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How to Get Free Adult Diapers

How to Get Free Adult Diapers

If you’re looking for how to get free adult diapers, you’ve probably been frustrated by the lack of helpful information out there. I know I was shocked when I started researching this, because there was not a lot of resources that were actually useful.

In this post, we’re going to talk exclusively about adult diapers. If you need help for a child, please check out these baby diaper resources instead.

Nationwide Resources for Free Adult Diapers

Although there are about 80 million Americans who struggle with incontinence, it is still considered a difficult topic to discuss in many areas. As a result, it can be difficult to figure out where to go if you need help.

The organizations in this section have collected or distributed adult diapers in the past and may be able to help you.

Area Agency on Aging

There are Area Agencies on Aging all over America. These organizations are dedicated to helping seniors. They are great resources for everything from free meals to coordinating medical benefits and more!

The Eldercare Locator is a nationwide toll-free hotline that helps seniors find assistance. It’s funded by the US Administration on Aging. If you need free adult diapers for a senior citizen, the experts at this hotline may be able to help you explore your options.

You can call the Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities and Catholic Social Services may be able to assist you with incontinence supplies but it depends on where you live. These organizations exist throughout the country but each area operates their programs differently. They don’t always offer the same services.

That being said, the Catholic Charities of Los Angeles has a program that helps seniors age with dignity and safety. Several sources have indicated that they also provide incontinence supplies. The Catholic Charities in Denver has a similar service.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army regularly performs diaper drives to gather supplies for the community. Although these drives tend to focus on baby diapers, they have specifically asked for adult diapers in the past. For example, the Salvation Army in Lewisville, Texas, specifically asked for adult diapers in their request for donations.

If you need help with incontinence supplies, the Salvation Army may be able to help you find places in your community where you can receive those supplies.

Local Resources for Free Adult Diapers

As usual, the best place to turn for assistance is often in your own neighborhood. There are many churches, charities and other organizations that gather supplies that they can distribute to their neighbors in need.

Try your local food bank or diaper bank!

Many of the same organizations that donate diapers to babies also donate free adult diapers as well. If you don’t see a location near you in this list, please contact your local diaper bank or food bank to see if they have supplies available.


Catholic Social Services in Mobile, Alabama, operates a disability ministry that may be able to help you find free adult diapers in your area. They were previously listed with Simons Foundation as offering the diapers directly but I could not find a reference to that on their website. Regardless, they do offer referrals for various services and may be able to help.

Daisy Diaper Bank in Birmingham, Alabama, provides incontinence supplies to senior citizens who cannot afford the supplies they need.


Diaper Bank of Central Arizona distributes diapers, adult incontinence supplies, and feminine hygiene products throughout Maricopa County. Follow the instructions on their website to get help.

Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona specifically states that they offer adult incontinence supplies through a network of 40 partner agencies in Southern Arizona. If you live in that area and need free adult diapers, please contact them immediately so they can help you find those supplies.


Diaper Bank of Connecticut also offers free adult diapers and feminine hygiene products to those in need. The program that offers incontinence supplies is called “Rise.”


Diapers for Dignity provides free adult diapers for people who are elderly, disabled, and caregivers who cannot afford the supplies for those they care for. They provide pullups, tabbed briefs, pads, and flat underpads for beds or furniture.

All their services are provided on a confidential basis. You can call (727) 217-8111 or email them to receive assistance.

New Jersey

Hunterdon Hygiene Connection provides free adult diapers, period supplies and more. The items are distributed through local food banks including Delaware Valley Food Pantry in Lambertville, Flemington Area Food Pantry in Flemington, Fisherman’s Mark in Lambertville, and Open Cupboard Food Pantry in Clinton.

ICNA Relief provides free adult diapers through their specialty pantry. If you need additional assistance, they may also be able to provide hygiene supplies, soap, toothpaste, fresh produce, cleaning supplies and more.

Modestly Cover Diaper Bank in Essex County provides baby diapers and adult incontinence supplies during their monthly distribution schedule.

North Carolina

The Diaper Bank of North Carolina offers free adult incontinence supplies for people who need them. These products are distributed through their community partners. You’ll need to find your nearest branch on their website for more information.


The PDX Diaper Bank provides adult incontinence supplies as well as baby diapers. You’ll need to reach out to one of their community partners for assistance.


The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank provides adult incontinence supplies to their partner agencies, who then distribute those items to the community. In order to find free adult diapers in your area, please check this list of agencies that may have them available for you.


Bare Necessities Diaper Bank serves the mid-south area with free adult incontinence products and other necessities. It appears that you can pick these products up from The Help Group at Christ Church in Bartlett.


The Texas Diaper Bank provides free adult diapers, wipes, and other healthcare products to low income senior citizens in Bexar County. You can receive up to six months worth of products. Anyone age 65 or older automatically qualifies for all services.


The Northern Virginia Diaper Bank focuses on assisting families who need diapers for their children but they also accept donations of adult products as well. In order to receive assistance, you’ll need to contact one of their partner agencies, including:

  • Birthright of Loudon
  • Inmed Partnership for Children
  • FACETS Cares
  • Grace Ministries of Sterling, United Methodist Church
  • Good Shepherd Alliance
  • Loudon Cares
  • Cornerstones Inc.


Thurston County Food Bank in Olympia provides diapers when they are available. They also offer incontinence and menstrual supplies, Starbucks (when available), cleaning and personal products and birthday bags for children age 12 and under! The birthday bags include a cake mix and frosting, small gifts, books and party favors. They also have newborn baby bags for new and expecting parents.

Free Samples of Adult Diapers

Of course, comfort is very important so many leading adult diaper brands offer free samples. If you want to compare the different options available, requesting free samples is a great way to do that without breaking the bank.

However, you need to watch out for two things:

  • Many companies that offer free samples will still charge a shipping fee.
  • Some companies will try to rope you into an ongoing subscription with a recurring payment.

Sometimes, you’ll go through a long survey just to discover that there’s a shipping fee attached. Based on my research, the average shipping fee for a sample pack is around $2-$5.

However, if you don’t read the terms carefully or don’t cancel in time, you can be on the hook for expensive monthly payments. For example, The Because Market charges just $2.99 in shipping for their free starter pack… but when you order it, you’re automatically enrolled in an expensive monthly subscription that will start billing you two weeks after you order the starter pack.

In order to keep you safe, we’ve tried very hard to vet these companies and read their terms before recommending them to you.


Seni will allow you to order two samples per person every six months. They will ship the samples directly to your home in discreet packaging.

You will need to complete a survey on their website in order to find the right product for your unique needs. The survey will ask you questions about the gender, mobility, sizing and product preferences. You will also be asked to enter your address for shipping purposes.


NorthShore offers free samples of many different products, including free adult diapers samples, free wipes samples and more. Both new and existing customers can receive samples.

They currently offer samples of the following products:

  • Briefs (Tab-Style)
  • Disposable Underpads or Ped Bads
  • Pads, Liners & Guards
  • Personal Cleansing Wipes
  • Pull-On Underwear
  • and more.

In order to receive the samples, you’ll need to fill out a form on their website. Customers are asked to have their hip and waist measurements ready before they place their order.


Tena also offers a free sample of their products. Similar to the other companies, they’ll ask you to fill out a form to describe who you are buying the products for.

I went through the prompts a few times to determine what options were available and I saw several kits.

  • TENA Caregiver Trial Kit includes a pair of unisex TENA Super Briefs and Barrier Cream.
  • TENA Intimates Heavy Free Trial Kit includes a TENA Intimates Maximum Long Pad, Ultimate PAd, Overnight Pad and Extra Coverage Ultimate Incontinence Long Pads
  • TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light/Moderate Free Trial Kit includes TENA Liners Long, Ultra Tin Pad, Moderate Pad, and Extra Coverage Moderate Pads
  • TENA MEN Underwear Free Sample Kit
  • TENA MEN Guards Free Trial Kit includes a Protective Shield, Level 2 Absorbent Guard and Level 3 Absorbent Guard
  • TENA Overnight Free Trial Kit includes
  • TENA Stylish Black Sample includes a single pair of TENA Stylish Black Underwear.
  • TENA Stylish Designs Free Trial Kit includes a single pair of TENA Stylish designed underwear.

Claim your free sample by visiting the TENA website and selecting “Get a Free Sample” button to start the survey.


Tranquility offers a coupon for a free two-pack sample to customers who fill out a form on their website. It is not clear if there is a shipping cost associated with this offer.


Underx offers a free sample of their products as well. There is a limit of one per customer but it appears you can order one of each sample in order to compare products.

They currently offer free samples of the following products on their website:

  • Underx Incontinence Breifs (Tabbed)
  • Underx Slimfit Pull-Up Diapers
  • Underx Xtreme Underwear Pull-Ups

In their Shipping Policy, Underx states that the shipping rate for samples is a flat $2.99. All orders will arrive in plain, unmarked boxes or envelopes.

The Because Market

Because Market offers a free starter pack when you sign up for their recurring subscription. I made random selections through their sign up questionnaire and was presented with the opportunity to order a free starter pack for a one-time shipping charge of $2.99.

However, that offer was contingent upon accepting their ongoing subscription terms. The terms said the first $57.45 charge would occur two weeks after my order was placed, and would continue on that date every month.

According to the Terms and Conditions, you have to cancel three business days before your shipment and The Because Market does not send monthly or annual statements, so you have to know when that shipment will take place in order to cancel in time. In my case, my order would have shipped on a Tuesday so I would’ve had to call the Friday before that in order to cancel… so I would’ve had to cancel within about a week to safely avoid the recurring charge.

In order to cancel your subscription, you need to call The Because Market at (855) 234-3591. They do not list any other alternative method of cancelling.

Paid Samples

There are several brands that offer sample packs for a small fee. However, these are not free samples of adult diapers because they do cost money.

  • ComfortPlus offers samples for a small fee. It appears the average cost is around $3 for a two-pack.
  • Parentgiving offers samples for a small fee. You can order online or by calling (888) 746-2107.
  • LL Medico offers single-packs for a small fee. The products I saw were about $6 each and could be ordered online. You’ll need to select the item, then choose the “sample” option in the drop-down menu.


Sometimes, it’s hard to talk about how to get free adult diapers because people who need them don’t want to discuss this private issue. We understand that. To make things easier for you, we’ve aggregated some of the most commonly asked questions about this. Hopefully you’ll find your answer in this section, but if not you can always leave a comment below!

Will Medicaid provide free adult diapers?

According to a report by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General, “Under the Medicaid Program, states have the option to cover incontinence care supplies and related equipment.” However, this varies by state and states that do cover adult diapers only do so based on the recommendation of a doctor.

Will Medicare provide free adult diapers?

Unfortunately, the official website states that “Medicare doesn’t cover incontinence supplies or adult diapers.” If you receive Medicare, you have to obtain adult diapers on your own.

Can I get free diapers for disabled adults?

Most agencies that provide free adult diapers to seniors will also provide free diapers for disabled adults. You’ll need to check with each agency, but usually the answer is yes.

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