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How to Save Money on Your Santee Cooper Bill

How to Save Money on Your Santee Cooper Bill

If you’re struggling with your Santee Cooper bill, you can have hope! We found ways to help you pay your bill, avoid shut-off and lower your bills to save money in the future.

Get help paying your Santee Cooper bill!

The LIHEAP benefit might be able to help you save money on your Santee Cooper bill. The benefit provides a payment automatically applied to your account. You can use the payment to lower your bill. You may qualify for various amounts depending on your income and the size of your house.

Santee Cooper might offer payment arrangements to qualified customers. You’ll need to contact the electric company to find out about payment arrangements. You might need to meet certain requirements to qualify.

The South Carolina Salvation Army might be able to help you pay for a portion of your bill one time. The Salvation Army usually caps their payment help at $200. You may only be able to get help one time per year, per family. You will need to bring information on your family size along with a current bill to the Salvation Army. They generally do not require you to provide a shut-off notice, but having one may make it easier for you to get help with your bill.

If you’re unable to pay your bill, you could get help from Catholic Charities. There are different requirements you might need to meet. The organization requires a short application. Even though it’s a religious-based service, you don’t have to be a member of the Catholic church to get help through Catholic charities. While you don’t need to provide it, having a shut-off notice might help you get help faster.

Santee Cooper offers payment options.

To help save money on late fees, disconnection fees and even set-up fees, you could use prepay billing from Santee Cooper. The company offers the prepay option so you can pay ahead of time for your electric service. When you get close to running out of money toward your electric, you’ll get a notification to re-up. This could also help you have a better understanding of where and when to conserve energy.

The time of use rate could help you save money on your bill. The rate is lower during the off-peak hours. To reduce the load on the grid, you could save money just for using your electric during periods of time where people aren’t using as much electric.

By using the budget billing program, you could help yourself avoid big surges in the bill and in the amount you use during different times of the year. With budget billing, Santee Cooper uses the total amount you’ve used in energy throughout the past year to calculate the amount you might use during the next year. The average amount is what you pay for your bill. At the end of 12 months, you may be required to pay anything you used above the average.

Lower your bill by upgrading your home!

You could use weatherization to help you upgrade your home. With the South Carolina weatherization program, you could get free upgrades like a new heating system, added insulation and even new floors. The program could help you qualify for upgrades that not only help your home be more energy efficient but could also make it a nicer place to live.

You could get rebates through Santee Cooper. The company offers some rebates for customers purchasing qualifying appliances, thermostats and water heaters. You may also be able to get a rebate if you purchase a new heat pump or if you install new ductwork that makes your home more energy efficient. You will need to provide proof of purchase for these rebates. Santee Cooper may also offer rebates on light bulbs!

If you need to make energy efficiency upgrades to your home and you don’t qualify for help through weatherization or another option, you might be able to get a low-interest loan through Santee Cooper. The electric company offers a low-interest loan for qualified customers. The loan payments can be added directly to your bill. Keep in mind the loan is something that needs to be paid back!

Lower your power bill even more!

We found ways to lower your power bill. You usually don’t even have to make huge changes to your lifestyle to save money on your power bills. These tips are mostly free and low-cost to help make saving money even easier for you. Use these tips to lower your energy usage while reducing the amount you pay for your power bill!

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