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Save Money on Your SECO Energy Bill!

Save Money on Your SECO Energy Bill!

Wondering how to save money on your SECO Energy bill? You’re not alone! We know that high power bills can put huge financial burdens on low income families, so we’ve investigated this thoroughly in the hopes of saving you some money.


This not-for-profit electric cooperative, also known as Sumter Electric Co-Op, serves more than 200,000 accounts throughout Central Florida. They serve customers in Sumter, Citrus, Marion, Lake, Levy, Pasco and Hernando counties.

Unlike some other utilities, SECO does not offer a lower rate for seniors, disabled people or veterans. According to their website FAQ, “We treat all our members the same since they all use the same product; therefore, the rates are the same for all.”


Save money on regular maintenance – and your utility bill!

Changing your HVAC filter is one way to improve the efficiency of your system and reduce your power consumption. SECO Energy leverages their buying power to get great discounts from their partner, FilterChange. If you’re a SECO partner and you want to participate, visit to order.

Identify ways to save money with the Home Energy Assessment.

Home energy assessments are very helpful. They can help you identify areas in your home that are not efficient, so that you can improve those areas and thereby reduce your power bill. To get started withthe Sumter Electric Co-Op’s Home Energy Assessment, click here.


You can also use the energy estimator tool to identify where your energy costs originate.

Get a professional energy inspection for FREE!

The Home Energy Assessment is helpful, but it can be confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for. The Home Energy Audit is much easier – and SECO Energy offers this service for free!

During the audit, a qualified Energy Services Specialist visits your home. They inspect your windows, doors, appliances, heating and cooling unit and more. Tools like infrared cameras, historical usage comparisons and more help them identify where you can save the most money. Sign up for an energy audit here. 

Here’s how to get help with your SECO Energy bill.

If you need help with your payments, you should call or text the Florida 211 service!

SECO Energy donates money every few months to the United Ways in Citrus, Lake/Sumter and Marion Counties. These funds are gathered from the company’s Pennies for Heaven program, which encourages members to round their bills up to the nearest full dollar to help others who cannot afford their energy costs. Florida 211 is in charge of getting this money to the SECO customers who need it most, so you’ll need to contact them for help.

Did you know that the coop awards scholarships, too?

High school seniors in the SECO Energy service area can apply for annual scholarships! In 2019, up to twelve high school seniors will be selected for a $3,000 scholarship. The winners are announced in late April.

Register for Medically Necessary Service if you qualify.

If someone in your household relies on power to maintain life, then you should let SECO Energy now. The company can label your account as “critical” to ensure that service technicians are aware of your needs in the event of an outage.


Do not expect that this label will protect your account from being disconnected for non-payment. Unfortunately, it will not.

Don’t forget to use your Co-op Connections benefits!

Many smaller, local utility cooperatives participate in the Touchstone Energy cooperative’s Co-Op Connections program. For more information on these benefits, click here.

Keep your address current so you can claim those Capital Credits!

Capital Credits are returned to members periodically. These are basically refunds for prior electric payments. You do not have to report these credits as taxable income. These credits are paid to current and former coop members, so be sure to keep your address current with SECO if you move away! That way, they’ll know where to send your check. If you moved away and forgot to update your address, check this list to see if you have unclaimed capital credits.

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