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How to Save 15% (or more!) on Your Verizon Bill

How to Save 15% (or more!) on Your Verizon Bill

We’ve been Verizon customers for 6 years and only found out about this discount four months ago… but we’ve been saving 15% ever since!


Verizon offers a generous employment discount to people employed in education, government or even certain corporations. Military members and veterans are also eligible for this discount!

Verizon discounts

Military & Veterans Save 15% on Verizon…

Save 15% by validating your military service on the company website. In addition to following the prompts, you will need to provide your branch of service and last known military address.


Active military members can provide a work or government-issued email address and a recent paystub (within the last 60 days). Veterans can provide a veterans identification card, veterans health identification card, veterans advantage card, DD Form 214 or military retiree account statement. Standard military IDs are not acceptable.

…and so can employees of select companies! 

Verizon likes to keep their employee partners secret. They do not provide a comprehensive list, although some people have managed to compile lists that may not be complete.  They do post special discounts for teachers, nurses, and students.


The easiest way to see if you’re eligible for a discount
is to enter your work email address on the Verizon discount site.

However, we do know that employees at the following organizations are eligible for discounts (this is not an all-inclusive list). The amount of discount may vary by employer – some save up to 25%!

  • Best Buy
  • Boeing
  • Comcast
  • Dell
  • Rite Aid
  • Starbucks
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Many major universities
  • Federal & State Employees

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