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Looking for cheap internet services? You’re not alone! Internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity to lead a normal, productive life. Many people rely on their internet service to apply for jobs, pay their bills and so much more!

I totally understand because I use the internet for school and work. On any given day, I spend way more time online than offline!

However, low income families struggle to afford $100+ internet bills. That’s why cheap internet service for lower income families is so critically important.

What cheap internet services are available near me?

The type of cheap internet you can get varies depending on where you live. In our area, Comcast has a monopoly on most service areas so it’s the only option. In other areas, Spectrum or CenturyLink is more common.

Fortunately, we’ve found ways you can get free or low-cost Internet from about a dozen providers. Sometimes, you can even check out a free Wi-Fi hotspot from your local library!

To see what affordable internet services we’ve found in your area (or from your ISP), just browse this archive for more information.

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