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Save Money on Your Duke Energy Bill! (NC)

Save Money on Your Duke Energy Bill! (NC)

If you’re a North Carolina Duke Energy customer, you could be saving money on your power bill! From free LED light bulbs to budget billing, we’ve found several tricks for North Carolina Duke Energy customers.


Make your Duke energy payments consistent & convenient.

Duke Energy offers an Equal Payment Plan. Under this plan, the total amount you pay each year is divided evenly across 11 months. On the 12th month, you settle up with the difference between the amount of energy you actually used and the amount you paid.

In order to qualify for this program, your account must show at least 12 months of good payment history. There are no fees associated with this service.


Duke Energy recommends signing up for automatic payment method along with this service.

Get a personalized money-saving energy assessment – FREE!

Sign up for a free in-home energy assessment through Duke Energy. You’ll get personalized tips to help you save money on your energy bill. You’ll also get a few energy efficiency kit! Sign up online or call 844.DING.DONG (844.346.4366).


During the assessment, the expert assessor will check for air leaks, examine insulation, check appliances and more. She’ll analyze your home energy usage and provide you with detailed steps you can take to reduce your consumption.

You’ll also receive a free energy-efficiency kit that includes a shower head, kitchen faucet, faucet aerator, weather stripping and outlet seals. The specialist can install some of these things for you while he’s there!

This assessment and energy efficiency kit have a combined $180 value. Don’t miss out!

Get FREE LED Light bulbs (& More!)

Duke Energy residential customers who have an active account are eligible to receive up to 15 free LED light bulbs! The bulbs are 9-watt LED bulbs that replace standard 60 watt bulbs. They are Energy Star certified and have a two-year warranty.

If you haven’t already received 15 free bulbs, call (800) 943-7585 or order online under the “My Products and Services” tab. Please note that the number of bulbs you receive will be reduced by however many bulbs you’ve received from other promotions, such as surveys and other campaigns. You’ll usually receive your free LEDs within 4-6 weeks of placing the order.

Check your eligibility for other free or discounted energy products by clicking here!

Weatherize your home for FREE!

North Carolina offers free weatherization services for qualifying low income families. You could receive assistance to seal air leaks, install insulation, replace existing lighting with new bulbs or even tune-up and repair heating/cooling systems. These improvements help conserve energy and reduce your monthly bill! Click here for more information.


Don’t qualify for the free program? You can still get rebates on certain home improvements!

Get a bill credit during the summer!

Participate in the Power Manager program and receive an $8 credit on your bills between July and October – on top of the money you’ll already be saving by participating!

If you sign up for this program, Duke Energy will install a small device near your central air conditioner unit. The device will temporarily interrupt your air conditioning for a portion of every half-hour during peak demand times.

Get help from an outside agency.

Need help paying your bill? Duke Energy maintains a list of agencies who may be able to help you pay your Duke Energy bill. Find a helpful agency near you.

Do you qualify for a moratorium?

Is someone in your household disabled and/or elderly (age 65+)?

Are you unable to pay your account balance or catch it up within 6 months?


If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, North Carolina law prohibits Duke Energy from turning off your power between November 1st and March 31st. If you meet these criteria, please contact the Department of Social Services and ask them to mail a Certification of Utilities Moratorium to Duke Energy on your behalf.

Reduce your power consumption.

Nifty online calculators help you determine how much money you could save on heating, cooling and appliance usage. Check out Duke’s useful calculators by clicking here.

You can also sign up for high bill alerts, which warn you when the weather might result in a higher-than-average power bill.


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Anne Parrish

Saturday 7th of September 2019

beleive me I can really use something free. Everything is so expensibe.

Riley Thomson

Monday 9th of September 2019

Anne, I hear ya! Did you click on your state list to see what other deals and freebies may be available near you? -Riley


Thursday 25th of October 2018

Hey tried to open assistance for weatherizing and energy assistance for paying your bill... The links don't work. Thank You for your articles.

Riley Thomson

Thursday 25th of October 2018

Barbara, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will have someone on our team look into that right away. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks again. -Riley

Tracy Phillips

Wednesday 19th of September 2018

I called about LED bulbs and inputted account number and it tells me no active account for this number on all for Duke Progress I asked about. So I take they are not willing to help customers low income.

Chloe Skupnick

Wednesday 19th of September 2018

Hi Tracy,

I looked on Duke Energy's website and it looks like you need to click your state and then click through. If you click the link in the article, it should take you there. If you're still having trouble getting the free bulbs, I would definitely call customer service and talk to a live person to get that resolved.