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13 New EBT Discounts in November 2022

13 New EBT Discounts in November 2022

There are 13 new EBT discounts in November 2022! This list will explore the new additions and how you can use your card to get these great deals!

New EBT Discounts in November 2022

We found 13 new museum discounts in November! These venues are spread across 10 states. The list is organized alphabetically by state and then museum for your convenience.

All of these new additions have been added to our master list of 1,000+ EBT discounts nationwide!


Florida gained two new EBT discounts in November 2022! However, we’ve added it to our list of over 30 EBT discounts in Florida.

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens – $3 or less per person

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens showcase nine monumental garden sculptures, 250 species of rare tropical plants and 100 works of art at the former residence of sculptor Ann Weaver Norton, who passed away in 1982.

The property spans two acres near downtown West Palm Beach. The works of sculpture and art featured on the property are all Ann Norton’s. She also helped design the gardens on the estate.

As a Museums for All partner, the gardens welcome guests with EBT cards for just $3 or less per person, up to four people per card.

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens are located at 253 Barcelona Rd in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Vero Beach Museum of Art – FREE

Vero Beach Museum of Art features permanent and rotating exhibitions. The permanent collection includes over 880 works of art, primarily focused on American art. Their collections include sculpture, photography, paintings, glass, video and more.

With an EBT card, up to four guests can visit the Vero Beach Museum of Art completely free!

VBMA is located at 3001 Riverside Park Drive in Vero Beach, Florida.


It is relatively rare to find new EBT discounts in Hawaii, so we are thrilled to add this new addition to our list!

Bishop Museum – FREE

Bishop museum explores the fascinating history of Hawai’i, including Polynesian wayfinding, erupting volcanos and more. This museum was founded in 1889 and boasts the largest collection of Hawaiian and Pacific cultural artifacts in the world.

The Bishop Museum’s EBT discount begins November 4, 2022. Up to four people can receive FREE admission with a valid EBT card. You’ll also get free parking for one vehicle.

The museum used a timed general admission ticket. You can get the EBT discount through their online system by choosing a Museums for All / SNAP Card rate. You’ll need to show your EBT card at the admissions desk to prove your eligibility for this discount. You can choose to add planetarium tickets for $3 each.

Bishop Museum is located at 1525 Bernice Street in Honolulu, Hawai’i.


This children’s museum is a great addition to the list of concerts, museums and other venues already offering EBT discounts in MA!

North Shore Children’s Museum – $3 per person

The North Shore Children’s Museum is designed for kids between the ages of 2 and 10 years old. Their 14 interactive exhibits explore different themes that unlock a child’s imagination in a full and engaging way.

There exhibits include a sensory space with soft lighting and quiet activities, a farm to table area with an interactive kitchen and farmer’s market, a bank, a train room and more. They even have a STEM lab!

The museum welcomes guests with EBT cards for just $3 each, with a limit of four discounts per EBT card.

The North Shore Children’s Museum is located at 10 Main Street in Peabody, Massachusetts.


Missouri gained another EBT discount this month, too! We’ve already added it to the list of food stamps discounts in Missouri.

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis – FREE

The Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis focuses on showing modern-day art that is made specifically for today’s audiences. The museum does not have a permanent collection, instead choosing to showcase various local artists and travelling exhibits.

Although the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis recently joined Museums for All, it does appear that the admission is always free. It is possible that they offer EBT discounts on select classes or education programs, but I was not able to confirm that.

The Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis is located at 3750 Washington Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri.

New York

There are many incredible EBT discounts in New York! We’ve added these __ museums to the complete list of deals in NY.

Arnot Art Museum – $3 or less per person

Arnot Art Museum showcases a private collection of 17th to 19th century European paintings, 19th – 21st century American art and a collection of Asian and Egyptian artifacts. The collection is housed inside the 1833 neo-classical family mansion that once belonged to collector Matthias H. Arnot.

As a Museums for All member, the Arnot Art Museum will admit up to four people for $3 or less per person when they visit with an EBT card.

The Arnot Art Museum is located at 235 Lake St. in Elmira, New York.

National Lighthouse Museum – $3 or less per person

The National Lighthouse Museum is located inside the grounds of the former US Lighthouse Service Depot on North Staten Island. It houses many educational exhibits, which were designed by an award-winning design firm.

The museum is a Museums for All partner, which means they welcome guests with EBT cards for a discount. You can expect to pay $3 or less per person, with a discount for up to four people per EBT card.

The National Lighthouse Museum is located at 200 The Promenade at Lighthouse Point, Staten Island, New York.

Phelps Mansion Museum – FREE

Phelps Mansion Museum is the last of the historic homes in this neighborhood. The family of Sherman D. Phelps moved in during 1872, and it is filled with beautiful marble floors, exquisite woodwork, and period furniture.

The Phelps Mansion Museum welcomes up to four people for free when you visit with an EBT card. You will need to provide both photo ID and your EBT card in order to receive the discount. The free admission only applies to general admission for regularly scheduled tours and will not grant you access to any special tours, events, programs, or gift shop purchases.

The Phelps Mansion Museum is located at 191 Court Street in Binghamton, New York.


Ohio only gained one new discount this month but it’s a great one! Of course, you can see even more EBT discounts in Ohio here.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – $1 per person

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame showcases the best that Rock and Roll has to offer. It also includes a number of interactive exhibits! You can enjoy a jam session in the garage, admire artifacts and signatures from some of the genre’s greatest performers, and more!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame invites EBT cardholders for just $1 per person with a valid EBT card. There is a limit of four discounted admissions per EBT card per visit.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is located at 1100 E 9th St in Cleveland, Ohio.


There are some great EBT discounts in Oregon, and we’ve found another!

Stevens-Crawford Heritage House – $3 per person

Built in 1908, the Stevens-Crawford Heritage House invites you to step back in time into the Progressive Era with period furnishings and textiles. The first-floor office showcases more recent art by local artists.

As part of the Clackamas County Historical Society, this museum has also decided to join Museums for All. They welcome EBT guests for $3 per visitor. One EBT card can provide discounts for up to four people.

The Stevens-Crawford Heritage House is located at 603 6th St in Oregon City, Oregon.


Virginia also has a long list of EBT discounts, but we’re excited to add this one as well!

Science Museum of Western Virginia – $3 or less per person

The Science Center of Western Virginia encourages guests to use their own creativity to participate in interactive exhibits. They want you to move, touch, build, create and learn. The museum has many exhibits, including a parakeet garden, wonder lab, maker lab and more.

As a Museums for All partner, this museum welcomes guests for $3 or less per person, up to four guests per EBT card.

The Science Museum of Western Virginia is located at 1 Market Square SE in Roanoke, Virginia.


Our list of Washington EBT discounts includes the Museum of Flight, Pacific Science Center and more!

Center for Wooden Boats – FREE

The Center for Wooden Boats explores the history of the region’s watercraft with working exhibits, examples and experience. The Boathouse Gallery shows rotating exhibits. If you want to rent a boat, then you will have to pay an extra charge.

The Center for Wooden Boats is located at 1010 Valley St in Seattle, Washington.


This museum has been added to our list of other EBT discounts in Wisconsin!

Charles Allis Art Museum

The Charles Allis Art Museum is located in the historic home of the Allis family. It also showcases their private collection, which they gathered during their world travels in the late nineteenth century.

The museum graciously invites guests with EBT cards to visit for free. The EBT cardholder can bring up to four guests (for a total of five visitors) for free.

The Charles Allis Art Museum is located at 1801 N Prospect Ave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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