Save Money on Your McCleary Power Bills!

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

When I found out that the McCleary Public Utility department had told Monique that they didn’t offer any assistance – and she couldn’t even get federal help from programs like LIHEAP – I was horrified! I immediately began researching to see what I could find in this small town.

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I found good news and bad news for Monique and everyone else who receives their power from the city of McCleary.

Bad news: McCleary doesn’t offer any help. 

Since I couldn’t get any helpful information from their website, I emailed many of the McCleary city officials for more information. I received a reply from Wendy Collins, the Clerk-Treasurer for the City of McCleary. She wrote, “The City itself does not offer discounted rates because we have loan liability that we are obligated to pay, which prevents us from offering lower rates for low income residents.”

In my original email, I specifically asked if they offered any helpful payment arrangements, such as budget billing. Since Wendy didn’t address that, I’m assuming they don’t.

Good news: You can still get help with your McCleary power bill!

There are several agencies that can help you with your McCleary bill!

Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP) can help you enroll in LIHEAP and the state’s weatherization program. These programs are absolutely critical for low income families in McCleary.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) pays your energy provider on your behalf. The amount they pay depends on your income, family size, heating costs and other factors.

The weatherization program offers free energy-efficiency improvements to low income individuals and families. Improvements include insulation, sealing cracks and possibly even upgrading your heating system!

The Salvation Army and Union Gospel Mission in Aberdeen also provide assistance with McCleary power bills.

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