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25 Excellent Entry Level No Degree Jobs

25 Excellent Entry Level No Degree Jobs

Looking for a job but worried that not having a college degree will limit your options? We have researched and listed 25 entry level no degree jobs, many of which could lead to promotions!

Not many people enjoy job hunting. The process can be daunting and overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what and where to search. We have done the hard work for you! There are many careers that do not require a college degree or much experience. Additionally, most of the entry level no degree jobs listed below could lead to promotions or additional job opportunities with hard work and some time. 

Entry Level No Degree Jobs

Finding entry level no degree jobs may mean exploring a new career. Almost every industry offers entry-level positions that could lead to advancing in that career, and many of these entry-level positions do not require a college degree. The jobs listed below have been thoroughly researched to confirm that most do not require a college degree. Additionally, each job lists common promotions for that position. Nothing is guaranteed, but with work and time these entry level no degree jobs could lead to amazing career opportunities!

Please note, all the jobs listed below include a national average salary found on Indeed or ZipRecruiter. Actual salaries will vary based on job and location. Additionally, job requirements will also vary by job. For more information on the job, skills needed, and average salaries you can visit the website linked to the average national salary. 

Real Estate Assistant 

A Real Estate Assistant plays a crucial role in supporting real estate professionals with various tasks including administrative duties, client communication, and transaction coordination. This entry-level position offers an excellent pathway for career advancement within the real estate industry. With hands-on experience, a Real Estate Assistant can gain insights into the market, build a network within the industry, and develop a understanding of the real estate process. Real Estate Assistants can advance to professions such as realtor, real estate agent, and property manager. Please note, licensure is needed to become a real estate agent and realtor

Average National Salary: $51,446

IT Support Specialist 

An IT Support Specialist ensures the smooth functioning of an organization’s technology infrastructure. This entry-level position involves assisting with technical issues, troubleshooting hardware and software problems, and providing general IT support. The role provides a solid foundation for career growth within the IT field. As an IT Support Specialist gains experience, they can advance to roles like IT technician, network administrator, or systems analyst. 

Average National Salary: $51,617

Land Surveyor 

A Land Surveyor measures and maps the Earth’s surface to determine property boundaries, establish land divisions, and provide precise data for construction projects. Land Surveyors work both indoors and outdoors, often collaborating with architects, engineers, and construction teams. Their responsibilities include conducting field surveys, preparing survey reports and maps, and ensuring compliance with legal standards. 

Average National Salary: $82,879

Bank Clerk

A Bank Clerk is a frontline employee responsible for providing financial services to customers. Their primary duties include conducting routine financial transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals, and check cashing. Bank clerk is an entry-level position that could lead to promotions to such as senior teller, branch manager, personal banker, or operations manager. 

Average National Salary: $33,935

Food Service Worker 

A Food Service Worker is an essential member of the hospitality industry responsible for various tasks related to the preparation and serving of food. Food Service offers many paths to advancing. Entry-level jobs such as hostess, server, and bartender could lead to jobs such as shift supervisor and restaurant manager. 

Average National Salary: $39,731

Retail Sales Associate 

A Retail Sales Associate, often referred to as a sales associate, is responsible for providing assistance to customers and ensuring a positive shopping experience in the retail industry. Retail sales associate positions can lead to jobs such as supervisor, store manager, or district manager. 

Average National Salary: $46,297

Retail Merchandiser 

A Retail Merchandiser is an entry-level position that is responsible for enhancing the visual appeal and sales performance of a retail space. Their primary role involves strategically planning and creating product displays and ensuring that merchandise is presented in an attractive and organized manner. Retail Merchandisers could advance to jobs such as merchandising manager, senior buyer, or district merchandising manager.

National Average Salary: $47,074

Customer Service Representative 

Customer Service Representatives are professionals responsible for answering questions, resolving issues, and providing assistance to customers. Customer Service Representatives can interact with customers in person, over the phone, or over the internet (chat and email). This entry-level job requires strong people skills and could lead to positions such as team lead, customer service manager, or quality assurance specialist. 

National Average Salary: $63,189

Data Entry Clerk

A Data Entry Clerk is responsible for inputting, updating, and maintaining accurate information in databases and computer systems. This entry-level position requires a keen attention to detail and strong organizational skills to ensure data accuracy and integrity. Data entry clerk jobs could open doors to jobs such as data analyst, manager, and database administrator. 

National Average Salary: $40,321

Hotel Receptionist

A hotel receptionist job and other entry-level jobs such as, bellhop, concierge assistant, and spa attendant, could be a great way to get into the hospitality industry. Entry-level positions at resorts and hotels could lead to management positions and the opportunity to work at other resorts and hotels worldwide.

National Average Salary: $33,283

Medical Assistant

A Medical Assistant is an important member of the healthcare team who provides support in both administrative and clinical tasks. Their responsibilities could include scheduling, maintaining patient records, handling billing, or assisting physicians during examinations. Medical assistant is an entry-level position that could lead to manager and supervisor roles. 

National Average Salary: $44,930

Administrative Assistant

An Administrative Assistant provides essential support to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Their responsibilities include a wide range of administrative tasks, including managing calendars, scheduling appointments, handling phone calls and emails, and organizing meetings. Administrative assistant is an entry-level job that could lead to jobs such as executive assistant, office manager, or project manager. 

National Average Salary: $51,191 

Social Media Assistant 

A Social Media Assistant is responsible for supporting the social media efforts of an organization or individual. Their role involves a combination of administrative, creative, and analytical tasks to enhance the online presence and engagement on various social media platforms. Many social media assistants work with a company’s marketing department and career growth in the marketing industry is possible.

Average National Salary: $49,156

Salon Apprentice 

A Salon Apprentice is an entry-level position in the beauty industry where individuals undergo hands-on training to become licensed cosmetologists or hairstylists. Apprentices work under the guidance and supervision of experienced salon professionals to gain practical experience in haircutting, coloring, styling, and other beauty treatments. Many salons offer stylist jobs to the apprentices they trained after they have completed their training. 

National Average Salary: $30,285 

Marketing Assistant

A Marketing Assistant plays a crucial role in supporting the marketing team’s activities within an organization. This entry-level position involves a diverse range of tasks, including market research, data analysis, and administrative support.  Many marketing assistant positions do not require a college degree and could lead to positions such as marketing coordinator or marketing manager. 

National Average Salary: $56,470

Electrician Apprenticeship

An electrician apprenticeship is a structured training program that allows individuals to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become a licensed electrician. Some programs may require experience or licensure, but many programs offer entry-level apprenticeship positions. The majority of the apprenticeship is spent gaining practical, on-the-job experience under the supervision of experienced electricians. The apprenticeship leads to licensure to continue as an electrician. 

National Average Salary: $78,362

Plumbing Apprenticeship

A plumbing apprenticeship is a hands-on training program designed to prepare individuals for a career as a licensed plumber. Apprentices work under the guidance of experienced plumbers, engaging in on-the-job training to learn tasks such as installing and repairing pipes, fixtures, and appliances. At the end of the apprenticeship, apprentices can obtain their own plumbing license and start their career. 

National Average Salary: $46,139


Bookkeepers ensure that all financial data is organized and up-to-date. They reconcile accounts, track expenses, and generate financial reports that provide valuable insights for decision-making. Bookkeeper is an entry-level job that could lead to opportunities such as financial analyst, finance director, or accounting manager. 

National Average Salary: $44,554

Environmental Technician

Environmental technicians assist scientists and engineers in various tasks aimed at monitoring and safeguarding the environment. Working both in the field and laboratory settings, environmental technicians collect and analyze samples of air, water, soil, and other environmental elements. This entry-level job could lead to job opportunities such as project manager, environmental consultant, or health and safety specialist. 

Average National Salary: $47,861

Mail Carrier or Mail Clerk

Both mail clerk and mail carrier are entry-level positions at the United States Postal Service. Mail carriers are responsible for mail delivery, while mail clerks are similar provide customer service. Both jobs do not require a degree and have opportunities for advancement. 

Mail Clerk National Average Salary: $51,969

Mail Carrier National Average Salary: $45,201

Automation Technician 

An Automation Technician is responsible for designing, maintaining, and troubleshooting automated systems and machinery within various industries. Responsibilities may include, system maintenance and repair, programming, and testing. Please note, that although most automation technician jobs do not require a degree some require experience or knowledge. 

National Average Salary: $92,997


A Receptionist serves as the initial point of contact for visitors, clients, and employees within an organization. Some responsibilities may include scheduling appointments, managing reservations, and handling administrative tasks such as sorting mail and maintaining the reception area. Receptionist jobs could lead to promotions such as office manager, office coordinator, or executive assistant. 

Average National Salary: $49,273

Production Worker

 A production worker, also known as a manufacturing worker, plays an important role in the production process by performing various tasks related to the assembly and manufacturing of goods. The specific duties can vary depending on the industry and the type of products being produced, but often include handling materials, operating machinery, and packaging. Manufacturing is a large industry and production worker positions could open the door to jobs such as production supervisor, quality control inspector, and machine operator. 

Average National Salary: $39,050

Industrial Mechanic

An Industrial Mechanic, also known as an industrial maintenance mechanic or maintenance technician, is a skilled professional responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing machinery and equipment within industrial settings. These settings can include manufacturing plants, factories, refineries, and other industrial facilities. Industrial mechanic is an entry-level job that sometimes requires a small amount of experience or education. This position could lead to manager or supervisor positions. 

National Average Salary: $70,348

How to Find Entry Level No Degree Jobs

Knowing how to search for entry level no degree jobs is just as important as knowing what jobs to search. The job titles listed above should provide a good starting point for what to search, but now let’s talk about how to search for entry-level jobs.

5 Tips for Searching For Jobs

  1. Use Indeed and ZipRecruiters career finding tools to explore new careers
  2. Refine your search by using the education and experience level filters
  3. Visit the job openings on a company’s website for careers you are interested in
  4. Search on more than one job search engine
  5. Apply to every job that interests you, even if you are under-qualified! Sometimes a good cover letter and/or interview can can make up for a lack of experience.

Top Job Search Engines

Relief Recap

Not having a college degree should not stop you from finding a career. There are many entry level no degree jobs out there if you know where and what to search. The entry-level jobs listed above are just the beginning of what is out there. There are remote no degree jobs as well, if you prefer to workf rom home! Check out our article on remote no degree jobs!

Marie McCollum has a Masters of Social Work from the University of Georgia. She is currently the Director of Programs for a non-profit in Decatur, Georgia.