the Covington area is the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council. Residents must apply to the program showing proof of residency and electric bills. Once approved, they will then be able to have someone from the council provide them with their weatherization needs.

GEFA has standards for weatherization that include different appliances, bulbs and even assessments. The SGCAP will be required to use these standards if they are going to provide weatherization. Taking a look at the standards will help residents have an idea of how the weatherization can help their home.


Whether you need help just this month, for the coming year, or getting caught up on an out of control electric bill, you can find the services you need. Don’t lose hope when it comes to your electricity. The churches, organizations and cooperatives in Covington will help protect you from getting your electric shut off.

To start saving money on your electric bill right away, you can try some of these energy saving tactics. They are simple (and free) methods you can use to reduce your energy consumption. Less energy consumption means lower energy bills and saving money.

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