How to Save Money on Your Benton PUD Bill

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Benton PUD customers can save serious money on their power bills. Most customers don’t know that Benton PUD offers senior discounts, disabled discounts, special bill payment arrangements, rebates and so much more! You could even get help making your Benton PUD payments!

Of course, any customers who receive an unusually high bill from Benton PUD are encouraged to contact the company for help. There may have been a mistake or problem that only the PUD can resolve.

Benton PUD offers discounts for seniors and disabled customers!

Low income seniors and disabled customers can receive monthly discounts of up to 25%! The discounts are based on the income of the household. Fortunately, you’ll receive the discount for three years before you’ll need to verify your eligibility again. Applications are available in English and Spanish!

You can get helpful payment arrangements from Benton PUD!

All customers can change their bill’s due date once per year. This can help you save on late fees caused by inconvenient due dates.

budget billing program is also available. This program averages the household’s annual energy expenses so that customers pay a consistent amount each month. To enroll, customers must have lived in the home for at least six months.

Several agencies can help you pay your Benton PUD bill!

Benton Franklin Community Action Committee provides assistance with power bills! You can get bill payment assistance through the Helping Hands Program and the federal LIHEAP program.  Helping Hands funds are dependent upon donations from various utilities in the area. LIHEAP is federally-funded and provides a once-per-year benefit to assist with your energy costs.

Veterans and their families can receive additional assistance on past-due bills through the Benton and Franklin Counties Department of Human Services. Families of deceased veterans are also eligible for this program.

Benton PUD can help you save money in other ways, too!

The PUD offers a nifty appliance cost calculator that can help you understand your bill. It can also help you anticipate changes to your bill when you buy new appliances. Did you know a clothes dryer is an estimated $10.26/month expense? I didn’t!

You could also get rebates on the various improvements, such as heat pump water heaters, weatherization, and more!

Everyone benefits from these tips.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking into how to save people money on their power bills. No matter which company you use, the tips in this article can help you save money!

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